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Can You Get A Uti From Holding Your Bladder

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Can Kidney Stones Cause A Uti

Does holding your urine make you more likely to get a UTI?

Any blockage in the urinary tract like a kidney stone, a bladder stone, or even an enlarged prostate gland in men can lead to a UTI. If you have a small kidney stone that quickly passes through, it likely wont cause a UTI. But a lingering blockage can cause urine to back up and become a breeding ground for any bacteria present.

Kidney stones and UTIs can cause similar symptoms, like pain when urinating, bloody or cloudy urine, and fever. If you experience any of these symptoms, its important that you see a provider to get diagnosed so you can get the appropriate treatment.

Can Sex Make A Uti Worse

If you already have a UTI, having sex can make the infection feel worse, exacerbating the symptoms. Using spermicides can increase discomfort because it can cause irritation. Using non-lubricated latex condoms can also increase friction leading to irritation. Using a water-based lubricant or lubricated condoms will help avoid making your UTI feel more irritated. After and before sex, be sure to urinate immediately to flush out the bacteria.

What You Can Do: Clean Carefully

After you poop, be sure to wipe from front to back so bacteria doesnât get near your genitals. When you wash, be gentle and donât use harsh soaps that can damage the sensitive skin in the area and let bacteria in. And a shower can be better than a bath. Sitting in bathwater can let bacteria and other irritants get inside your urinary tract.

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Mistake : Going Too Often

One more trip to the bathroom before rushing out the door may seem like smart planning, but it can backfire. The danger is that you can end up training the bladder to respond to small volumes, which can lead to overactive bladder symptomsthe sensation of needing to urinate more frequently than is normal, explains Dr. Rickey.

Going too often at night can also be a problem for men who then cant fall back to sleep, says Stanton Honig, MD, director of Male Urology, adding that this condition, called nocturia, can affect quality of life. If this is bothersome to patients, there are treatment for it, says Dr. Honig.

Other problems can also cause increased urinary frequency, such as an infection along the urinary tract. Therefore, if you find that you need to visit the bathroom far more often than you used to, talk to your primary care physician or urologist. You may need a urinalysis to rule out a UTI, as well as to check for blood in the urine , which can happen to a small number of people with an overactive bladder who have a bladder tumor, Dr. Brito says. Blood in the urine is never normal and usually requires further testing to determine its cause, Dr. Brito says.

You Don’t Say Can Your Bladder Burst From Holding It Too Long

How to Get Rid of a UTI

Weve all “held it” before. Maybe you avoided the port-a-potty at an outdoor venue. Or you were making good time on a long car trip and didnt want to stop. Or perhaps you just didnt want to get out of bed when duty called during the night.

But does maintaining a long holding pattern like this cause any problems? Will your bladder literally burst if you wait too long?

The bladder is a mighty strong organ and is unlikely to rupture just because you denied it the opportunity to empty when its ready. Instead, its more likely youll become increasingly uncomfortable until you finally give up and urinate. While rare, the bladder might rupture under certain non-bathroom circumstances, such as

  • major trauma for example, a pelvic fracture
  • a surgical complication
  • a bladder tumor that weakens a portion of the muscular bladder wall
  • damage to the bladder from radiation.

Still, its probably not a good idea to frequently hold it. Doing so could cause bacteria to multiply, increasing your risk for urinary tract infections, especially if youve had prior episodes.

Over time, holding it could cause the bladder to stretch and make it difficult to contract and release urine. It also may increase the formation of kidney stones in people prone to having them.

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Can You Get A Uti From Having Sex

Sexual intercourse is a prime scenario for bacteria to enter the urethra, especially for women, who tend to experience more UTIs than men do. The physical activity involved in sex can send bacteria into the urethra. In fact, studies show that increasing the frequency of sex increases the likelihood of UTIs. Remember that the urethra connects directly to the bladder, so if the germs continue to travel up the urinary tract, they will reach the bladder first.

Sex is a common way for germs like bacteria to enter the urinary tract, but its not the only way. Lets discuss some other potential UTI causes.

Weakens Your Bladder Muscles

Although bladder training is a technique used to help those suffering from urinary incontinence to build strength in their bladder, holding your pee for too long can actually cause incontinence. This is because holding your urine for long periods strains your bladder muscles over time. It can also cause you to have trouble completely emptying your bladder.

