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Does Cranberry Help Bladder Infections

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How Cranberry Juice Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Does Drinking Cranberry Juice Help Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

A mixture of cranberry juice, water, and sweeteners found in cranberry juice cocktail was used for the study because it is the most popular cranberry beverage. The researchers discovered that in petri dishes, cranberry metabolites in the juice prevented E. coli from sticking to other bacteria, limiting its ability to grow and multiply. If E. coli is able to connect with other bacteria, such as the bacteria found in the urinary tract, it forms a layer or “biofilm.” This allows the bacteria to multiply and produce an infection.

“A number of controlled clinical trials — these are carefully designed and conducted scientific studies done in humans — have concluded that cranberry juice really is effective for preventing urinary tract infections,” says study researcher Terri Anne Camesano, PhD, in a news release. “That has important implications, considering the size of the problem and the health care costs involved.”

Urinary tract infections are more common among women than men. According to the researchers, one in three women has had a urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infections can occur anywhere along the urinary tract, which includes the bladder, urethra, and ureter. These infections account for 8 million trips to the doctor’s office every year and cost more than $1.6 billion to treat.

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Best Remedies For Bladder Infections

About bladder infections

Bladder infections are the most common type of urinary tract infection . They can develop when bacteria enter the urethra and travel into the bladder.

The urethra is the tube that takes urine out of the body. Once bacteria go into the urethra, they can attach to the walls of the bladder and multiply quickly.

The resulting infection can cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as the sudden urge to urinate. It may also cause pain while urinating and abdominal cramping.

A combination of medical and home treatments may ease these symptoms. If left untreated, bladder infections can become life-threatening. This is because the infection can spread to the kidneys or blood.

Here are seven effective bladder infection remedies.

What Is Considered A Natural Antibiotic

In ancient times, honey was an almost mythical antibiotic, which leads one to conclude that honey may be the oldest known antibiotic. Honey as a natural antibacterial and skin protection agent is practiced throughout Egypt. Hydrogen peroxide, a component of honey, may have some antibacterial properties.

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Cranberry Juice And Utis: Myth Vs Science

UTIs are a common bacterial infection, especially among women.

In fact, 50% of women, compared with 12% of men, will develop a UTI in their lifetime. Whats more, up to 30% of young women have recurrent UTIs, which can significantly affect their quality of life (

In addition to medications like antibiotics, many people use natural remedies for UTI prevention and treatment.

Cranberry juice and cranberry juice supplements are perhaps the most popular natural treatments for UTIs.

Cranberries contain compounds such as phenolic acids and flavonoids, which may help treat and prevent UTIs.

These compounds may help (

  • interfere with the ability of bacteria to stick to the lining of the urinary tract
  • reduce inflammation
  • modulate gut bacteria

Nevertheless, you may wonder whether cranberry juice is effective at preventing and treating UTIs.

Mechanistic Studies: Antiadherent Properties

Do cranberry pills prevent bladder infections?  Northeast Georgia ...

Adherence of uropathogens to uroepithelial cells is the initial step in pathogenesis of UTI . In 1984, Sobota was first to suggest that reported benefits derived from the use of cranberry juice may be related to its ability to inhibit bacterial adherence . Sobota found that cranberry juice cocktail reduced adherence by > 75% in > 60% of 77 clinical isolates of E. coli recovered from patients with UTI. Fifteen of 22 subjects showed significant antiadherence activity in their urine 13 h after drinking 15 oz of cranberry juice cocktail .

Since Sobotas initial report, several studies have confirmed that the presumed efficacy of cranberry in preventing UTI is related to its antiadherent properties. It is now known that E. coli, the most common cause of UTI, have hairlike fimbria that protrude from their surface. The fimbriae produce 2 adhesins that attach to receptors on uroepithelial cells .

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What Juice Is Good For Kidney Function

The potassium content of grapes, apples, and cranberries is lower than that of oranges and orange juice, so they are good substitutes. Potassium is a major component of orange juice and should be consumed only on a renal diet. Instead of grapes, apples, cranberries, or their juices, try grapes, apples, or cranberries.

How To Prevent Utis

Despite the lack of effectiveness of cranberries, there are things you can do to help prevent a urinary tract infection:

  • Drink water. Hydrating with about two liters of water a day will help to flush the urinary tract, prevent infection and also is the most important way to prevent kidney stones.
  • Practice good hygiene. Women should wipe front to back after urinating and a bowel movement.
  • Urinate after sex. Urinating will help flush the lower part of the urinary tract.

Although cranberries are not effective in preventing or treating urinary tract infections, they are tasty, have antioxidant properties and are always a great compliment to holiday dinners!

If you are experiencing symptoms of a UTI, your primary care doctor can help.

