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4 Inch Drain Cleaning Bladder

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How To Unclog A Lavatory Sink

Drain Cleaning Bladder

Plungers are excellent at unclogging sinks, but its important to use the right technique. All code-compliant lavatory sinks have overflows an inch or so from the rim, and plunging often results with pressure coming back through the overflow instead of pushing the clog. Cover this hole with a rag and hand pressure while plunging to take advantage of the hydraulic pressure.

When the plunger wont do the trick, it might be necessary to use a wire drain snake. To use a drain snake, remove the pop-up assembly in the sink and gently feed the wire into the drain while cranking the handle. Once the snake makes a bit of progress, advance a bit more wire from the snake and continue. This will break the clog up and push it through the pipe.

For bathrooms with dual sinks, the sink drains often meet together at a T or Y fitting. In sinks with T fittings, a snake fed through one sink drain can run across the pipes and into the other sink, rather than running down the drain toward the clog. In those cases, it might be necessary to cut out the T, snake the drain, and then replace the fitting with a Y-type fitting.

The Blow Bag Can Cause Injuries

One of the ways through which you can get an injury is when you stand at the drain opening. An injury can happen when the water pressure fails to break and flush a heavy drain clog. The water then comes back towards you with its high pressure. For this reason, you need to position yourself away from the drain opening to avoid an accident.

A second way you can encounter a physical injury is when the blow bag bursts, throwing flying materials at you. The bag can burst if the water pressure exceeds the maximum safe water pressure. To avoid such injuries, its important to ensure that the bag maintains its water pressure at the maximum safe water pressure. Make sure you also position yourself on one side of the sewer blow bag to reduce the chances of many flying materials reaching you if the bag bursts.

What Is A Drain Cleaning Bladder

Drain cleaning bladders are not well-known tools, but they are incredibly effective at clearing clogs when they are used correctly. These tools are made up of a heavy-duty bag or balloon that is capable of expanding when it’s filled with water and releasing the water at a high pressure to clear clogs. One end of the drain cleaning bladder has a garden hose fitting so that users can connect a garden hose directly to the drain cleaning bladder to filler the balloon. The other end has a narrow hole or can sometimes have an external spout to help throttle the water and increase the pressure of the spray.

These tools come in three sizes. Small bladders are used for 1-inch and 2-inch pipes, medium bladders are made for 1.5-inch to 3-inch pipes, and large bladders are designed for 3-inch to 6-inch pipes. They are most commonly used outdoors, on piping outside the home, such as yard drains.

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Turn On Your Water Source

Turn on the water to release it to the hose. Let the water flow into the blow bag until it fills on its own. When the water reaches its maximum capacity, the valve will open and release the pressurized water to flush down the drain. The high-pressure water will break the drain clog and clear it. Its crucial to keep in mind that if the blow bag is not used with care, too much pressure from the bag can damage the pipes. This is especially true if the lines are old and have weak joints.

What Is A Sewer Blow Bag A Useful Drain Cleaning Tool

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A blow bag is an expansion balloon that utilizes high water pressure to unclog blocked drains. It looks like a deflated balloon and its made from heavy-duty rubber or a heavy canvas type fabric. One end of the blow bag has a standard hose attachment that connects it to a water source. The other end has a pressure-sensitive valve that connects it to the clogged drain pipe. The water flows and fills up the bag and expands it past a certain point. This enables to bag to fully expand to the inside diameter of the blocked up drain pipe. Meanwhile, the buildup of pressure pushes the valve open to release a rush of water at high pressure through the pipe. This causes the blockage to break and flush away from the heavy drain clog.

A blow bag can also be an excellent follow-up option if you want to remove any remaining material in your sewer pipes after using a drain snake to achieve a complete clog removal. The blow bags come in a wide range of sizes you need to get one that matches the size of your clogged drains diameter. In most cases a 2 blow bag will fit into most household drain lines.

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How Do You Clean A Clogged Drain

Roto-Rooter was extremely professional and got the job done. Our house had not had a drain cleaning for probably 15 years. We had just moved into our house in May … and we had been having drainage problems since then. It took our plumber 4 hours to clean the drain out because of how much build up there was. He could have given up but didn’t. We are very happy with the service and would call them out again in a heart beat.

The tech arrived on time as scheduled. Determined the overall scope of problem. Then provided a written estimate for work needing to be accomplished. Then covered any area than … could be soiled during drain cleaning. Then ran snake form basement garage drain up towards kitchen sink and found clog in the line. Also ran snake the opposite direction to reach outside line to sewer connection. He provided helpful hints for helping stop future problems. All the time being very polite and courteous while maintaining a clean work site and cleanup. Great job.