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Are You Dealing With A Uti These Tips Will Help

If youve ever had a urinary tract infection , you know how painful and uncomfortable they are. A UTI is an infection that targets your urinary system, so it can affect your ureters, kidneys, bladder, and urethra. A UTI can potentially cause serious health problems if left untreated. A severe UTI can even cause permanent kidney damage.

When patients throughout the West Covina and Santa Clarita, California, area have a UTI, they visit SmartClinic Urgent Care. Our team of medical experts specializes in treating and managing UTIs.

If youre dealing with a UTI, these tips can help improve your symptoms until your antibiotics kick in.

Training The Body To Pee Less Often

Urinary Tract Infection | How To Prevent UTI (2018)

In some cases, doctors may recommend retraining the bladder to urinate less frequently. This involves resisting the urge to pee.

The goal is to increase the amount of fluid the bladder can hold before it triggers the urge to pee. If successful, this will extend the amount of time between trips to the bathroom.

A doctor will often develop a personalized retraining schedule, and they will typically oversee the training.

The following tips may help a person ease into the retraining process:

  • staying warm, because being cold may trigger the urge to pee
  • listening to music or watching television for distraction
  • actively engaging the brain with a game, puzzle, or problem to solve
  • reading a book or newspaper article
  • staying seated or walking around, whichever resolves the urge
  • making a telephone call or writing an email

The key is to engage the brain and direct attention away from the urge to urinate.

Although it is best to pee whenever the bladder is full, a person may not have immediate access to a bathroom.

The following tips can help an individual make it to the toilet in time:

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You Eat A Lot Of Sugar

Bacteria that cause UTIs love feeding on sugar, so you run the risk of providing a feast for them whenever your sweet tooth strikes. Kalas V, et al. Structure-based discovery of glycomimetic FmlH ligands as inhibitors of bacterial adhesion during urinary tract infection. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1720140115

If you eat tons of added sugars and get a real surge in your blood sugar, you may end up with some of that sugar in your urine, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale School of Medicine.

Some foods and beverages, like coffee, booze, and chocolate, can also irritate your delicate urinary tract and exacerbate an existing UTI.

What You Can Do: Drink Plenty Of Liquids

It helps clear out harmful things like bacteria and may help prevent bladder cancer by flushing out certain chemicals. And if you don’t drink enough, your urine will have less water in it, and that can irritate your bladder. But not all liquids are the same — caffeine and alcohol can irritate your bladder. Water is always your best bet. Talk to your doctor about how much you should drink each day.

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Health Risks Of Holding Urine

In most cases, holding in urine for a short period of time until there is a time and place to go is not going to be harmful. However, holding in urine is associated with a small increased risk of urinary tract infections. This is because the urine standing in the bladder can increase the bacteria growth there. Taking in a lot of fluids and voiding them regularly is the best way to avoid this bacteria overgrowth, which may lead to an infection.

Why Toilet Seat Wont Give You Urinary Tract Infection


In her latest Instagram post, Dr Narendra explained why its a mere misconception that one can get UTI from a toilet seat. It is because when you sit on the toilet seat, your pee hole doesnt get in contact with it, unless you are some crazy fancy adventurer who likes to rub their pee hole on the toilet seat when peeing, she said. And there is no way the bacteria can climb on a secret bacteria rocket ship from the toilet seat and fly to your urethra, she added. Hence, you cannot get UTI from a dirty toilet seat. The Fortis Hospitals, too, says the toilet seat isnt a common vehicle of infection transmission to humans.

So, is there a way you can get UTI from peeing in the wrong way? The answer is, only if you wipe yourself after that the wrong way. If you from back to front, you bring your butthole bacteria to your pee hole that can give you UTI, Dr Cuterus explained.

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How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Developing A Bladder Infection

There are several things you can do to minimize your risk of developing a bladder infection:

  • Wipe from front to back after having a bowel motion so your urethra is not contaminated
  • Urinate as soon as possible after sexual intercourse
  • Make sure your genital area is clean before and after sexual intercourse or activity
  • Take your medications for diabetes as directed
  • Eat a healthy diet and limiting sugar.

UTIs are not contagious nor sexually transmitted that is you cannot catch them from another person.

Sometimes Being Polite Is Bad For You

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You’re Holding In Your Bladder For Too Long

Holding in your bladder for a long period of time can build up bacteria and cause a UTI, says Dr. Mysore. “If you feel the urgency to go and you feel like your bladder is full, go!,” she says. “On average, if someone is holding in their full bladder for a good two to three hours, they can start to feel a burning sensation or be at risk for a UTI.”

