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Pressure Points For Overactive Bladder

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Data Collection Management And Monitoring

Acupressure Point Bladder #62 | Self Acupressure

In this trial, trained clinical research staff will generate CRFs for all participants, with investigators regularly monitoring or auditing data collection to ensure good quality. Two trained assistants will enter all collected data into a computer for warehousing, enlisting another independent supervisor to check and validate data accuracy and consistency. All hard-copy documents and corresponding electronic data will be stored separately and preserved for at least 5 years after study completion. Any changes to the protocol must be approved by the Ethics Committee. A formal data monitoring committee is not warranted, given the small patient sampling and the low-risk nature of acupuncture.

Chai Hu And Huang Qin

Chai Hu is pungent and neutral, and enters the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians. It has ascending and dispersing abilities. It disperses and expels the pathogenic cold from the Shao Yang level, and disperses and spreads the Qi of the Shao Yang as well. Huang Qin is bitter and cold, and enters the Gall Bladder meridian. It can clear the heat at the Shao Yang level and reduce the fire from stress. When these two herbs are used together, the obstruction of Qi, heat and cold are separated and eliminated, and the free flow of the Qi at the Shao Yang level is restored.

Yifan Yang MD MSc, Mazin Al-Khafaji, in, 2010

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How Is Overactive Bladder Diagnosed

A healthcare provider can diagnose overactive bladder by reviewing your symptoms and conducting a physical examination of the organs around your pelvis and rectum. They may ask you questions such as:

  • What are your symptoms?
  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Do you have a family history of overactive bladder?
  • What over-the-counter and prescription drugs do you take?
  • What kinds of fluids do you drink during the day?
  • What time of day do you drink certain fluids?
  • What do you eat during the day?

They may also refer you to a urologist. A urologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases and conditions that affect your urinary tract and reproductive system.

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Liver Imbalances And Urinary Incontinence

In TCM, the Liver energetic organ system “governs the muscles and sinews” this means that the general function and health of the muscles are affected by Liver imbalances. Since muscles are involved with the ability to hold urine, an imbalance of the Liver can contribute to urinary incontinence or overactive bladder. Other signs of the Livers’ involvement are indicated when the condition is worsened stressful situations or are accompanied by frustration or anger.

Specific Sacral Groove Work

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Although the general sacral pressure can be very effective, sometimes it does not provide enough pain relief. Further, general pressure may start to feel uncomfortable as labour progresses as it may block movement of the sacrum. This is when it is helpful to apply pressure into the sacral grooves/foramen.

These points are most commonly used during first stage contractions for pain relief and may help the contractions to be more effective. Usually they are used during contractions many women find that this is all the work they need for the whole labour. They can be useful to teach the partner. Work can be as intense and for as long as the client requires. Often between contractions the client may appreciate stroking techniques or she may want pressure work continued in the points, although often with less intensity than during a contraction. They can also be used in second stage if the contractions seem ineffective to focus the womans energy and in third stage for uterine bleeding.

Tightness in these points, especially more on one side than the other, can often indicate the fetus is stuck on the side where it is tighter. By releasing this tightness, the fetus may be encouraged to move.

To increase the pressure in the points, they can be worked one at a time. In this case, place one thumb on top of the other. Lean in deeply. Make sure that the fingers support your hand by making contact with the body. The fingers act as the mother hand.

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Who Does Overactive Bladder Affect

Overactive bladder is most common in people 65 and older. Women may have OAB at a younger age, usually around 45.

How common is overactive bladder?

Overactive bladder is common. It affects up to 33 million adults in the U.S., including as many as 30% of men and 40% of women. However, that number may be higher because many people may feel embarrassed and wont get help.

How does overactive bladder affect my body?

Overactive bladder symptoms can cause stress and affect your quality of life.

Acupuncture For Urinary Incontinence

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : February 28, 2006Results First Posted : August 1, 2016Last Update Posted : October 24, 2016
Efficacy of Acupuncture in Treating Urinary Incontinence
Study Start Date :
  • Percent Change in Incontinent Episodes Percent change in incontinent episodes at 1 week post-intervention relative to baseline.
  • Percent Change in Incontinent Episodes Percent change in incontinent episodes 4 weeks post true or sham acupuncture
  • Physical Health-Related Quality of Live Percent change in physical health related quality of life measured at 1 week post-intervention relative to baseline measured by the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form-36 Physical Component score. Higher SF-36 Physical Component scores are considered a better outcome.
  • Duration of Any Beneficial Effects Time to relapse in months of participants who completed true acupuncture initially or who crossed-over following sham
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    What Is Overactive Bladder Syndrome

    Overactive bladder syndrome means that the bladder, which is a bag made of muscle, squeezes suddenly without you having control and when the bladder is not full. OAB syndrome is a common condition where no cause can be found for the repeated and uncontrolled bladder contractions.