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Can Cranberry Juice Help Uti

There are many studies on the prevention of UTIs, but very little research into whether cranberry juice can treat or get rid of existing symptoms. This means that its not recommended for use in healing current infections by this method aloneThe majority of evidence linkingIDs with discomfort comes from United States-based clinical trials while other countries continents show much lower rates including Europe where only 28% reported experiencing any form obumor development after consuming two 500 millilitre glasses daily compared to 12%, 14%.

Does Cranberry Juice Help Treat Utis Myth Vs Science

Does cranberry juice helps in urinary tract infection? – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

If you get frequent urinary tract infections , youve probably been told to drink cranberry juice and that its effective at preventing and treating these uncomfortable infections.

But is cranberry juice truly helpful for people with UTIs? And does adding cranberry juice to your diet help reduce the risk of a UTI?

This article explains everything you need to know about cranberry juice and UTIs to help you separate the myths from the science.

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Antiadherence Activity Derived From Cranberry Consumption

The mechanisms implied in the preventive effects of cranberry consumption against UTIs are not completely established and several leading hypotheses have been proposed. Thus, cranberry polyphenols, in particular, their microbial-derived metabolites, are claimed to operate in the phase of bacterial adherence to the uroepithelial cells, disabling or inhibiting the adherence of UPEC and, therefore, preventing bacterial colonization and the progression of UTIs . This potential mechanism is depicted in . In fact, numerous ex vivo studies have confirmed the antiadhesive activity of urine samples collected from volunteers who consumed cranberry products in comparison to urine samples collected from the placebo group. As example of this, a recent study demonstrates the strong ability of human urine after intake of a cranberry chew compared to a placebo chew to inhibit the ex vivo adherence of both P type and type 1 uropathogenic E. coli in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design pilot trial . In the same way, Baron et al. reported a significant reduction in the adherence and biofilm formation of a Candida albicans strain by urine collected after the intake of a cranberry extract and a lecithin formulation with improved oral bioavailability.

Proposed mechanisms of cranberry polyphenols action against urinary tract infections .

How Might It Work

Scientists used to think that cranberries protected against UTIs by making urine more acidic, which is less friendly to bacteria like Escherichia coli that are usually to blame.

But now, researchers have a different theory: that cranberries make it harder for infection-causing bacteria to stick to the urinary tract walls.

It could be that nutrients in cranberries change the bacteria so that they can’t stick to the urinary tract. Or it may be that cranberries create a slippery coating on the urinary tract walls that makes it hard for E. coli to get a good grip.

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Does Cranberry Juice Help Uti:

Cranberry juice helps in the prevention of UTI by:

  • It assists in the normal bladder activity and function
  • It minimizes occasional urinary urgency
  • It minimizes the bladder overactivity Dosing
  • It promotes normal urinary flow and function
  • It supports urinary continence
  • Reducing the frequency of daytime and nighttime urination

Uti Prevention Tips You Might Try Instead

Does cranberry juice stop cystitis?

In summary, if you currently have a UTI, skip the cranberry altogether and schedule an appointment with your doctor instead. A mild UTI may resolve on its own, but antibiotics are sometimes needed to treat them.

And as mentioned, if you get UTIs frequently and are looking for ways to prevent your next one, unsweetened cranberry juice may help. But it might also not.

Here are five other ways to help reduce your risk of getting a UTI:

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Contraindications Interactions Adverse Effects

Cranberry has a record of safety, although specific long-term safety data are lacking. No significant herb-drug interactions have been reported. A single study23 found that cranberry may increase the absorption of vitamin B12 in patients who also are taking proton pump inhibitors and that it may allow the kidneys to metabolize weakly alkaline drugs more rapidly, thus reducing their effectiveness. A small study24 found a significant rise in urinary oxalate levels, prompting a caution that regular use of cranberry may increase the risk of kidney stone formation in patients with a history of oxalate calculi.

How To Consume Cranberry Juice To Fight Uti

Cranberry juice, especially the juice concentrates that we find at the grocery store, is not recommended to treat a UTI or bladder infection. Overall 50 ml of cranberry juice per day containing around 7.5 gm of cranberry concentrate is recommended to treat UTI. However, it may vary depending on the patients health condition. Experts report that within eight hours of drinking cranberry juice, the juice could help prevent bacteria from developing into an infection in the urinary tract, Dr. Bharati further adds.

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Dr. Govardhan Reddy, Lead Consultant Urology and Uro Oncology also adds, Now a days we get cranberry in tablet and powder form. This is easy to take and also they come in combination with other products like D-Mannose which also helps to reduce the chances of infection.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Does Eating Cranberries Help With Urinary Tract Infections

Its commonly said that cranberries or more specifically, drinking cranberry juice can help with urinary tract infections, or UTIs. But is it true?

