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Natural Remedies For Bladder Cancer

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Anthrone And Its Derivatives

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Gambogic acid, extracted from gamboges, has an anthrone-derived structure, induces ROS, and promotes a dramatic autophagic response via the JNK pathway. Gambogic acid induces ROS-mediated caspases activation, leading to the degradation of autophagic proteins, and causes mitochondrial hyperpolarization and caspase activation, which triggers the intrinsic apoptotic pathway. In addition, gambogic acid suppresses NF-B activation through ROS-mediated suppression of IB phosphorylation in T24 and UMUC3 bladder cancer cell lines .

Gartanin, a naturally occurring xanthone, has anticancer activity in various bladder cancer cell lines including HT1376, T24, 5637, TCCSUP, RT4, UMUC3and J82 cells . The underlying molecular mechanism of gartanin involves a marked suppression of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E binding protein 1 and p70S6 expression in T24 and RT4 cells. Further, triggering of mTOR pathway-mediated autophagy in T24 and RT4 cells has also been observed. In addition, gartanin downregulates protein expression of the apoptosis inhibitor Bcl-2, whereas it activates the p53 pathway, inducing apoptosis .

Treatment Of Recurrent Bladder Cancer

For information about the treatments listed below, see the Treatment Option Overview section.

Treatment of recurrentbladder cancer depends on previous treatmentand where the cancer has recurred. Treatment for recurrent bladder cancer mayinclude the following:

Use our clinical trial search to find NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are accepting patients. You can search for trials based on the type of cancer, the age of the patient, and where the trials are being done. General information about clinical trials is also available.

How Is Bladder Cancer Treated Conventionally

Conventional treatment for bladder cancer varies depending on the severity of your condition, which is why it is so important to see a doctor. In early stages, bladder cancer can be treated via surgery to remove the tumor, parts of the bladder, or your entire bladder. Additionally, immune-stimulating bacterial treatments as well as synthetic immune system proteins are often used to trigger the bodys disease-fighting response.

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Bladder Cancer Treatment Symptoms: Nausea

It’s essential to consume foods that aren’t hard on your stomach. Again, eat small meals throughout the day when you have an appetite, and don’t let yourself become too hungry. Spread out your liquids throughout the day and try not to drink as much during meals so you can eat more and obtain enough nutrients. Eat things at room temperature and avoid foods that are greasy, sugary and spicy. Avoid milk products, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

A Holistic Approach To Treating Bladder Cancer

Holistic Treatment For Bladder Cancer: A New Hope

by Dr. Keith Nemec

Bladder Cancer is one of the most commonly occurring forms of cancer in the United States today. Over 75% of those diagnosed will be men, making bladder cancer the fourth most common cancer to affect the male population. The cause of bladder cancer is not entirely understood, but what is known is that smoking, alcohol consumption and exposure to certain environmental toxins all contribute to the occurrence of bladder cancer in adults. Typical symptoms of bladder cancer include blood in the urine, pain when urinating, lower back pain, loss of appetite and unexpected weight loss. Bladder cancer can be difficult to diagnose, as early symptoms can often be attributed to other conditions such as kidney stones or bladder infections. The good news is, when diagnosed early, recovery rates for bladder cancer patients are very good indeed.

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New Improvements In Targeted Therapies

Despite the excitement and advancements involving immunotherapies, chemotherapy remains the first-line treatment for advanced bladder cancers. There, too, medical researchers are making progress.

The cells of bladder-cancer tumors contain a high number of surface antigens, which are molecules capable of triggering an immune response. These antigens are the reason immunotherapies can be effective for the treatment of bladder cancer, and these antigens also assist the action of newer chemotherapy medicines known as antibody-drug conjugates. These drugs use these quite clever molecules that have an antibody on one endsomething that will hopefully bind onto the antigens on cancer cells in a selective mannerand a chemotherapy agent on the other, Crabb says.

The big problem with conventional chemotherapy, he explains, is that it struggles to differentiate between normal cells and cancer cells. Fast-growing cells that resemble cancer cellssuch as those of the bone marrow, digestive tract, mouth, and scalptypically draw friendly fire. This is why people on chemo often experience multiple severe side-effects, including hair loss, fatigue, nausea, and sores. Antibody-drug conjugates, by selectively binding to antigens on bladder cancer cells, can reduce this kind of collateral damage. What it does is lock the chemotherapy onto this molecule that exists on top of the cancer cells, which hopefully spares the normal cells the direct exposure to chemotherapy, Crabb says.

Is There A Recommended Diet For Bladder Cancer

There are many factors in determining the right eating pattern for you. If youre feeling fatigued or experiencing other symptoms, it can be hard to eat well. You may not be able to eat the way you used to. The goal is to eat a variety of nutritious foods to support your health.

Theres no one specific diet recommended for the treatment or prevention of bladder cancer. However, some research suggests that certain dietary patterns may help reduce the risk of bladder cancer and cancer in general.