    Overactive bladder syndrome is more common in women than in men, so is included in our women’s health information. However, this problem can affect men as well as women.

    OAB syndrome is sometimes called detrusor instability or overactivity or an irritable bladder.

    Acupressure: Can You Pressure Away The Urge

    Bladder Acupressure pionts for in hands.

    If youve got bladder leaks, there are a few precautions you can take. Wearing the right kind of absorbent product, practicing Kegel exercises, and always knowing where the nearest restrooms are just to name a few. But heres one I bet you didnt think about: acupressure.

    Despite seeming like an unorthodox approach, acupressure has shown some results. Thats especially true when its used along with other methods to help with bladder leaks such as bladder training, avoiding bladder irritants, and wearing an absorbent product. For anyone whos willing to try just about anything, trying acupressure cant hurt.

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    Acupuncture Controls Overactive Bladder


    Researchers have discovered that acupuncture is effective for controlling overactive bladder syndrome. The research team, a combination of Whipps Cross University Hospital and University College of London Hospital investigators, document that 79% of patients in the study showed clinically significant improvements. The researchers conclude that acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for patients with overactive bladder syndrome and is well tolerated with no side effects or complications. As a result, the research team notes that acupuncture should be considered as a potential alternative to our current therapeutic regimes for patients with OAB.

    Overactive bladder syndrome is a dysfunction of the bladders storage abilities that lead to a sudden urge to urinate. Symptoms include a sudden urge to urinate that is often difficult to control, involuntary loss of urine , frequent urination and waking at night 2 or more times to urinate . Etiology varies and may include dysfunction of the kidneys, bladder nerve signals and muscle activity. Contributing and exacerbating factors of OAB include multiple sclerosis , Parkinsons disease, increased fluid intake, kidney and bladder organic disorders, diabetes, pharmaceutical medications and illicit drugs, urinary infections, enlarged prostate and increased consumption of caffeinated beverages.

    Lung Qi Deficiency And Incontinence

    While not as common as the other patterns, Lung imbalances can be at the root of the cause of incontinence here a couple of the reasons why:

  • The Lungs and the Kidneys are closely interrelated in Chinese medicine, and an imbalance in one of the energetic organ systems can easily have an impact on the other.
  • The Lung energetic organ system is central in the formation of Qi energy for the whole body, thus Spleen Qi Deficiency or Kidney Qi Deficiency could be related to Lung Deficiency.
  • You may notice incontinence occurring during asthma attacks or during coughing attacks with this pattern.

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    Acupressure Points For Bladder Related Problems You Must Know


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    Dr. Quyen Le is a qualified doctor of medicine in Traditional Medicine. She graduated from Hue University of Pharmacy and Medicine in Vietnam in 2019 and currently works at Danang Traditional Medicine Hospital, a Traditional Medicine hospital in Da Nang, Vietnam.

    Acupressure is an age-old technique closely related to acupuncture with origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine . While acupuncture requires the use of small needles to target pressure points, or acupoints, throughout the body, acupressure uses pressure from your fingers or hands to target these points.

    Acupressure is an easy practice to do by yourself or with help from a friend or family member. According to TCM, acupressure points are located along meridians on the human body. Meridians are pathways in which energy flows, and each corresponds to one of the vital organs . Acupoints are, on average, easy to find: many of them lay in small divots or crooks in the body . The amount of pressure applied will vary from person to person and depending on where the point is, but you typically want to apply firm pressure for several minutes to reap the full benefits.

    In this article, we are going to break down 18 acupressure points for the bladder, such as acupressure points to induce urination and points for an overactive bladder. If you suffer from these problems, or any other bladder issues, read to see how acupressure can help.

    Can Nerve Stimulation Help Overactive Bladder

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    Yes, nerve stimulation can help improve OAB. Your nerves help tell your brain that your bladder is full. By treating your nerves, you can improve your bladder control.

    Nerve stimulation is a reversible treatment. Healthcare providers only recommend it if other treatments dont work.

    There are several types of nerve stimulation treatments. These include:

    Sacral nerve stimulation

    Sacral nerve stimulation is a therapy that electrically stimulates the nerves that control your bladder.

    A healthcare provider will implant a small device called a neurotransmitter under the skin near your upper buttock area. The neurotransmitter sends mild electrical impulses through a wire near your sacral nerve. Your sacral nerve is a nerve in your lower back. The impulses help you control your bladder.

    Sacral nerve stimulation can reduce the number of times you have to use the bathroom or the number of times you accidentally leak pee. Its overall very effective. Its also an outpatient procedure, so you can go home afterward.

    Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation

    Percutaneous tibial stimulation sends small nerve impulses to a nerve branch near your ankle. It helps stimulate bladder control.

    Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation is an outpatient procedure. Many people need 12 weekly sessions and then monthly maintenance sessions afterward.

    Botulinum toxin injections

    Botox® is the most well-known botulinum toxin brand. A healthcare provider injects Botox into your bladder wall using a cystoscope.

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    What Does Bladder Pressure Feel Like

    The most noticeable symptom of IC is pain and pressure in the bladder. The pain you experience may range from mild to severe. For some, the pressure can come and go. For others, the feeling doesnt let up.

    These symptoms may lead you to think that you have a bladder infection, but IC isnt an infection at all. Its a chronic condition, which means that there isnt cure.

    Other symptoms of IC include:

    • pain while bladder is full and relief when its emptied
    • pain during sex

    Signs and symptoms vary. Some people may need to urinate up to 60 times each day. You may also experience periods of time when you have no symptoms.

    Although IC isnt a UTI, getting an infection can make your symptoms worse.

    How Doctors Diagnose The Cause Of Bladder Pressure

    If you have bladder pressure and feel like you need to urinate frequently, its a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor. In some cases, these symptoms may be signs of a UTI. If you truly have IC, your doctor should still be able to help.

    Your doctor may ask you to start keeping a log of your symptoms to bring to your appointment. You should write down how much you drink, how much you urinate, and any pain or pressure you experience.

    At your appointment, you will first assess your medical history. Theyll also perform a pelvic exam and test a urine sample to rule out infection.

    Other tests include:

    Cystoscopy: Your doctor will insert a thin tube into your urethra to look at the inside of your bladder. Youll be numbed beforehand, so this procedure shouldnt hurt.

    Biopsy: Your doctor will put you under anesthesia. Then, theyll take some tissue from your bladder and urethra for examination. Your doctor will check the tissue for symptoms of bladder cancer and other causes of pain.

    Urine cytology: This urine sample test allows your doctor to examine the cells for cancer.

    Potassium sensitivity test: After placing water and potassium chloride into your bladder, your doctor will ask you to rate your pain and need to urinate on a scale from 0 to 5. People with normal bladders usually cant tell a difference between the two solutions. If youre more sensitive to the potassium chloride, it may indicate IC.

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    Best Cure For Frequent Or Constant Urination

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    Anticholinergic Drugs For Oab

    Bladder & Kidney Acupressure Points

    The largest class of drugs used to treat OAB is anticholinergic drugs. They work by blocking a chemical in your body called acetylcholine. This chemical sends a message to your bladder to contract. By blocking this chemical, these drugs reduce the contractions that cause you to release urine. In studies that compared the drugs, all anticholinergics worked in treating OAB.

    Anticholinergics are sold under different brand names. Some are also available as generic drugs. These medications include:

    All of these drugs except for Oxytrol come as either tablets or capsules that you take by mouth. Oxytrol is available as a skin patch.

    The most common side effects of anticholinergic drugs include:

    Seniors have the greatest risk of side effects from these drugs. These medications may also cause drowsiness and an increased risk of falls in seniors. Oxybutynin may cause more side effects than the other drugs in this class. However, taking oxybutynin in its extended-release form may reduce some of the side effects. Anticholinergics may also worsen dementia symptoms and should be used with caution in people with this disease.

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    Acupressure For Kidney Disease Important Pressure Points

    When you are treating kidney disease, the first thing your practitioner will start off with is:

    The kidney point 3 It is located near the inner ankle bone that improves the kidney Qi. This treats frequent bouts of urination and constipation.

    The kidney 6 point The acupressure point help sort out the bladder control issues. Youll locate this point below the inner ankle bone right between the two tendons that youll find when you flex your foot.

    The Kidney 7 point Locate the Kidney 7 point 2 inches above the ankle bone and it is aligned with kidney 3. This point alleviates the fecal incontinence because of diarrhea or dysenteric disorders.

    Spleen point 6 Locate this point 3 inches above your ankle bone. This point helps strengthen the spleen qi and alleviates conditions such as flatulence, diarrhea, and runny stools.

    Conception vessel 4 point Another point effective in treating kidney problems is the conception vessel 4. This point is located 3 cun below your belly button. It propagates multiple benefits such as improving kidney function, strengthening muscles, and spleen energy that combats with fecal incontinence.

    Youll find these four Kidney acupressure point on the inner ankle. Each of these points helps deal with localized ankle pain. Each point alleviates local ankle pain. Know all about the points here.

    Benefit: It nourishes the Kidney organ system and integrates Life Force.

    Benefit: Harmonizes menstruation cycle

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