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Do Bladder Infections Cause Headaches

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Not Being Able To Empty Your Bladder

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

If you’re unable to empty your bladder fully, any bacteria that get inside may not be flushed out when you go to the toilet and can multiply more easily.

You may not be able to empty your bladder fully if:

  • you have a blockage in your urinary system, such as a bladder stone
  • you’re pregnant, as the baby may be pressing on your bladder
  • you have an enlarged prostate gland that presses on the urethra

Can A Uti Cause A Headache And Fatigue

Between 50-60% of all women develop at least one UTI in their lifetime, making this a common infection that many people suffer from.

The most common symptoms of UTIs include painful urination and frequently needing to go to the bathroom. However, headaches and fatigue can also accompany a UTI, although they often signify a more serious infection.

When To See Your Gp

You should see your GP if you or your child have symptoms of cystitis for the first time.

Cystitis isn’t usually a cause for serious concern, but the symptoms can be similar to several other conditions, so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis.

If you’re a woman who has had cystitis before, you don’t necessarily need to see your GP again. Cystitis is very common in women and mild cases often get better on their own. Speak to a pharmacist if you need any advice about treating cystitis.

However, you should see your GP if your symptoms are severe or don’t start to get better in a few days, you get cystitis frequently, or you’re pregnant.

Children and men should always be seen by a GP if they have symptoms of cystitis, as the condition is less common and could be more serious in these groups.

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Treatment From A Gp For Utis That Keep Coming Back

If your UTI comes back after treatment, or you have 2 UTIs in 6 months, a GP may:

  • prescribe a different antibiotic or prescribe a low-dose antibiotic to take for up to 6 months
  • prescribe a vaginal cream containing oestrogen, if you have gone through the menopause
  • refer you to a specialist for further tests and treatments

In some people, antibiotics do not work or urine tests do not pick up an infection, even though you have UTI symptoms.

This may mean you have a long-term UTI that is not picked up by current urine tests. Ask the GP for a referral to a specialist for further tests and treatments.

Long-term UTIs are linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer in people aged 60 and over.

Treating Urinary Tract Infections

10 Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

Your recommended treatment plan by your GP will depend on whether your infection is in the upper or lower urinary tract.

Both types of urinary tract infection can usually be treated at home using a course of antibiotics.

If an upper UTI is more serious or there is increased risk of complications, you may need hospital treatment.

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What Is A Urinary Tract Infection

A UTI happens when foreign bacteria enter one or more parts of the urinary system. This includes the bladder, urethra, or kidneys. Because women have a shorter urethra than men, women are more likely to get infected. Some men get UTIs, and risk increases with age. Doctors classify the infections in two ways. A lower UTI affects the urinary tract and bladder. An upper UTI spreads to the kidneys and can be serious if left unchecked.

Is It Possible To Have A Uti Without Any Symptoms

Yes. Symptoms of a UTI can vary, and it’s not entirely uncommon for someone to experience no symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Its estimated that 1 to 5 percent of younger women experience asymptomatic bacteriuria , which is a UTI without the classic symptoms. While its unclear why the bacteria involved with urinary tract infections sometimes don’t cause symptoms for these people, we do know that instances of symptom-free UTIs increase with age. Up to 16 percent of women older than 65 have been found to have ASB, and that number grows to almost 20 percent for women over 80. Other factors that increase your chances of an asymptomatic UTI are:

  • Urinary catheter use

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Contact Doctor Within 24 Hours

  • Blood in urine and new onset since starting antibiotic
  • Taking antibiotic more than 24 hours, and pain with passing urine is severe.
  • Taking antibiotic more than 48 hours and fever still there or comes back
  • Taking antibiotic more than 3 days and pain not better
  • You think your child needs to be seen, but the problem is not urgent

Recognizing A Kidney Infection

Urinary Tract Infection – Overview (signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, causes and treatment)

When you have a UTI that spreads to your kidneys, youll probably have symptoms in your lower urinary tract first. But the following symptoms indicate that your kidneys may also be affected:

Fever and Chills A UTI thats limited to your lower urinary tract usually doesnt cause flu-like symptoms, but when it spreads to your kidneys, your bodys immune system tends to kick into higher gear.

Pain in Your Lower Back or Side Your kidneys are located on each side of your body in the lower part of your torso. A kidney infection can cause pain on one or both sides of your body, or more general pain in your lower back.

Pain caused by a kidney infection can range from mild to severe.

Nausea and Vomiting These symptoms, like fever and chills, indicate an infection thats more severe and advanced than a typical UTI.

Abdominal or Pelvic Pain An infection in your abdominal region, such as in your kidneys, can cause your abdominal muscles to contract, causing pain.