An Italian case-control study showed some advantages of a Mediterranean diet for reducing bladder cancer risk. The Mediterranean diet is a nutrient-dense diet rich in foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. It also includes healthy fats from fish, nuts, seeds, and olive oil.

The Mediterranean way of eating has other health benefits, such as lowering inflammation and risk of heart disease.


Theres no one recommended diet for people with bladder cancer, but the Mediterranean diet may have some benefits.

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Herbal Remedies For An Overactive Bladder

Bladderwrack: This is a form of seaweed rich in iodine. Although commonly used to treat an underactive thyroid, it can also be beneficial for treating an overactive bladder.

Gosha-jinki-gan: Studies have found this Japanese herb to be effective in reducing overactive bladder symptoms, particularly in men with an enlarged prostate. Horsetail: This herb has been found to aid in urinary leaks, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

Goldenseal root: This is considered a great treatment for urinary tract infections. You can drink it as a tea or take it orally as a supplement.

Uva ursi : The leaves of this plant have been found to help treat urinary tract infections.

Buchu: Dried leaves of buchu can be steeped in a tea to reduce bladder infections.

Hachi-mi-jio-gan: This Chinese herb has been found to relax bladder muscles to prevent spasms.

Cleavers: The leaves are usually brewed in a tea to help relieve urinary tract infections. Some patients have noted it can soothe an overactive bladder too.Cornsilk: These fine threads are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help fight bladder infections and have recently been used to treat overactive bladder.

Ganoderma lucidum: This mushroom is common in Chinese medicine, and a Japanese study found it can prevent prostate enlargement to reduce the risk of overactive bladder in men.

Myth : Artificial Sweeteners Can Lead To Cancer

Bladder Cancer Treatment: Bladder Removal Surgery – Urology Care Foundation

Artificial sweeteners are sugar-free substitutes you add to food to make it sweeter without added calories. Back in the ’70s, studies showed cyclamate, an additive that has since been removed from the U.S. market, combined with saccharin led to bladder cancer in lab animals. Bladder cancer incidences in rats that received high saccharin doses also rose.

But this doesn’t seem to occur with humans. Rats make sodium salts that contribute to the formation of tumors in their bladders, but mice, humans and monkeys don’t do this, so consuming these compounds didn’t cause bladder cancer in these cases.

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Holistic Treatments For Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer happens when there is a tumor that grows within the bladder. Cancer can result from the active division of cells that multiply abnormally and quickly. Bladder cancer begins by affecting a part of the bladder. With time, it can spread and extensively affect the walls of the bladder and its surrounding tissues or organs.

Bladder cancer that has not yet spread to the adjacent organs is known as a “non-invasive bladder cancer.” On the other hand, cancer that has spread to the rest of the adjacent organs is referred to as an “invasive bladder cancer.”

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There are a number of natural methods to help you deal with bladder cancer. These remedies are mainly in line with improving your diet and living a healthier lifestyle. Once cancer is detected, it is important that you adopt a suitable lifestyle that will help slow down the progress of the tumor.

Natural treatment methods may not cure cancer, but at least, they can help lower the risk of developing such disease. A holistic treatment can help people reduce the progress of their bladder cancer. Lets have a look at some of the holistic remedies for the treatment of bladder cancer:

Natural Ways To Help Ease Treatment And Symptoms

Bladder cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation, usually cause side effects that can be very uncomfortable for a period of time. For example, side effects from radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery may include: fatigue, mild skin reactions, loose bowel movements, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, weight loss, pelvic or abdominal pain, bladder irritation, the need to pass urine frequently, and bleeding from the bladder or rectum. Below are some natural ways to help manage these symptoms and support your recovery:

1. Rest and Get Plenty of Sleep

While your body works hard to overcome cancer and adjust to treatments its common to feel fatigued, weak and sometimes even depressed. You likely wont have energy to exercise while you recover, but if you feel up to it you can stay active in a gentle way by walking, stretching and possibly doing low-impact exercises like slow yoga or swimming. Get plenty of sleep to help provide your body with energy . Give yourself breaks throughout the day to rest, take naps if needed, and practice relaxation exercises.

2. Eat A Nutrient-Dense Diet

Studies have found evidence that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables that provide antioxidants is important for reducing cancer risk and helping with recovery. Incorporate cancer-fighting foods into your diet such as:

3. Drink Enough Water to Stay Hydrated

4. Reduce Nausea

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques

6. Frankincense Oil

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Crucial Facts On Bladder Cancer: Supplements And Lifestyle

This year it’s predicted there will be nearly 80,000 new cases of Bladder Cancer diagnosed in America. With November being Bladder Health Awareness Month, it’s a great time to brush up on some facts about this condition. When it comes to supplements and lifestyle changes, there are definitely a few things worth pointing out.

Probiotics are touted for so many medical conditions- digestive health, colds, weight loss, autoimmune disorders, etc. But did you know one of the strongest areas of preliminary clinical research with probiotics in medicine is for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer ? The product Lactobacillus casei shirota has been tested in several clinical trials. This probiotic is only found in the drink known as “yakult” so you do not need to take a costly pill. Other Lactobacillus probiotics are also being tested currently in studies.

