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Treats For Dogs With Struvite Bladder Stones

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Work Closely With Your Veterinarian

Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

Bladder stone management isnt a one-size-fits-all model. It requires the expertise of someone who understands how food impacts stone development. Your vet is your pets first line of defense.

Overall, this is not a condition that a pet owner can reliably fix by changing dog foods, says Ishak, who is board-certified in internal medicine. This is one problem that does call for professional help to solve most expeditiously. There are some stones that form with certain medical conditions , complicating diagnosis and management further.

Other factors add to the complexity. Sometimes the urine may need to become more acidic but other times it may need to become more basic, he says. In addition, different stones require different mineral or protein reductions.

Mineral concentration and pH can potentially be manipulated with diet, says Dr. Jonathan Stockman, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. However, it can be complicated when management of one type of crystal increases the risk for the formation of a different type of crystal.

What To Look For In A Superior Urinary Calculi Formula

Organic Herbs

Our formula contains certified USDA organic herbs. Research shows organic herbs have higher amounts of important nutrients as opposed to conventionally raised plants. Organic farming methods are also better for the environment and of course do not have the levels of residual pesticides that conventionally grown herbs can have. We also do not use wild crafted herbs in our formulas as this practice can damage wild populations of herbs and you do not necessarily know where the herbs are coming from or have been grown. Instead, we prefer to be on the safe side and only obtain herbs from USDA certified organic farms.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are going to be gentler on your animal’s body when compared to synthetic chemical ingredients or medications. The proper natural constituents are able to provide the body with what it needs to heal and get better. This is in direct contrast to synthetic ingredients or medications that can be especially hard on the liver and kidneys. Medications are also designed to have a symptom suppressing action in line with the principles of allopathic medicine which is to create a diagnoses and then use drugs to suppress symptoms. Using this course of action can never result in true healing and is not really meant to.

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For Struvite Crystals In Dogs It Is Recommended That They Drink Plenty Of Water

Struvite crystals are formed in alkaline urine. So his urine becomes thinner and more acidic as he drinks more water. One way to get your dog to drink more water is to increase their sodium intake.

However, dont overdo it with water or sodium. Too much salt can be dangerous to dogs, and too much water can cause water poisoning. It is for this reason that it is important to consult a veterinarian to keep the dogs condition under constant surveillance.

Additionally, some dogs, especially those with a history of kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure should avoid the high sodium diet.

The diet is not good in the long run. Use it only for a short time, until your dogs struvite crystals have dissolved, then put him on a regular, balanced diet.

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Urinary So Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Urinary SO is a veterinary-exclusive dry dog food for dogs with urinary health concerns As a result of increased demand, you may experience difficulty purchasing certain products in the coming months. If you need an alternative diet recommendation or help locating a product, please contact our Nutritional Advisors at 800-592-6687 or via our Live Chat function.

Available in

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Breeds Most Commonly Diagnosed With Struvite Stones

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

The breed also plays an important role in the formation of Struvite stones. The stones were more frequently found in the following breeds:

  • Incontinence
  • Blood in the urine

If you observe any of these symptoms in your dog, you should see your trusted veterinarian as soon as possible. Only your vet can make a clear diagnosis, as these symptoms can also occur with other diseases.

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Things To Know About Treating A Dog With Bladder Stones

After a routine visit to your dogs least favorite person: the veterinarian, you are horrified to discover that your best furry friend has been diagnosed with bladder stones. You never knew canines could suffer from kidney stones, let alone bladder stones, and you may feel confused, guilty, or nervous about the future. The medical world can often be overwhelming and full of frightening terms, but you dont have to walk this journey with your pet alone.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Canned Dog Food

Main Ingredients: Water, Chicken Liver, Chicken by-products, Pork by-products, Corn Grits

The most common type of bladder stones is struvite stones, which are caused by excess mineral deposits in the dogs urine. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO is specifically formulated to dissolve pure struvite stones and to help prevent the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

This recipe is designed to help with all urinary health issues. It has been manufactured using the Relative Super Saturation methodology to lower the ion concentration in the dogs urine, which is a contributing factor in stone formation. It contains less magnesium than traditional dog foods, and because it is a wet food formula, it provides extra moisture to help dissolve and flush out unwanted stones and minerals.

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Recipe One: Frozen Yogurt Pop Treats


Plain yogurt

Dog biscuits


Place the yogurt in an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Crush up some dog biscuits into tiny pieces and roll them around in among the yogurt cubes until completely covered with crumbs. Place pop on a dessert sheet lined with wax paper and so the yogurt doesnt stick and freeze for another hour.

Tips For Dogs With Urine Crystals

Dr. Becker Explains Struvite Stones

If your dog suffers from urine crystals, here are some tips to help.