Friendly, knowledgeable technician. He got our drain cleaned out in a very efficient and professional manner. I would not hesitate to call Roto-Rooter for any future needs.

Check Your Unclogging Work Results

After unclogging your drain, its wise to check whether your drain is completely cleared and has returned to sound working condition. The bladder of the blow bag completely deflates once you turn off the flowing water. Pull the blow bag out of the drain opening and check if your drain is in good condition.

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Turn On The Cold Water

With the drain cleaning bladder in place, you can start to slowly turn on the cold water. Make sure that you are using cold water, because hot water can cause damage to the bladder. Allow the bladder to fill and expand as the pressure inside the balloon builds.

It’s advised to stand to the side of the drain opening while the drain cleaning bladder is in use because in some cases the water can backflow out of the drain and splash the user, or the drain bladder can burst under pressure.

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How To Unclog A Drain Pipe

How to Use a BrassCraft® Drain Cleaning Bladder

Sinks, toilets, and showers run into larger drain pipes, and those pipes sometimes clog as well. However, code dictates that there be a clean-out fitting installed at every change of direction. Simply remove the cap with a pair of pliers or a wrench, and use this access for clearing the clog.

One way to unclog a pipe is to use a larger wire snake. These snakes are more powerful, longer, and often feature more aggressive tips for breaking the clog up or hooking it for removal. Simply feed the wire snake through the drain, and continue advancing it until the clog is clear. One important tip though: If possible, run water through the pipes while snaking the drain. This will allow the freshly loosened build-up to flush through the system rather than just settling back in place.

There are also drain-cleaning bladders that utilize hydraulic force to clean clogs. These rubberized bladders hook to the end of a hose and fit inside a cleanout. As the hose fills the bladder, it expands to seal off the pipe. At the tip of the bladder is a hole that shoots water into the drain pipe, pressurizing it until the clog has nowhere to go but forward and through the system. Note that this system can potentially damage older pipes.

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A Bladder Can Burst If Subjected To Too Much Water Pressure

All drain-cleaning bladders have a maximum safe water pressure. If you fill a bladder past this point, it can burst. Before you begin, you must know the pressure specifications of the product you intend to use, as well as the water pressure inside your building. If the pressure in your home or workplace is too high, you can reduce it to acceptable levels if the buildings plumbing system is outfitted with a water pressure regulator.

Look At The Products Features

When shopping around for drain cleaning bladder, there are several things to consider before making a purchase. First, look at the products features and how they might suit your needs. Also, be sure to check reviews from other people who have used the product to get an idea of what their experience was like.

If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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Leaves Mulch Silt And Other Yard Debris Can Be Difficult To Clean And Flush Out Of A Landscape Drain Unless You Have The Right Drain Cleaner For The Job

  • If the drain is clogged with material that’s close to a top opening, or if there’s a solid clog like sticks or animal debris, try using a 1/2″ manual drain auger to pull out or break apart the clog, and then try flushing out the material with a garden hose.
  • If your landscape drain is clogged with dirt that did not flow in from a top opening, the drain could have a section that is cracked, separated or collapsed. If you think that part of the drain could be damaged, inspect it with a video camera to make sure there’s no section where a drain cleaner could get stuck.
  • To pull out fine roots, you can try using a 1/2″ manual drain auger. You should avoid using electric drain augers in corrugated accordion drains, because the powered steel tip could damage the pipe wall.
  • For clogs that are further from the drain opening and consist of flushable debris like leaves, mulch, or silt consider using a sewer jetter to clean corrugated accordion drains, PVC drains and other types of plastic landscape drains.
  • A sewer jetter that’s powered by your pressure washer can help you scrub and flush away the silt, leaves, and dirty sediment so fewer clogs come back.
  • A Needle Nose drain cleaner is a sewer jetter with a tougher, braided steel jacket and a special compact nozzle tip that allows it to pass through more types and sizes of drains.
  • A gas pressure washer rated 2.0 GPM to 4.0 GPM is almost always required, since outdoor debris can take significant force to scrub and flush out of the pipe.
  • Learn How A Drain Bladder Can Easily And Inexpensively Blast Away The Toughest Clogs

    Large Drain Cleaning Bladder with Garden Hose Attachment, Use in 4"  to ...

    The drain bladder is one of the greatest unsung heroes of every plumbers arsenal. Theyre capable of clearing the most stubborn drain clogs, even after all other methods have failed. Along with being highly effective, theyre also inexpensive and easy to use plumbing products. Read on to discover why you should consider a drain bladder for your next clog before resorting to more difficult methods or .

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    Establish The Cause Of The Clog

    The first step when trying to clear a clogged main sewer line is finding out what is causing it. The fact is, there is more than one reason why clogging happens. Establishing the main cause will help you determine the best course of action.

