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Hill’s Science Diet Bladder Stones

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Hill Science Diet Urinary Hairball Control Recipe

Gall Bladder Stones Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment Options | Dr. Krishnamohan. Y | CARE Hospitals

Hill science diet Urinary Hairball control recipe made for adult cat with urinary and hairball problem. This cat food has good taste to make it appealing for your cat. It is made with real chicken entrée, so we are sure that, this is a high quality cat food. This food also supports the health of your cats urinary system. Hill science maintained the optimal level of magnesium in this food.

Urinary treat is a common condition among cats. So, giving proper food will maintain cats health is the key. This Hills science diet food is a perfect food for cats with urinary treat problems.

This canned cat food also contains fiber to reduce hairball and ensure your cat stays comfortable and calm throughout the day. Lets look into the ingredient list of this food.

TopIngredient of Science Diet Urinary

Best Wet: Hill’s Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care With Chicken Canned Cat Food

Key Ingredients: Pork Liver, Carrots, Chicken, Tuna, Wheat Gluten, Rice, Spinach, Corn Starch, Chicken Liver Flavor, Fish Oil, Chicken Fat | Calories per Serving: 82 | Balance: Protein min. 6.5%, Fat min. 3.0%, crude fiber max. 2.0% | Life stage: Adult and senior cats | Texture: Rice sized chunks in a light gravy

  • Shown to dissolve struvite crystals and prevents new ones

  • Requires a veterinary prescription

Nutritionists and veterinarians developed Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care wet cat food specifically to support a cat’s urinary health. Hills claims that c/d Multicare was studied and demonstrated to lower the recurrence of most common urinary signs by 89 percent. They also claim that struvite stones have dissolved in some cats in as little as seven days, and on average 27 days, while also reducing the risk of forming struvite and calcium oxalate stones.

The ingredients are recognizable on the label and in the food. Top ingredients include pork liver, carrots, chicken, tuna, rice, spinach, chicken fat and fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Also containing important vitamins and minerals, the amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium are controlled to prevent crystal formation. This brand is also available in chicken and vegetable stew flavor.

Types Of Bladder Stones In Cats

The two most common types of bladder stones in cats are struvite stones and calcium oxalate stones. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, while the development of these stones is complex, a cat’s food may play a role. They also rarely form secondary to bladder infections in cats.

Radiographs and a microscopic exam of urine sediment may provide indications as to what type of stone your cat has. However, the identity of a stone cannot be determined unless it is collected and analyzed.

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What To Look For In A Good Dog Food For Bladder Stones

When choosing a dog bladder stones diet, there are two primary goals to focus on. The first is to dilute the urine with an increase in moisture intake. Diluting the urine helps prevent stones from forming.

The second goal is to reduce the intake of compounds which make up bladder stones. To choose the best dog food for bladder stones, you may need your veterinarian to perform tests to identify the type of stone so you know what foods your dog should avoid.

If your veterinarian is able to identify which type of stone your dog has, he may recommend a therapeutic diet. If youre simply looking to reduce stone formation or prevent bladder stones, however, there are a few things to look for in a dog bladder stones diet:

Remember, there is a difference between diets made to dissolve bladder stones and diets made to prevent them. If your veterinarian recommends a therapeutic diet for a specific type of stone, that is your best bet.

Keep in mind that, in order for dietary dissolution of bladder stones to work, you need to feed your dog the special diet exclusively. This means no treats and no supplements while your dog is on the diet unless they are approved by your vet.

Now that you have a better understanding of bladder stones in dogs and what causes them, youre ready to start shopping for a dog bladder stones diet! Take what youve learned here to start shopping around or simply choose one of our top dog food picks above. Best of luck to you and your dog!

Best For Senior Cats: Blue Buffalo W+u Weight Management + Urinary Care Wet Food

Hills Prescription Diet  s/d Feline Urinary Care 4lbs  HK Pet Shop


Key Ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth and liver, pea protein, potatoes, whitefish, carrots, cranberries | Calories per Serving: 68 | Balance: Crude Protein min. 8.5%, Crude Fat min. 2.5%, Crude Fiber max. 4%, Moisture max. 78% | Life Stage: Adult, senior | Texture: Paté

  • Manages two problems with one food

  • Prescription required

Obesity can be a problem for senior kitties who become less active as they age, especially for indoor only cats and those with health problems that sap their energy or reduce their mobility. Since some urinary problems are more common in senior, overweight and/or obese cats, it makes sense to consider a food that provides ideal levels of fat, calories, and fiber to help your cat manage its weight as well as controlled mineral levels to keep urine pH lower to prevent crystal and stone formation.

Blue Buffalo W+U Weight Management and Urinary Care canned wet food is an excellent choice carried by many veterinarians. With chicken as the first ingredient, this food also has added plant fiber in the form of powdered cellulose so your cat will feel fuller despite being a lower calorie food. Levels of magnesium and sodium are controlled to promote balanced urinary pH.