Your pelvic or groin area may also be painful due to muscle contraction.

Cloudy or Smelly Urine While its possible for an infection in your lower urinary tract to cause changes in your urine, if its noticeably cloudy or smells foul, thats an indication your UTI may have progressed to your kidneys.

Cloudy urine may indicate the presence of pus, a thick, white or yellow liquid that can form in areas of infection.

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What Happens If A Uti Goes Untreated For A Week

A urinary tract infection is an infection in the urinary tract. It is a very common condition that happens when bacteria travel up the urinary tract and multiply in the bladder. Typical symptoms include pain or burning with urination, a frequent urge to urinate, and blood in the urine. A UTI can lead to serious complications, including kidney infection , which can be life-threatening. If you have any symptoms that could be a UTI, you should speak with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of UTI. In women, the urethra is shorter than in men. Therefore, women are more likely to develop UTIs..

Common Uti Symptoms And Signs

The urine of most healthy, properly hydrated people appears light yellow or clear and is nearly free of odor. It also causes zero pain or discomfort to pass.

But for the majority of people who experience a urinary tract infection, thats not the case. Instead, they will likely encounter at least one of the following indicators:

When the kidneys are infected, other noticeable symptoms may include:

  • Fever, shaking, and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Upper back, side, or groin pain

While its been long noted that confusion in the elderly is a sign of UTI, a 2019 report in BMC Geriatrics concludes that theres insufficient evidence connecting the symptom to that diagnosis.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Cystitis

The main symptoms of cystitis include:

  • pain, burning or stinging when you pee
  • needing to pee more often and urgently than normal
  • urine that’s dark, cloudy or strong smelling
  • pain low down in your tummy
  • feeling generally unwell, achy, sick and tired

Possible symptoms in young children include a high temperature of 38C or above, weakness, irritability, reduced appetite and vomiting.

Read more about treating cystitis

Other Symptoms Of Utis

Following a Ketogenic Diet without a Gallbladder

If the person has a sudden and unexplained change in their behaviour, such as increased confusion, agitation, or withdrawal, this may be because of a UTI.

These pages explain what a UTI is, the different types of UTIs, their symptoms and treatments, and gives tips on how they may be prevented.

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What Is A Uti

A urinary tract infection arises when bacteria, fungi, or viruses enter the urethra and travel through the urinary tract. Through the urinary tract, these pathogens can infect the urethra, ureters, bladder, or kidneys.

UTIs most commonly occur in the bladder, but in more severe cases, they can evolve into kidney infections.

Additionally, most UTIs are caused by bacteria, with the bacteria that most often cause UTIs being E. coli.

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Take The Signs Seriously

UTIs can happen at almost any age in women and at an elderly age in men. Researchers are still searching for the root cause. Until then, take preventative measures to reduce the chances of the condition. For people suspecting a UTI, seek help from a doctor. If the symptoms evolve into back pain, the kidneys are infected. At that point, get medical treatment immediately.

Treatment Options For Utis

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Overview | Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Drinking water and cranberry juice are two common recommendations for lower UTIs. However, research has shown the methods to be inconclusive. Extra liquids make urination easier but do not treat the root cause. Speaking with a doctor is the first step. Doctors will then prescribe antibiotics. As bacteria could stay in the cells of the bladder, removing the infection can be difficult. However, when caught early, antibiotics can be effective.

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Confusion Or Changes In Mental State

The symptoms of UTIs in older adults are often uncommon and complex. For example, seniors may have bacteria in their urine, which indicates a UTI, but not have any of the typical symptoms.

When seniors have a UTI, they often develop confusion, disorientation, and dizziness. These uncommon symptoms most likely arise due to the infections impact on their immune system.

An untreated UTI will only worsen, leading to more severe symptoms, and giving the infection time to spread to your kidneys. If youre not sure your symptoms are due to a UTI, its best to schedule an appointment so we can determine the cause of your symptoms and begin treatment if needed.

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Can Kidney Infections Cause Headaches

Yes, kidney infections can cause headaches. Kidney infections are caused by the infection of the kidney. The kidney is a part of the urinary system and cleanses the blood. Renal infections are more likely to occur in people who have diabetes and those who have a weak immune system. Renal infections can cause headaches as a result of a buildup of fluid in the brain..

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Basic Facts: The Components Of The Urinary Tract

  • Kidneys: These small organs are located on the back of your body, just above the hips. They are the filters of your body.
  • The kidneys remove waste and water from your blood. This waste becomes urine.
  • Ureters: The ureters are thin tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to your bladder.
  • Bladder: A sac-like container, the bladder stores your urine before leaving the body.
  • Urethra: This tube carries the urine from your bladder to the outside of the body.

