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How To Treat My Dog’s Bladder Infection

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Dogs That Are Prone To Utis

How To Treat Dog UTI At Home

Any dog breed can develop a urinary tract infection, but female dogs develop UTIs more commonly than male dogs.

Male dogs have longer urethras, requiring the bacteria to travel farther to invade the bladder. Picture the bacteria getting tired on their long trek and either giving up on their journey or dying before they make it to their destination.

Dog breeds that are prone to bladder stones are more prone to UTIs in generalespecially chronic, recurrent UTIs. This is due to the stones rolling around in a dogs bladder and breaking down its defense mechanisms, causing inflammation.

Breeds that are predisposed to chronic UTIs secondary to bladder stones include:

Treating Urinary Tract Problems

Just like UTIs in humans, UTIs in our canine companions are painfuland waiting too long to take your pup to the vet for treatment can make symptoms worse. The infection can spread to kidneys and the prostate. While you might want to run out and pick up over-the-counter treatment to help your pup now, Marx says to avoid medications meant for people, since they’re toxic to pets.

If you suspect that your dog has a UTI, contact your veterinarian for advice. You may need to schedule an appointment for an exam and testing. Your vet may ask you to bring a urine sample, but be sure to ask first. Some situations warrant sterile collection of urine in the clinic, which means you’ll want to prevent your dog from peeing right before the vet appointment.

Your vet may start with a urinalysis, a test to look for bacteria, abnormal blood cells, and crystals, the latter of which may signal that your dog has bladder stones. Your vet may also recommend a urine culture, which requires a sterile sample of urine to test for bacterial growth. A urine culture and sensitivity can help determine which, if any, bacteria are growing in your dog’s urine and how that bacteria responds to various antibiotics.

Antibiotics are typically used to treat UTIs in dogs, but the exact type of antibiotic prescribed will depend on the signs and severity of your dog’s condition as well as current veterinary medicine guidelines.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has A Bladder Infection

The most common signs of bladder infections in dogs include pain or difficulties urinating, blood in urine or in some cases you may notice that your pup is only urinating very small amounts but frequently. Other signs of bladder infections or urinary tract infections include:

  • Straining to urinate
  • Increased thirst

If your pup is displaying any of the symptoms above it’s time to head to the vet for an examination. Bladder infections and urinary tract infections are very uncomfortable and often painful for your dog. When caught and treated early these infections can often be cleared up quickly and easily.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Bladder Infection In Dogs

According to dogurinaryinfection and vetinfo, these are some of the symptoms that may indicate your dog has a bladder infection:

  • She wants to go outside frequently
  • Urinates in the house even though she is housebroken
  • She urinates frequently in small amounts
  • She may appear to strain or be in pain when she urinates
  • The urine has a foul odor
  • There is blood or pus in the urine
  • The urine is cloudy, dark colored or contains crystals

Treatment For Utis In Dogs

Cranberry Supplement for Dogs

Based on your dogs urine test results, your vet will prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for you to administer as directed.

For acute UTIs, vets usually prescribe an antibiotic for 1-2 weeks. If urine culture and sensitivity testing reveals resistant bacteria, then treatment will include an antibiotic found to fight off that particular bacteria.

To clear the infection for chronic UTIs, treatment will address the underlying cause. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for 4-8 weeks and are based on urine culture and sensitivity to avoid antibiotic resistance. In rare instances of chronic UTIs, your vet may prescribe a lifelong antibiotic for your dogs comfort.

Your vet may also prescribe pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and probiotic supplements to help treat and clear the infections.

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How To Prevent Uti In Dogs

Below are three tips for preventing bladder infection in dogs.

  • Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of fresh water
  • Keep your dog well-groomed, especially around the genital area
  • Encourage potty breaks for your dog the longer urine sits in the bladder, the more opportunity there is for harmful bacteria to multiply and cause an infection
  • Dog Uti Home Remedy That Works 100%

  • 3 Dog UTI Prevention Tips
  • In todays article, wed be talking about Dog Uti home remedy for your dog. But first, lets learn about urinary tract infection in dogs.Urinary Tract infections are common in dogs, so its essential to understand that the cause of your dogs bladder problem might not be what it seems.Many ladder problems are purely inflammation, and there are no bacteria related to them at all. So giving dog urinary tract infection antibiotics wont help and is an exercise in frustration. To a holistic vet, UTI usually stands for inflammation, not infection.This is vital in approaching the treatment of bladder issues, but first, lets talk about the signs of bladder woes.