    While you might guess the reasons, such as the accumulation of grease on kitchen sinks, employing the services of an expert is the best choice. A professional plumber will have what it takes, including skills and tools, to determine the cause and provide a solution.

    Now, after establishing the cause, how do you unclog a main sewer line without a snake? Well, you might use any of these options to unclog the system, depending on the cause.

    Drain Cleaning Services For Clogged Drains

    Roto-Rooters plumbing professionals are available 24/7 to perform routine drain maintenance, emergency drain cleaning services and sewer cleaning. Our drain cleaning services include floor drains, downspout drains, storm drains, sewer drains, and more.

    Roto-Rooter has been in the drain cleaning business since 1935, when Samuel Blanc patented the first electric drain cleaning machine and founded the first Roto-Rooter franchise. Today, the technology hasnt changed much from Blancs classic invention, and uses blades to cut through debris to restore proper water flow.

    As a premier drain cleaning company, Roto-Rooter is leading the industry by cleaning more drains and performing more sewer line repairs than any other company in North America. Roto-Rooter can help with any kind of clogged drain and address all sewer cleaning services. Our plumbers provide both residential and commercial services, addressing clogged kitchen drains, clogged bathroom drains, clogged outdoor drains, and clogged sewer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    *All services not available from all locations.

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    Tools Youll Need To Unclog A Drain

  • The first tool to reach for when trouble arises is a plunger. This plumbers friend clears clogs from most fixtures, including sinks, tubs, and toilets. Every homeowner should keep one handy.
  • To dislodge clogs located farther down the drainpipe, use a cable auger, or plumbers snake, a long, flexible steel cable wound around a spool thats fitted with a hand crank. Cable augers are available in lengths up to 100 feet, though a 25-foot model will suffice for most any household clog.
  • A closet auger is specifically made for snaking out toilets. It, too, is equipped with a hand crank, but instead of a spool, the cable is encased in a rigid shaft. The auger end is bent at a precise angle to fit through the tight curves of a toilet trap.
  • For a very large clog or one thats far from the fixture, rent an electric power auger. This machinebasically a large cable auger powered by an electric motoris very effective at cutting through virtually any clog, even tangled tree roots. Before bringing home a power auger, be sure the rental agent shows you how to safely dispense and retrieve the cable.
  • The Blow Bag Can Burst When Subjected To Extreme Water Pressure

    How to use Harbor Freights Drain Cleaning Bladder.

    The sewer blow bag or the drain cleaning bladder has a maximum point of safe water pressure. If the bag gets filled past the safe point, the bag can burst due to excessive pressure buildup. You need to properly check the pressure specifications of the specific product you want to use, as well as the pressure of water inside your property. If the water pressure in your building is too high, consider reducing the pressure to acceptable levels if the plumbing system is outfitted with a water pressure regulator.

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    Consider A Professional Drain Cleaner

    Do you have a drain thats backed up or slow? Dont wait for the clogging problem to get worse. A sewer blow bag costs the fraction of calling a professional and is a no-fuss way to clear out hard drain clogs and all sorts of stoppages.

    Unsure how to use a sewer blow bag? Then consider calling a local drain expert to avoid unnecessary damage to your drain line or even injuries. A drain cleaning expert will be familiar with all the drain cleaning tools available, and their safe and proper use. At Balkan Sewer & Drain Cleaning, our skilled plumbing experts have the necessary knowledge to deal with stubborn clogs. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a drain service.

    Reconnect The Plumbing And Clean Up

    Once the clog has been cleared you can reconnect the plumbing and begin to clean up. Remember to disconnect the garden hose and reinstall the sink aerator, if applicable. The drain cleaning bladder will also need to be washed to remove any remaining waste, then it should be left to dry. Clean up the towels, rags, cloths, and any buckets to finish the job.

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    Choose A Suitable Drain Cleaning Bladder

    If you start trying to clear a clog with the wrong drain cleaning bladder, you could end up causing a bigger mess, so take a look at the size of the pipes and choose an appropriate bladder.

  • Small drain cleaning bladders are intended for 1-inch and 2-inch pipes.
  • Medium drain cleaning bladders are made for 1.5-inch to 3-inch pipes.
  • Large drain cleaning bladders are suited for 3-inch to 6-inch pipes.
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    Chemical Clog Remover Is Rarely The Answer

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    Chemical clog removers are really only suitable for occasional use in slow drains, as they arent effective against actual stoppages. In fact, pouring liquid clog remover into a drain can make the job more dangerous for anyone who needs to remove that clog with a snake or plunger. Also, chemical clog removers are bad for the environment and can eat away at metal pipes, causing drains that flow too wellright onto the floor.

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