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Bladder Control Products At Walmart

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Solutions For People With Limited Mobility

AZO Bladder Control

People with limited mobility may be unable to make it to the bathroom in time to urinate or move their bowels. Fortunately, you can make it easier for a loved one with mobility issues to answer nature’s call and prevent accidents.

  • Bedpans, urinals and portable toilets allow men and women to relieve themselves without having to travel to the bathroom. These products can then be emptied, cleaned and reused.
  • At night, you can protect the bed from leaks with disposable and reusable liners, pads and covers.

How To Do Kegel Exercises

To help reduce urine leakage, consider doing Kegel exercises by consciously squeezing the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are the ones you would use to stop the flow of urine. Contract these muscles for 8 to 10 seconds and then slowly relax them. Work your way up to 8 to 12 repetitions, and do them 3 times per day.

* Restrictions apply. See walgreens.com/offerdetails for more information.

Best For Heavy Leakage: Cardinal Health Reusable Bed Pads

Courtesy of Amazon

These hospital-grade incontinence pads are a great option for people with heavy leakage who want to rest easily without worrying about ruining their bedding. These pads feature a waterproof moisture barrier to keep the bed and other surfaces dry while the absorbent padded core draws in liquid and locks it away. These pads are a great way to protect bedding and sheets for men, women, kids, or the elderly with urinary problems.

The best part is that these pads are washable and will work time and time again with multiple washes. They also feature a non-slip bottom layer to keep the pad in place throughout the night. This pad is latex-free, lead-free, and made with composite and polyester fabricwhich assures its safe to use on sensitive skin and comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

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Urinary Incontinence And Odor Control

Prevail Ultimate Absorbency Long Bladder Control Pads, 90 Count ...

Most incontinence pads, liners, and disposable underwear feature some type of odor control. Often, the materials are treated with a natural odor-absorbing compound such as baking soda. Sometimes, though, manufacturers add fragrance to the pad, liner, or garment. Some people find this pleasant, but for others it causes skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, odor control compounds may cause you problems. If so, look for products that are fragrance-free and contain no chemicals for odor control.

If you accidentally leak urine onto clothing or furniture, there are several products — sprays and special detergents — that remove urine stains and odors. Most are sold in pharmacies. Some can be found in mail order health catalogs or online.

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What Are Common Bladder Irritants

Before you find out what products to buy, it is important to learn more about the bladder itself. After all, most of us dont know enough about organs and their functions. The bladder is a muscular sac in the pelvis located right above and behind the pubic bone.

When its empty, the bladder resembles a pear in shape and size. On the other hand, when its full your bladder expands. The inner lining of the bladder tucks into the folds and it expands to accumulate the fluid i.e. urine.

Weak bladder control is a frequent problem that happens due to a wide array of causes. Some of the most common causes of weak bladder control include:

  • drink enough fluids, particularly water
  • Take enough time to empty your bladder completely
  • Urinate after sex
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and cotton underwear

Bladder control requires some lifestyle adjustments, but sometimes you need more than that. This is where bladder control products step in. They help you get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and urgent urination in an entirely natural manner.

What Is Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a term for the loss of the ability to control one’s bladder. It happens when urine leaks out before you can make it to the bathroom. People who suffer from urinary incontinence may experience slight leakage when they sneeze or laugh, or they may have a sudden urge to urinate and not be able to control it, resulting in the involuntary emptying of a full bladder.

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What Is Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is a common form of urinary incontinence. Most common in women, the problem causes bladder leakage in response to physical stress or movement. Someone with stress incontinence may feel urine leak when they cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise or strain to lift something heavy. Stress incontinence happens when the pelvic floor muscles and urinary sphincter weaken. Pregnancy and childbirth are the most common causes of stress incontinence in women. Men may get this type of incontinence after having surgery for prostate disease.

What Causes Overactive Bladder

Which Bladder Control Product Is Right for Me?? (How to Find the Perfect Incontinence Product)

There are many possible causes that can trigger overactive bladder symptoms.

  • Nerve damage can cause the bladder to contract and empty even when it’s not full. Health conditions that can cause nerve damage include diabetes, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine can bother your bladder and make the symptoms of overactive bladder worse.
  • A urinary tract infection can cause symptoms similar to overactive bladder.
  • Women who have gone through menopause and men who have had prostate problems seem to have a higher risk for overactive bladder.
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    Poise Impressa Bladder Supports


    • Gently presses against the vaginal wall to support the urethra, preventing bladder leaks
    • Soft and flexible materials for comfort
    • Available in 3 sizes, for low to high support
    • Can be used for up to 8 hours daily


    Pregnancy and delivery can do a number on your pelvis, and for some moms, the muscles involved in bladder control can be weakened so much that everyday stresses can cause them to pee a little. Coughing, sneezing, running, even a crack of laughter is all it can take. A lot of moms use pads or liners to manage bladder leaks, but another option is a bladder support to prevent the leaks from happening. Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are inserted vaginally and help support the urethra, preventing urinary leaks. To really put Impressa to the test, we sent samples to moms who experience stress urinary incontinence and asked them to tell us all about their experienceand they were impressed, telling us its effective, comfortable and discreet.