  • If your dog hates drinking water, try buying those flowing water bowls for dogs. Those bowls can make your dog more interested in drinking water.
  • Give your dogs baths on hot days. Doing so will help your dog cool down its body faster.
  • Apple cider vinegar works like a charm for dogs with a UTI. Try adding a little apple cider vinegar in their water. Caution: Do not leave the apple cider vinegar water for more than 5 hours.
  • If you struggle with giving your dog medication to treat the condition, try hiding the pill in their favorite treat.

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What Are Bladder Stones Made Of

Bladder stones are made up of a collection of different minerals based on the environment in the bladder.

These stones develop when urine does not empty the bladder completely, causing crystals to develop in the leftover urine.

As the urine gets more and more concentrated with crystals, the bladder wall will become irritated.

An irritated bladder will produce mucus due to the inflammation, causing these tiny crystals to group together.

After time, stones are formed.

Diet Tips For Pets With Bladder Stones

Stones form in an animals urinary tract when minerals are concentrated in the urine, then crystallize. The diet you feed your companion plays a pivotal role in the treatment and prevention of stones. What you need to do is try to alter the balance that is contributing to the high concentration of certain minerals, says Dr. Anthony Ishak, a veterinarian with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Florida.

The type of stone that forms depends on which minerals are present in high concentrations. For example, excess magnesium and phosphorus can contribute to struvite formation, says Dr. Dan Su, a veterinary clinical nutrition resident at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Another, more complicated example is that while excess calcium can contribute to calcium oxalate stones, insufficient calcium leads to decreased binding of oxalate in the intestines and subsequently more oxalate excreted in urine. In other words, both too much and too little calcium can lead to the formation of stones. Pets need just the right amount of calcium to prevent stone formation.

Diagnosing the precise type of stone afflicting your companionand tailoring a diet to treat itshould be left to your veterinarian. The following vet-recommended tips can help you better understand your pets special nutritional needsand put you in a better position to provide optimal care.

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Signs Of Bladder Stones In Dogs

Dogs with bladder stones may display signs associated with a lower urinary tract disease, or they might not show any signs at all. Signs that your dog may have a bladder stone include:

  • Straining to urinate
  • Needing to urinate more often than usual
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Licking their genital area more than usual
  • Having lower energy or a reduced appetite
  • Vomiting

Foods That Contain Salt/sodium:

Homemade Dog Food To Prevent Struvite Bladder Stones

Salt is toxic to dogs and has many side effects for dogs health. Eating food that contains an enormous amount of sodium raises the calcium amount in urine and could lead to sodium ion poisoning. Overeating salt is the cause of dehydration in puppies. The mentioned problems can influence the dogs to painful health issues like kidney and bladder stones.

For example Fast foods, canned foods, packaged meats, condiments Etc.

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Lifestyle Changes For Bladder Stones In Dogs

While bladder stone treatments in dogs will solve your pups dilemma in that moment, you will need to implement a few lifestyle changes going forward.

These changes will help to prevent the development of urinary crystals in the future, which will in turn prevent bladder stones as well.

If possible, it is always best to send your dogs bladder stone for testing at your vets lab of choice.

This will inform your vet of the specific crystal responsible for creating the stone, allowing your vet to determine if a diet change can prevent stones in the future.

If the crystals can be prevented with a prescription diet, your dog will need to eat that food for the rest of their life.

If their crystals cannot be prevented with a diet change, your vet will likely suggest having regular urine testing performed at their office.

This can help your vet catch any urinary infections as they develop, as well as monitor for the presence of crystals in the future.

If needed, your vet may suggest regular x-rays as well.

Veterinarian Approved Recipe For Struvite Bladder Stones

You can easily create healthy, homemade food for your pup using fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits. You can adjust the ingredients depending on the amount of food you want to make for your pup. Food can be stored in the refrigerator in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Michael Stavin DVM created this recipe for homemade dog food to prevent struvite bladder stones from recurring.

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The 3 Types Of Bladder Stones Found In Dogs

Before figuring out what dog food is best for your dog with bladder stones, you should know what type of stone is afflicting your dog. Each stone is caused by different factors, and you dont want to give your dog the wrong type of food that could potentially make the problem worse.

Your veterinarian is a great resource to provide further insight into the type of stone that you are dealing with, and they can advise you about foods your dog should and shouldnt eat. There are other methods of dealing with bladder stones, but this article focuses on food.

Focus On Water Intake

Dog Urinary Tract Infection and Struvite Crystals | Dog Series ð?

Keeping an animal well-hydrated is a strategy vets often recommend for keeping bladder stones in check. Diluting the urine by increasing water intake is typically the most critical component of dietary management, and the part that seems to be done the least, says Dr. Cailin Heinze, a veterinarian at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

If your pet doesnt readily drink water from his bowl, Stockman has advice to offer. This may be done by feeding a high moisture diet , adding flavor to the water, increasing the number of water bowls, and some cats and dogs may like water fountains that provide running water, he says.

Adding water to canned food and making water more enticing by using ice cubes or small amounts of flavoring, like chicken broth, are strategies recommended by Dr. Jennifer Larsen, associate professor of clinical nutrition at the University of California-Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine.