Blue Buffalo reports that its science-based formulas are developed by a team of PhD animal nutritionists, food scientists, and veterinarians.

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Hills Urinary Care Dog Food Recalls

You can purchase Hills Urinary Care with confidence, knowing it has never been recalled. Other versions of Hills Science Diet have been recalled due to excessive amounts of Vitamin D, according to the FDA.

Hills stands by its resolve to minimize food safety issues. To that end, the company has invested millions of dollars in its facilities and manufacturing practices in the last decade.

Signs Of Bladder Stones In Dogs

Dogs with bladder stones may display signs associated with a lower urinary tract disease, or they might not show any signs at all. Signs that your dog may have a bladder stone include:

  • Straining to urinate
  • Needing to urinate more often than usual
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Licking their genital area more than usual
  • Having lower energy or a reduced appetite

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Best Dog Food For Bladder Stones In 2022

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This is the definitive review of the best dog food for bladder stones in 2022.

There are a number of different dog foods available on the market that promote urinary health by treating and managing such cases.

As a veterinarian, I have spent many hours researching and recommending the best dog foods to help prevent and manage instances of bladder stones in dogs.

Given that struvite and calcium oxalate stones are by far the most common bladder stones in dogs. I found the different Royal Canin Urinary SO dietsto be very useful for managing this condition.

However, this does not mean that Royal Canin Urinary SO will fix any bladder stone issue.

Bladder stones are a serious medical condition and IT IS IMPERATIVE TO SEE A VET such as myself before putting your dog on any of these diets.

There are also other brands that make very good urinary care diets which might be more suitable for your individual dog.

This article will explain or discuss:

  • What to look for when buying food for a dog with bladder stones.
  • The differences between different diets and what they aim to treat.
  • How some ingredients can help.
  • Wet and dry food options to suit fussy palates.
  • Considerations for different life stages and body conditions.

Lets get started.

Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Feline Stress

Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

Hills Pet has been a household name for pet owners who want to give the best to their pets.

Inspired by a guard dog, Hills Diet story dates back 1930s with a young blind man touring the country with a guide dog.

The sad part was, the guide dog was suffering from kidney failure and the blind man sought help from Dr. Mark Morris a visionary in the area of clinical nutrition.

In an instant, he believed that what was causing the guide dogs poor health was from poor nutrition.

From the 1930s up to the present day, Dr. Morris, his wife, and his group of experts have formulated countless diet programs for both cats and dogs.

These formulations have been the basis used today be the Association of American Feed Control Officials .

One of their formulations is the Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Feline Stress. This cat food has been prepared to target excess minerals that encourage the formation of crystals in the cats urine, that in the long run lead to the creation of bladder stones.

This cat food has been specially formulated not just to support your cats urinary health but to manage the stress that comes along with it.

Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Feline Stress is clinically tested and has proven to reduce the recurrence of most common urinary signs by 89%.

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Bladder & Urinary Stones In Dogs: What They Are And How They’re Treated


Bladder stones form when minerals in urine clump together into a mineralized mass veterinarians call this a urolith. In dogs, the two most common types of bladder stones in dogs are struvite stones and calcium oxalate stones. Read on to learn must-know information about these stones and about bladder stones in dogs more generally.

Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multi

Easily one of the most popular brands of prescription pet food, Hills is a company that many veterinarians trust. If youre looking for a prescription canned food that is formulated to support your dogs urinary health, consider this Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew.

Here are the main options for treating bladder stones:

Dietary dissolution is the preferred treatment for many veterinarians because it is non-invasive and it can help prevent stones from reforming in the future. Keep in mind that not all stones can be dissolved through dietary changes youll need to ask your vet if it is possible.

Dietary dissolution can also be a fairly slow process, taking weeks or months to dissolve a large stone. If your dog is at risk for urethral obstruction during this time, you may want to take a more direct approach to treatment.

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Keep Your Cat’s Urinary Issues At Bay

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The Spruce Pets / Peter Ardito

Many house cats struggle with a variety of conditions that affect their bladder and/or urethra, broadly known as urinary tract health. This can present as difficulty and pain when urinating, increased frequency of urination and/or blood in the urine. Cats may urinate outside the litter box, in corners, a sink, or a bathtub. While these issues can occur at any age, it is often seen in middle-aged, overweight cats that dont get enough exercise.

A cats diet can contribute to urinary pH imbalance or help improve it. Diets can vary in how they support urinary tract health, but its important to look for restricted amounts of minerals, such as magnesium and phosphorus, which can contribute to the development of urinary crystal and stone formation, explains Dr. Danielle Bernal, Global Veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food. The crystals cause painful urination and the stones are painful to pass. They may cause urinary tract infections, blockages, or kidney problems.

Below are a few of the best urinary tract health cat foods available today.