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    Pet Insurance Can Help You And Your Pup

    If youd rather leave UTI treatment to the experts especially if youre worried about your dog developing a bladder or urinary tract ailment, youre not alone. Bladder/urinary tract disease is one of the top 10 most vet-treated conditions for dogs,1,2 and continued treatment can hit your finances.

    You may want to consider signing up for pet insurance as a proactive measure to lower your financial risk for potential health threats during your dogs lifetime. Why? Pet insurance is one of the best things you can do for your dog not only for the health of your pup, but to save you from financial trouble should an accident, illness, or pet emergency arise.

    Humans have health insurance, so our furry friends should too. That way youll never have to choose between an expensive treatment and your pets suffering or even his life. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can make better and less emotional decisions in the face of a crisis.

    Read about the best pet insurance providers to learn more.

    What Are Urine Infections In Dogs

    How to Make Dog UTI Home Remedy (Budget-friendly)

    A urine infection in a dog is an infection of the urinary tract, making it uncomfortable to pass urine. Your dog may strain when urinating and their urine may contain blood. These UTIs are commonly caused by bacteria including E. coli, but some fungi may also cause an infection. UTIs can also be caused by bladder stones, and incontinence in older dogs could also lead to an infection.

    Surprisingly, urinary tract infections in dogs are more common than youd think. According to theAmerican Kennel Clubits one of the most common infectious diseases in dogs and around 14% will be affected by this problem at some point in their lives.

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    Causes Of Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs

    Approximately 27% of dogs will develop a urinary tract infection at some point in their life, with a large percentage of those being caused by a bacterial infection. However there are a number of other reasons why your dog may be suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of a UTI including:

    • Viral infection

    How Are Lower Urinary Tract Problems Treated

    The vet will determine your dogâs treatment plan after they diagnose the underlying cause of the problem. The best treatment will depend on whatâs causing the symptoms.

    After your dogâs diagnosis, your veterinarian may recommend some of the following:

    • Surgery to remove bladder stones or tumor
    • Surgery to correct congenital abnormality

    If the vet determines your dogâs urinary tract problems are being caused by an underlying condition, theyâll seek to treat the underlying cause first.

    Antibiotics are the typical treatment for UTIs in dogs, and the vet may also prescribe pain medication, because UTIs can be very uncomfortable for dogs. If your vet prescribes antibiotics, make sure you give your dog all of the medication, even if they appear to be doing better, to be sure the infection is resolved and to help prevent reinfection.

    After the antibiotics, itâs important for your vet to recheck the urinalysis to confirm the infection is gone. If not, theyâll need to look for other issues that might be causing continued or repeat infections.

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    What Causes Of Bladder Infections In Dogs

    Bacteria that your dog may ingest from unclean water or contaminated food are transmitted through the blood and the lymphatic system. Urinary tract infections: According to, this causes traces of the bacteria escherichia coli inside your dogs bladder. Which can cause further infection of the urinary tract if not flushed out. Other bacteria associated with bladder infections in dogs are esterococcus, coagulase positive straphylococcus, proteus mirabilis, klebsiella and pseudomonas.

    In her response to an i Love Dogs Ask a Vet question, Dr. Michelle Hoag said urinary tract infections in dogs are usually secondary to another underlying issue, although they can occasionally just get a primary ascending urinary tract infection because of squatting to urinate in a dirty place or because of a recent bout of diarrhea .

    Dr. Hoag said that other possible reasons include hormonal problems with the endocrine system, such as diabetes and Cushings syndrome, a urinary tract abnormality, such as a persistent hymen, ectopic ureter or a urethral sphincter disorder, or a problem within the urinary system, such as bladder or kidney stones or an infection in the kidneys.

    What Can I Give My Dog For A Urinary Tract Infection

    Cranberry Pills for Dogs Bladder Dog Antibiotics Tract Health UT ...

    Our Winston-Salem vets often see dogs suffering from urinary tract infections . In fact, it’s estimated that up to 27% of dogs will develop a UTI at some point in their life. Below, we share some of the most common symptoms of this condition in dogs, and what you can give your dog if they have a UTI.

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    Managing Multiple Episodes Of Uti:

    In dogs and cats, if UTI occurs only once or twice yearly, each episode may be treated as an acute, uncomplicated UTI. If episodes occur more often, and predisposing causes of UTI cannot be identified or corrected, chronic low-dose therapy may be necessary. Low antimicrobial concentrations in the urine may interfere with fimbriae production by some pathogens and prevent their adhesion to the uroepithelium. In dogs, recurrent UTIs are due to a different strain or species of bacteria ~80% of the time therefore, antimicrobial culture and susceptibility is still indicated. Antimicrobial therapy should be started as previously described and when urine culture is negative, continued daily at â the total daily dose. The antimicrobial should be administered last thing at night to ensure that the bladder contains urine with a high antimicrobial concentration for as long as possible.