When To See A Doctor

Treat UTI with these natural remedies #naturalremedies #homemaderemedy ...

Since the bacteria that cause UTIs can travel up the urinary tract to the kidneys if left untreated, it is important to see a doctor as soon as you suspect you have a UTI. Your doctor can make a diagnosis based on your symptoms or the results of a urine test.

If you are taking an antibiotic to treat your UTI, but your symptoms have not improved, it is recommended to speak to your doctor they may need to prescribe a different antibiotic.

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Can A Uti Cause Fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling of consistent weakness or tiredness, and while it is a common symptom that can be due to many things, it is also a classic sign of an infection. In fact, many women experience fatigue before any other signs of a UTI.

Those with a weak immune system, whether from medication, medical condition, or age, are more likely to experience fatigue in the early stages of a UTI.

However, fatigue can also be a sign that the UTI has spread to your kidneys.

What Are The More Common Uti Symptoms

The most common symptom of a UTI is a burning or painful sensation when urinating. Those with a UTI often also feel as though they need to pee more often , although very little urine is excreted from the body when they go to the bathroom.

In some cases, the UTI may have symptoms such as blood in the urine or foul-smelling urine, which is due to the increase in bacteria that produce foul-smelling gasses as a byproduct.

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How Long Can You Have A Uti Without Knowing

This depends on what kind of UTI it is. Urinary tract infections are infections that affect most of the organs that make or transport urine. Make sure to see a doctor if you have a fever, pain in your lower back, nausea, vomiting, or blood in your urine. If mild pain and a burning sensation in your bladder are your only symptoms then you have a urinary tract infection. It will be hard to tell how long you had it without knowing because you may have not been feeling the symptoms until you had a severe case. Usually, the longest you can have a UTI without knowing is seven days. Whenever you have a burning sensation while urinating, go to the doctor. UTIs can be caused by bacteria and if left untreated, they can lead on to pyelonephritis, which is a kidney infection..

Uti Signs And Symptoms In Childrenare Different

Reverse Kidney Disease | Alleviate Body Pain Headaches High Blood Pressure & Urinary Tract Infection

UTIs are the second most common type of infection in children, behind ear infections. Unfortunately, early symptoms of UTI in young children are not always apparent. And sometimes there are no UTI symptoms at all, or your child is simply unable to articulate the UTI symptoms he or she is experiencing. When it comes to babies under 2 years old, parents need to tune in to these signs of a urinary tract infection:

  • Fever A fever of 104°F or higher may be the sole symptom in babies. Its also the most common symptom of UTI during babys first two years.
  • Jaundice Up to 18 percent of babies with prolonged or worsening jaundice also have UTIs. When jaundice occurs one full year after birth, its a strong indicator of UTI.
  • Poor feeding or failure to thrive
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Crying while urinating

Meanwhile, older children generally have similar symptoms to adults, including urgency, cloudy urine, and pain during urination. For children whove already been toilet trained, bed-wetting is also a sign of a UTI.

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Can Uti Cause Headache And Fatigue

Yes. UTI is among the most common causes of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms , which refers to bladder and urethral symptoms. These symptoms include: Frequent urge to urinate Urine often appears cloudy Pain or burning during urination Difficulty holding urine A feeling that the bladder has not emptied fully Increased urination at night Urine leakage Pain in the lower abdomen And other symptoms such as fatigue, achiness, nausea and vomiting may occur too..

Symptoms In Children And Elderly People

While the typical range of symptoms for a kidney infection applies to most adults, older adults and young children may have different symptoms.

If youre over age 65, you may experience none of the typical symptoms of a kidney infection summarized above. Instead, you may only experience problems with your thinking, such as:

  • Hallucinations
  • Difficulty speaking

Children under 2 years old with a kidney infection may only have a high fever.

Caregivers of very old and very young individuals should know to seek help when these signs or symptoms occur.

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What Is A Silent Uti

The majority of UTIs happen without symptoms. A UTI is called as silent UTI or asymptomatic UTI when the patient has no symptoms. A UTI is called as symptomatic UTI when the patient has symptoms of UTI. It becomes a silent UTI when patient does not have any symptoms of UTI. The first sign of UTI is usually a feeling of urgency to urinate, followed by frequency and burning sensation during urination. If you ignore symptoms and continue with your daily routine, the bacteria can spread inside the urethra or bladder, causing serious damage and ultimately, kidney infection. Therefore, if you encounter any symptoms of UTI, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. An examination and urine culture test can help to diagnose UTI. If the UTI is not treated on time, it can lead to permanent kidney damage..

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