Final Thoughts On The Best Cat Food For Urinary Health


My personal preference for the best urinary cat foods would be Hills Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control. The main reason I picked this variant is that my cat wont ever walk up to the water bowl unless she really needs to drink. And theres no way to coax her to drink more water.

So, wet cat food is a must to increase the moisture content in her diet. Then another reason for choosing this variant is the formulation. It has the right balance of all the nutrients needed to promote urinary health.

The taste is enticing and a high-quality protein source means your furry feline will be able to maintain her muscle mass. I suggest you buy the bigger packaging as it is more cost-effective.

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Unique Nutritional Solution Breaks Cycle Between Lower Urinary Tract Signs And Stress In Cats

Hills® Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Urinary Stress is the only food clinically tested to reduce the recurrence of feline idiopathic cystitis signs, formulated with ingredients to help manage stress.

TOPEKA, Kan. The pain, suffering and inappropriate urination associated with lower urinary tract signs can cause a great deal of stress for cats and their families. But what can be doubly frustrating is that stress itself can be a cause of the most frequent instance of LUTS, feline idiopathic cystitis .

To help break this cycle, Hills® Pet Nutrition has introduced Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Urinary Stress, an innovative product that is clinically tested to reduce the recurrence of FIC signs by 89 percent and is formulated with ingredients to help manage stress.

Over the past 20 years, a growing amount of research has indicated that FIC is more than just a condition of the urinary bladder. Studies have revealed that FIC signs are, in fact, often the result of complex interactions between the urinary bladder, nervous system and adrenal glands. Stress appears to be an important factor in episodes of FIC and often precedes a cats first episode, said Daniel S. Aja, DVM, Director US Professional & Veterinary Affairs for Hills Pet Nutrition.

Its a painful cycle that veterinary health teams can have trouble breaking. Up to 65 percent of FIC cases recur within one to two years.

Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Stress

About Hills Pet Nutrition

Best Overall: Evanger’s Evx Restricted: Urinary Tract

Courtesy of Evanger’s

Key Ingredients: Boneless chicken, chicken broth, tomato paste, cranberries, blueberries, Alltech Acid Balance | Calories per Serving: 62 | Balance: Protein min. 9%, Fat min. 5%, Crude Fiber max. 1%, Moisture max. 82% | Life stages: All | Texture: Chunks of boneless chicken in gravy

  • Chicken is the first ingredient

  • Includes digestive support ingredients

  • Occasionally on back order

Evangers EVx Restricted Diets Urinary Tract Recipe is a great option for cats prone to urinary struvite crystals and urinary pH imbalance. Formulated with nutritionists and experts, they ingredients are simple, recognizable and formulated in compliance with AAFCO standards for all life stages.

Manufactured in Markham, Illinois, this food contains just a few main ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals plus three special components. Alltech Acid Balance lowers urinary pH to prevent bladder stones and struvite crystals. Alltech NVGEN, made from yeast and yucca extracts, meant to feed the gut nutrients called postbiotics that its not currently making well on its own. Actogena cocktail of yucca, chicory root, and yeastalso promotes healthy digestion.

Evangers canned pet food has a long history of striving for a healthier diet for pets, and is a family-owned and operated company.

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Best Supplement: Under The Weather Urinary Support Soft Chews For Cats

Courtesy of Amazon

Key Ingredients: N-Acetyl Glucosamine from shrimp and crab, D-mannose, cranberry extract | Calories per Serving: Not listed| Balance: Not listed | Life Stage: Adult | Texture: Soft chews

  • Incorporates D-mannose ingredient known to decrease urinary tract infections

  • Several inactive ingredients

Although most urinary health cat foods are designed to offer your cat complete nutrition without supplements, an additional supplement could be used in combination with non-prescription foods to give your cats health an extra boost in the right direction.

Under the Weather Urinary Support Soft Chews for Cats is just one of many supplements made by this brand. The ingredients include N-acetyl glucosamine that supports a normal pH balance in the urinary tract as well as D-mannose and cranberry extract that promote normal urinary tract health.

Research in humans and animals has shown that D-mannose, a common sugar, helps prevent bacteria from sticking to bladder and urinary tract, reducing and preventing the reoccurrence of bacterial urinary tract infections.

Made in Vermont, this supplement is veterinarian formulated and free of corn, artificial flavors and dyes. A bonus is that a portion of ever sale is donated to the Ruffy Rescue Fund that supports spay and neutering of pets in overpopulated areas of the U.S. and transportation to Vermont for adoption.

Canine Urinary Issues: Spot And Manage The Causes

Dietary strategies to follow when diagnosed with gall bladder stones – Ms. Ranjani Raman

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6Naarden B, Corbee RJ. The effect of a therapeutic urinary stress diet on the short-term recurrence of feline idiopathic cystitis. Vet Med Sci. 2019 00:1-7.

7Data on file. Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc.

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