If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you should have a talk with your doctor about including probiotics in your treatment routine. I’ve noticed that there tends to be a lack of discussions between health care professionals who treat bladder cancer and patients regarding the potential benefit of this specific probiotic. No other supplement has anywhere near the data that this probiotic has for this condition.

Remission And The Chance Of Recurrence

BLADDER CANCER  Africa Cancer Hub

A remission is when cancer cannot be detected in the body and there are no symptoms. This may also be called having no evidence of disease or NED.

A remission may be temporary or permanent. This uncertainty causes many people to worry that the cancer will come back. While many remissions are permanent, it is important to talk with your doctor about the possibility of the cancer returning. Understanding your risk of recurrence and the treatment options may help you feel more prepared if the cancer does return. Learn more about coping with the fear of recurrence.

If the cancer returns after the original treatment, it is called recurrent cancer. It may come back in the same place , nearby , or in another place .

When this occurs, a new cycle of testing will begin again to learn as much as possible about the recurrence. After this testing is done, you and your doctor will talk about the treatment options.

People with recurrent cancer often experience emotions such as disbelief or fear. You are encouraged to talk with the health care team about these feelings and ask about support services to help you cope. Learn more about dealing with cancer recurrence.

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What Are The Stages Of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer can be either early stage or invasive .

The stages range from TA to IV . In the earliest stages , the cancer is confined to the lining of the bladder or in the connective tissue just below the lining, but has not invaded into the main muscle wall of the bladder.

Stages II to IV denote invasive cancer:

  • In Stage II, cancer has spread to the muscle wall of the bladder.
  • In Stage III, the cancer has spread to the fatty tissue outside the bladder muscle.
  • In Stage IV, the cancer has metastasized from the bladder to the lymph nodes or to other organs or bones.

A more sophisticated and preferred staging system is known as TNM, which stands for tumor, node involvement and metastases. In this system:

  • Invasive bladder tumors can range from T2 all the way to T4 .
  • Lymph node involvement ranges from N0 to N3 .
  • M0 means that there is no metastasis outside of the pelvis. M1 means that it has metastasized outside of the pelvis.

For An Active Bladder Cancer You Need The Knock Out The Cancer Protocol Below

The most important supplements for fighting bladder cancer are the following. These supplements will have a synergy with chemotherapies, helping the chemo produce better results while also reducing side effects. Of course, you can use these to fight cancer without being on chemo, or use them with other treatments you may be doing.

When cancer is in the bladder, you may see, when you are using some of these suggestions, and especially the Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ, bits of tumors, dead cancer cells, small amounts of blood, coming out in the urine. This can happen fast, within a week, or take a month or two. But at some point you will see it, and it is a sign the cancer is being killed.

Be sure and continue with a prevention protocol to correct the issues that caused the cancer in the first place.

The majority of these suggestions are frequency enhanced energy which work by stimulating the body to safely and successfully heal itself. These elixirs do not suppress the symptoms of cancer, but rather stimulate the bodys own healing mechanism to deal with cancer and to reverse it.

These elixirs are a safe, natural therapy using a base of purified structured spring water with a very small amount of organic Orange and Rosemary essential oils. This base holds and transmits the various energetic frequencies that trigger the bodys healing response.

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Can You Survive Bladder Cancer

It basically depends upon the tumor spreading rate, if it spread at very slow speed and not yet spreads outside the bladder, the 5- years survival rate is 70%. But if your tumor spreads to the surrounding areas of bladder or lymph nodes or other organs than it may cause the death of an individual. At such a situation, the 5- year’s survival rate is 35%. But you don’t worry about it at all. We are here to provide you with the pure natural herbal treatment for bladder cancer. Ayurveda has develops many herbal products which show great effects on malignant cells.

Does Tea Play A Role In Fighting Bladder Cancer

Conversations: Healthy Eating After Bladder Cancer Treatment

Theres ongoing research into the role that tea, especially green tea, plays in our health. Researchers are interested in green tea because its rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that occur in some plants and may offer health benefits.

Some research supports that polyphenols may help fight cancer, including bladder cancer. They may also reduce heart disease or decrease the effects of aging. These findings show promise, but theres much more to learn and understand about the effects of polyphenols.

A 2012 meta-analysis explored if drinking tea prevents bladder cancer in humans and found no evidence that it helps. For those who dont like tea, there isnt enough evidence to recommend drinking it to fight bladder cancer. If you enjoy tea, continue drinking it.


of bladder cancer. Arsenic can occur naturally in some areas or come from industry or agriculture activities.

If you use well water, make sure to have it tested at least once a year to ensure there are no problems with arsenic levels. There are treatments to remove arsenic from your water supply to make your water safe to drink.

Another area of research is the possible role of red meat in cancer risk, especially processed red meat. A 2018 meta-analysis showed a higher risk of bladder cancer in people who eat more processed red meat. Unprocessed red meat may not increase the risk of bladder cancer.

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