    Our testers found this bladder support, which can be worn for up to eight hours daily, very easy to use. A starter kit includes samples of its three sizes so you can try them out and figure out whats right for you. Once you know your size, the boxes are coloured-coded so theres no guessing-game grabbing the right one off the shelf. Mimicking the design of a tampon, each individually-wrapped product is slim enough to be tucked in a purseor up your sleeve.


    Best For Men: Depend Real Fit Maximum Absorbency Underwear For Men

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Both men and women can choose from a variety of pads and underwear designed to help with urine leaks. Depends incontinence briefs are a great option for men with bladder control problems as theyre designed for the male body to look and feel like normal underwear, are comfortable, and boast maximum absorbency power compared to the brands pads and guards, so you can strut with confidence knowing youre protected. These briefs offer a slim side profile, so theyre discreet and wont appear bulky or unflattering.

    These briefs come in multiple colors, are breathable, and are made of a premium cotton-like fabric to be soft and comfortable to the touch. One pack comes with 10 briefs.

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    Choosing Your Product Style

    Pads and liners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That makes it easier to find the right fit for your body shape and lifestyle.

    Liners are generally wider and longer than pads and offer better “front-to-back” protection. Pads are usually curved. They’re disposable and designed for women and men. Adhesive strips hold them inside your underwear. They trap 8 or more ounces of urine and keep it away from your skin. They also block odor and can be changed throughout the day. Many contain elastic on the sides to cradle your body and help keep leaks from rolling over the edge.

    There’s also a range of disposable undergarments with built-in protection — not just in the crotch, but throughout the entire garment. Styles range from pull-ons with elasticized legs and waists resembling a traditional cloth panty to underwear that slips on with Velcro or adhesive tabs for a customized fit. You can also find open-sided “thong style” panties held together by straps in the front and back that rest on top of the hip bone. They are reusable, washable, and typically available in a range of colors. You can get day styles as well as overnight ones, which are designed to hold more urine. Like pads, this underwear is designed to be absorbent, to keep moisture from your skin, and to control odor.

    Plastic pants fit over your regular undergarments and help protect against mild to moderate leaks.

    Best For Women: Tena Intimates Overnight Absorbency Incontinence Pads

    Azo Bladder Control


    Theres a slew of protective pads designed for women with incontinence that are comfortable, made to be invisible under clothing, or at times are built into underwear. While experts stress that these pads arent a long-term solution, they can help you get back to your active lifestyle without fear of leaks. Its great that the industry is catching up and making pads that are not only easier to use, but you dont feel like youre going to stick out as if youre wearing a diaper, Dr. DuBeau said. She says for women its important to make sure that incontinence pads dont lead to irritation or yeast infections.

    These TENA pads are heavy-duty and designed to protect against moderate to heavy bladder leakage. Theyre 16 inches long and have a wide back design to make sure you stay covered while laying down and are thin so they wont be bulky and noticeable. These pads have a pH-balanced system to prevent odors and super-absorbent microbeads to suck in moisture, all while being topped with a skin-soft sheet to keep you fresh. This brand offers a variety of pads with different absorbency levels, and these have the greatest absorbency power.

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    What Does Incontinent Mean

    Incontinent in an adjective used to describe a person who suffers from bowel or bladder control problems. There are a number of possible reasons why a person may have incontinence. Muscle weakness, hormonal imbalances, prostate problems, infections, medications, obesity and medical conditions can all cause incontinence.

    Barrier Devices For Urinary Incontinence

    Some devices control the flow of urine.

    Women can choose devices that go inside the , like tampons or vaginal sponges. They provide temporary control by putting pressure on the tissues of the bladder. This helps keep urine from escaping and is particularly good for stress incontinence, where exercise, laughing, and sneezing causes urine to leak.

    For 24-hour protection, many women find a pessary helpful. This is a plastic device that’s inserted into the . It comes in an array of sizes and shapes. It increases pressure on the urethra muscles and adds support to the pelvic region. These devices are fitted to your pelvis size, so youâll need to visit your doctor. You can remove them for cleaning. They should be replaced each year — and that means another trip to the doctor. Ask your doctor if a pessary is a good option for you. In some cases, they can make urinary incontinence worse.