If youre concerned about over-hydrating your pet, keep in mind that its hard to give your pet too much water as long as they are voluntarily drinking, Ishak says. But dont force water into a pet.

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Is Pumpkin Good For Dogs With Bladder Stones

In season, a pumpkin can make a great snack for your dog, but are they good for dogs with bladder stones? Eating too many pumpkin seeds can cause kidney stones, so be sure to limit them to just one or two.

Dogs with bladder stones should not eat pumpkins, as they are high in purines, which may exacerbate the issue.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Developing Struvite Bladder Stones

  • A selected diet is recommended for the prevention of struvite stones. You can also prevent struvite bladder stones from developing in the future this way.
  • BARF food is very suitable. You can use it to reduce the basic building blocks of crystals, magnesium, and phosphorus, in the feed.
  • Also, the urine must be acidified so that the struvite crystals cannot develop in the first place. Table salt and little grain will help you with this.
  • A meat content of 80% is recommended and no mineral or vitamin additives.
  • The homeopathy recommends ground rose hips for the acidification of the urine.
  • Drinking a lot is also the best recommendation for prevention. You can use drinking fountains to encourage your dog to drink if he prefers freshwater.
  • With the BARF diet, you can easily add water-rich vegetables and fruits. If your dog prefers ready-made food, you can water the food to help.
  • You can dilute dry food in a ratio of three parts water to one part food. Wet food already has a very high proportion of liquid.
  • Some manufacturers offer high-quality ready-to-use diet foods. The finished diet food takes these points into account in its composition.

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What Are Struvite Stones In Dogs

Struvite stones are one of the most common types of bladder stones in dogs. Struvite is a hard mineral deposit that forms in urine when magnesium and phosphate stick together. On their own, struvite crystals in urine are relatively common and may not be a problem. In dogs, struvite stones usually form in urine that’s been infected with ammonium-producing bacteria. This raises the urine pH, causing the struvite crystals to clump together to form a stone.

Can Bladder Stones Kill Dogs

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

Urine crystals can be a significant risk for dogs. Urine crystals result from not drinking enough water and urinating too often.

When these urine crystals form, they can harm the kidneys. If your dogs kidneys are damaged, they will not function properly. If left untreated, kidney damage can lead to kidney failure and death.

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Dr Harveys Canine Health

Main Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Barley, Organic Triticale, Organic Spelt, Organic Brown Rice

Made with whole foods, free of wheat, corn, soy, and any sort of by-products, this food will quickly become your dogs favorite. The unique freeze-dried texture is suitable for dogs who prefer kibbles but also need some forced moisture. Its free of ingredients such as meat and dairy that could cause urate, purine, oxalate, or struvite stones. It is perfect for diluting the urine to get rid of bladder stones.

Recipe Six: Cheese And Bacon Dog Treats


½ cup cooked, mashed sweet potato

Two cups cooked brown rice

One small, cooked chicken breast

One cup grated cheddar cheese

Four strips cooked and crumbled bacon

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, then spoon mixture onto a greased baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, remove

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What Can I Feed A Dog With Struvite Stones

Examples of these diets include Hills Prescription Diet® s/d® or c/d®, Royal Canin Urinary® SO, Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary UR Urinary, and Rayne Clinical Nutrition Adult Health-RSS. These formulation help dissolve struvite stones that are already present in the urine and prevents formation of further stones.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support D Canned Dog Food

Learn How to Treat Your Dog’s Bladder & Kidney Stones – Marc Smith DVM

Main Ingredients: Water, Chicken by-products, Pork Liver, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour

D is for delicious in this kidney supportive formula designed for picky eaters. The soft gravy formula is calorie-dense and designed for adult dogs whove lost their hearty appetite, which is especially helpful for those dogs who just dont eat much anymore.

It contains fatty acids from fish oil along with the lower phosphorus levels necessary for dogs with compromised kidneys. This veterinary prescribed meal can be served on its own or as a topper.

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How Did My Dog Get These Stones

Normal dog urine is slightly acidic and contains waste products from metabolism including dissolved mineral salts and other compounds. Struvite is a normal component of dog’s urine and will remain dissolved as long as the urine is acidic and is not too concentrated. If the urine becomes exceptionally concentrated or if it becomes alkaline , struvite crystals will precipitate or fall out of solution.

In dogs, struvite bladder stones usually form as a complication of a bladder infection caused by bacteria that produce an enzyme known as urease. This enzyme breaks down the urea that is normally present in the urine causing an excess production of ammonia this ammonia production then causes the urine to become alkaline. Ammonia in the urine also causes bladder inflammation. Under these environmental conditions, struvite crystals will precipitate out of solution and collect around any cells or debris that may have formed in the bladder as a result of inflammation. Female dogs tend to get these types of bladder infections and stones much more frequently than males, probably because their shorter, wider urethra makes it easier for bacteria to pass up the urethra into the bladder. In some studies, up to 85% of dogs with struvite bladder stones were female.

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