UTIs are pretty common, especially in women about half of whom will get one at some point in their life. They are infections that occur in the kidneys, bladder, the urethra and all the other tubing that connects the kidneys to the bladder.

As with any illness, prevention is key. UTIs usually happen when bacteria from the gut get into the urinary tract and one simple way to prevent this from happening is to be careful when wiping after going to the loo – wipe from front to back rather than the other way round. Keeping yourself well hydrated, making sure you pee whenever you need to rather than holding a full bladder too long, and also peeing after sex can also help prevent UTIs.

Are Bananas & Hummus Good For Interstitial Cystitis

Does cranberry juice help a UTI?

Research about the influence of eating habits on interstitial cystitis, or IC, is inadequate. Many fruits and vegetables do not trigger bladder flares and keep us healthy. Some women with this condition have additional symptoms triggered by food allergies whereas other patients have sensitivity towards milk products. There are certain fruits such as bananas, blueberries, pear, and apples referred to as interstitial cystitis friendly fruits that can help improve symptoms in IC patients.

Bananas have low-acidic properties hence make an ideal choice for IC patients. Years ago, the banana was not considered as the recommended option because they were thought to contain high tyramine linked to IC flares however with the development in medical fields, the latest studies proved that you will notice improvement after a few weeks. Similarly, hummus is packed with protein and they are usually IC friendly.3,4

  • Osborne, Jill, et al. âShould IC Patients Drink Cranberry Juice? No!â Interstitial Cystitis Network, 28 Jan. 2017,
  • âTreatment Is Different for Everyone.â Interstitial Cystitis Association, 16 June 2015,
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    Cranberry Supplement For Dogs

    • DOG UTI TREATMENT 120 Bacon Flavored Dog Chews Cranberry for dogs UTI supplements prevent dog urinary tract infections & cure recurring canine UTI, aiding in UT wellness & care. Small, medium, & large breeds, puppy to adult & senior dogs
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    • DOG INCONTINENCE & BLADDER CONTROL Dog urinary incontinence supplement for healthy dog urinary tract & increase bladder health. Anti inflammation herbs reduce irritation of the UT lining, improve urinary defense, bladder strength, renal support
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    Clinical Relevance Prostatic Carcinoma

    Prostatic carcinoma represents the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, especially in countries with high sociodemographic index. The malignant cells commonly originate from the peripheral zone, although carcinomas may arise from the central and transition zones too. It is still debatable that the latter tumors may present with lower malignant potential.

    However the proximity of the peripheral zone to the neurovascular bundle that surrounds the prostate may facilitate spread along perineural and lymphatic pathways, thus increasing the metastatic potential of these tumors. Malignant cells may invade adjacent structures and/ or lymphatic and blood vessel routes to give distant metastases. Prostate carcinoma also commonly spreads via the Batson venous plexus to the vertebral bodies and cause skeletal metastases.

    A DRE may reveal a hard, irregular prostate gland. In most cases the serum PSA values will be increased. However, due to the peripherally-advancing tumor, symptoms may be minimal, as obstruction occurs usually at late stages. One should also keep in mind that the high incidence of prostate carcinoma is found in elderly men, who may already have symptoms due to BPH.

    Fig 4 Prostate cancer has the potential to invade nearby structures.

    For prostate problems, limit water intake before going to bed at night. This will keep you from waking up at night to urinate repeatedly.

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    Cranberry Supplements For Pets

    With all that Ive stated in this article if youd like to try a cranberry supplement for your pet suffering with urinary issues, though actual scientific evidence to back up their use is lacking, many people report good results with the three brands highlighted below:

    Crananidin Pet Supplement : Produced by Nutramax Laboratories, this product is a chewable tablet.

    Cranberry Comfort : Produced by Vet Classics, this product is a soft chew.

    Cranberry Bladder Bites : These chewables come in two flavors, bacon and chicken.

    What About Cranberry Juice And Kidney Stones

    Cranberry Juice for Urinary Tract Infections: What does the Evidence Say?

    While cranberry juice, in general, is a healthy way to promote bladder and urinary health, drinking a lot can lead to kidney stones in certain people, says Dr. Badani. Kidney stones are small, hard mineral and salt deposits that form in the kidneys and tend to bind together in urine. This may cause nausea and sharp pain in the abdomen as the kidney stones pass through your urinary tract.

    Consuming cranberry products may not be a safe home remedy for kidney stones because they contain oxalates. If youre prone to kidney stones, oxalate-containing foods can contribute to their formation. Whats more, cranberry also lowers the pH of your urine. Some stones like to form in acidic urine, while others tend to dissolve more readily in it.

    The problem comes in when you overdo cranberry and consume over-the-top amounts, says Dr. Badani. If you are prone to kidney stones as well as UTIs, talk to your doctor before consuming cranberry products.

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