    Because there are few studies on how well they work, their safety, or comfort, and because of the potential for circulation problems, many doctors advise that they be used with extreme caution.

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    Best Disposable Bed Pads: Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads


    Medlines Heavy Absorbency Underpads are one of the best on the market, as well as the biggestmeasuring 36 inches by 36 inches. These disposable pads have a super absorbent core that provides incontinence protection for any part of your day.

    These pads are designed to be soft and comfortable with a quilted top sheet thats gentle on sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the powerful polymer and fluff quickly absorb fluid and odor, so you wont have to worry about being uncomfortable, wet, or having undesirable smells. These mats are made with polypropylene backing, which keeps the pad in place and prevents leakage.

    Best Overall: Abena Abri

    Female Bladder Leakage: Solutions to Get Control | Christopher Tarnay, MD | UCLAMDChat

    Who else recommends it? Forbes also picked Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs.

    What do buyers say? 78% of 1,800+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

    These powerful briefs earned a spot as our top pick because they can absorb up to 4,000ml, or 135 ounces of fluid, which is six times more than the standard bladder capacity of 400 to 600ml. Featuring non-woven side panels made of a soft and breathable material, these briefs are incredibly comfortable to wear and move around in. It features a wetness indicator that changes color when its time for a change. Its top dry acquisition layer works immediately to wick away moisture on contact to keep you dry and worry-free. Customers rave that these briefs are comfortable, fast-absorbing, and arent too bulky or noisy, making them easy to wear discreetly while going about your daily routine.

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    Urinary Incontinence In Middle Tennessee

    If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, overactive bladder syndrome, or enlarged prostate, it may be worth it to try natural supplements. Of course, you need to consult your physician before starting vitamins or supplements, to ensure they will not react with your medications or have any adverse effects. If you live around Nashville, Tennessee our team of expert physicians would love to help. Contact our discreet, dedicated Medical Concierge by phone or private message today.

    Do Bladder Control Products Help To Strengthen A Weak Bladder

    Bladder control products are natural dietary supplements that help strengthen your bladder without synthetic ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals. These products contain herbs, plants, and other compounds that have been used for centuries to address these problems.

    Not only they alleviate incontinence, but they also support urinary tract health and provide more strength to bladder muscles. At the same time, these products stimulate the excretion of fluids from the body while alleviating pain, discomfort, and other symptoms you experience. Potent herbs remove toxins that would otherwise damage your bladder, urinary tract, and overall health.

    There is no simple yes or no answer to the question of whether these products work. Not all bladder control supplements are equal. Some of them work, others do not. It all depends on the product you buy, so you need to pay extra attention when choosing these items.

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    What Is Overactive Bladder

    Overactive bladder is a group of urinary symptoms with the most common being an extreme urge to urinate that’s challenging to control. You may not be able to stop the urge, which may lead to involuntary urine loss. Other overactive bladder symptoms include frequent urination during the day, the need to get up frequently to urinate at night and leakage when there is an urge to urinate.

    Pelvic Muscle Training Devices

    AZO Bladder Control with Go

    You can use these products when you do Kegel exercises, which help strengthen and control the muscles you clench when you try to hold in urine. Although you don’t need external devices to do Kegels, you may find they help enhance your workout.

    There are different kinds of Kegel training devices. Some are aimed at men and women, including appliances you squeeze between your thighs. Vaginal weights, rods, and cones of various sizes are intended for women.

    Itâs hard to tell at a glance which items might help you — or how some of them work. So do research and talk to your doctor before you buy any of them. Your doctor can help you narrow down the choices.

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    Incontinence Products At Walgreens

    Incontinence can be an embarrassing, uncomfortable problem, but it is possible for men and women who suffer from this issue to feel confident and maintain an active lifestyle. Walgreens is here to help with a wide selection of male and female incontinence products, aids and protection solutions available in stores and online.

    How Incontinence Product Coverage Works:

    In order for an incontinence product to be covered by a Medicaid plan, it must be considered medically necessary. Products deemed medically necessary are those considered as essential to the treatment or management of a particular condition. This can be determined by visiting a doctor and getting a diagnosis. Each Medicaid program has different policies about which incontinence products are considered medically necessary.

    If you need help understanding your product coverage for your Medicaid benefit, then contact us, and we can provide you with more information.

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    How To Get Your Supplies:

    For people who already have Medicaid, the first step to getting incontinence supplies is to obtain a diagnosis from a physician. An official diagnosis provides proof of medical necessity and allows a medical supply company to obtain paperwork for submission.

    When speaking with your doctor, be honest about your experience.Discuss the specifics of your needs and really focus on solutions. It may be difficult and embarrassing, but speaking openly about your condition will help get you the right products for your need.

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