Though this reason alone might not directly cause a UTI, it can definitely put you at risk of getting one.

Theres Not A Restroom In Sight And You Have To Go Is It Dangerous To Hold It In For An Extended Length Of Time

Does holding your urine make you more likely to get a UTI?

Should you go every time you feel the twinge? In most cases, the only consequence that arises from holding in your urine is the discomfort you feel.

Depending on how hydrated you are, you should go to the bathroom every three to six hours. This varies based on the actual size of your bladder, your sensitivity, hydration habits and age.

Likewise, if you stay hydrated, which is the best way to flush out your kidneys, your trips to the bathroom will increase. But if you make multiple bathroom trips in a short span of time, or experience pain or unusual discomfort when holding in your urine or after you go to the bathroom, something else might be going on.

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Disrupted Flora & Uti

Most importantly, constipation can lead to high levels of the Escherichia coli bacteria in the rectum, increasing the risk that they could spread to the urinary tract. If you think about the reasons for constipation, they often include poor diet and an inactive lifestyle. Both factors also contribute to and are connected with the diversity of your gut microbiome. It is still unclear if a change in microbiome is a cause or a consequence of constipation but

Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

Working your pelvic floor muscles can help with bladder control by strengthening the muscles that are responsible for closing your urethra and keeping urine safely in your bladder until its time to go.

Manual pelvic floor exercises are effective, but it can be difficult to know if youre doing them correctly and results can take a while to show.

To rebuild your pelvic floor muscles from the inside, discover INNOVO, the only at-home, non-invasive solution designed to help you regain control of your bladder in just 12 weeks.

INNOVOs patented pelvic floor exerciser delivers 180 perfect Kegels per session, while you sit back and relax, and let INNOVO do all the hard work.

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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Hold In Your Pee

It might not feel like it, but the adult bladder can hold as much as half a litre of pee before you’ll feel the need to ‘go’.

Your body knows how much is in there because your bladder wall is filled with tiny receptors that send a message to your brain when the bladder reaches capacity.

Fortunately, most of us have full control over our bladder function, so when we receive this message, we can choose to either relieve ourselves right away, or hold it because it’s a really long way to the bathroom from the couch.

But what exactly are we doing to our body when we hold all that pee in?

In an episode of SciShow, Michael explains that once you’ve made the decision that you’re too busy to pee right now, the cylindrical sphincters in your bladder close up tightly to keep all of the urine from leaking through your urethra.

These little muscles are great at what they do, until you make them do it consistently for a really long time, say if you’re a trucker and you’re holding in your pee on long trips several times a week.

If you make a habit of holding in your pee for ages, you’re subjecting yourself to pretty serious long-term effects, including a higher risk of infection.

And as the video below explains, constantly holding in your pee can weaken your bladder muscles, which could lead to urinary retention – the dreaded condition that prevents you from being able to fully empty your bladder when you pee, which means you feel like peeing a lot.

Can Bladder Training Cause A Uti

7 Most Powerful Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Bladder ...

Sometimes, holding your urine for an extended amount of time can contribute to a UTI. This is because holding your urine too long can allow bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract without being flushed out.

This is unlikely to happen with bladder training, however. While it may feel like a long time at first, the amount of time youre holding your urine during bladder training isnt that unusual.

Typically, an individual should aim to urinate at least

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Drink Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

One of the most well-known UTI treatments is cranberry juice. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant found in cranberry juice. They contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help treat and prevent infections.

Studies show that cranberry juice can help relieve UTI symptoms, as well as reduce how often you get them.

What If You Really Need To Hold Your Pee

When you have to go, you have to go. If youre able to use the restroom, you should do so.

But if youve been advised to do any form of bladder training, or if youre unable to access a bathroom, here are a few things you can do to take your mind off the urge to urinate:

  • Do a task that will actively engage your brain, such as a game or crossword puzzle.
  • Listen to music.

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What Is A Bladder Infection Or Urinary Tract Infection

Any infection that affects a part of your urinary tract is known as a urinary tract infection . One that only affects your bladder is a bladder infection. Doctors may narrow it down to the area that is affected, for example:

  • If your urethra is affected, it is known as urethritis
  • If your bladder is affected it is known as cystitis
  • If your kidneys are affected it is known as pyelonephritis. This is a serious infection that can lead to kidney damage if a bladder infection is left untreated.

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