    Efficacy Of Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies In Dogs

    Remember that a dog showing signs of a UTI may not always have bladder crystals/stones or a severe bacterial infection , but may simply have minor form of cystitis .

    Herbal remedies can be effective in changing the pH balance of your dog’s urinary tract, helping prevent an infection from establishing. Reducing inflammation with herbal supplements will help your dog feel better. If your dog is susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections, preventive care might be necessary to keep from having treat and retreat.

    If your dog does not urinate for 12 hours or more or is straining to pass urine but none is appearing, it is vital your dog sees your veterinarian right away.

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    Summary Of Utis In Dogs

    Urinary tract infections are fairly common in dogs, but may not show any symptoms. If symptoms do occur, they often include frequent urination, passing little urine, and increased thirst. Its important to treat a UTI as soon as possible, as they can lead to complications such as kidney infections or failure, and are very uncomfortable for your dog! Providing plenty of clean drinking water and frequent pee breaks, as well as keeping an eye on your dogs overall health with regular check-ups, can help prevent UTIs.

    Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Procedure In Dogs

    Dog bladder infection or Dog urinary tract infection (UTI). Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment!

    Herbal Remedies

    There are several safe herbs you can give a dog suffering from a urinary tract infection. You’ll find many anti-inflammatory herbs readily available in your local health food store. Juniper berries help to filter impurities in the kidneys causing your dog to urinate more while ridding the body of toxins which may cause the UTI or inflammation.

    Urva ursi is a natural astringent that helps with any minor bleeding or inflammation. Parsley leaf is a diuretic that can also increase urine production, helping your dog rid their body of toxins causing pain and inflammation. Marshmallow root is a herb that may reduce bacteria levels and minimize inflammation.

    Please be aware that herbal remedies can be toxic if provided in the wrong dose and it is important to consult your vet before considering them, as they may not be appropriate for your pet.

    Diet Changes/Additions

    Cranberries and blueberries are fruits that you can add to your dogs diet to support their urinary tract. Many high-quality dog foods will contain these ingredients already.

    Apple cider vinegar can be added to your dogs water bowl in small amounts and may ward off infection. Balancing your dogs pH levels can also be accomplished by adding fresh lemon juice to their water bowl.


    Time for Rest

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    What Is The Best Food For Dog Uti Treatment

    Natural and nutrient-dense foods are best for dogs with UTIs. Here are some foods that can help with the dog UTI treatment.

    • Cranberries. Cranberries and cranberry juice are the most often recommended at-home treatment for UTIs. Although the common belief is that they are powerful treatments against UTIs, there have been no studies to confirm this in dogs. For this reason, vets will often recommend cranberries be used as a supplement to a UTI treatment rather than be relied on as the treatment.
    • Fruits. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants that help to support the immune system. These foods provide naturally sourced nutrients that are easy to digest and readily available to support your pets health and help to treat and prevent urinary tract disease.
    • UTI-Specific Dog Food. Dog foods formulated to treat a dogs UTI or incontinence often contain antioxidants and immune system supporting vitamins that help to fight the underlying causes of UTIs.

    Identifying The Signs Of Bladder Infections And Utis In Dogs

    Pain or difficulty urinating may be the first sign that your dog has a urinary tract or bladder infection. You may spot blood in his urine, or perhaps notice that hes producing just a trickle. In some cases, your normally housetrained dog may wee inside your home. Always get your dog checked out by your vet if you notice any of the following symptoms:

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    Cost Of Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies In Dogs

    Treating a dog’s UTI with herbal remedies is relatively inexpensive. These remedies can cost anywhere from $10 to $30. Supplements for preventive care could cost as little as the expense of specially formulated food and vet recommended supplements. These preventative measures usually cost an additional $10 to $30 a month.

    Worried about the cost of Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies treatment?

    Pet Insurance covers the cost of many common pet health conditions. Prepare for the unexpected by getting a quote from top pet insurance providers.

    What Can Happen If A Dogs Urinary Tract Problems Go Untreated

    Cranberry Pills for Dogs

    As UTIs may be a symptom of another underlying condition, its essential to seek veterinary care as soon as possible if you suspect your dog might have a UTI.

    Left untreated, a UTI could go on to cause more serious illnesses such as a kidney infection in one or both kidneys.

    Untreated UTIs may also cause dogs to develop struvite bladder stones. While not all bladder stones are related to infection, this specific type which is quite common in dogs are directly correlated with UTIs. Bladder stones can then predispose your dog to more UTIs, in addition to being incredibly painful.

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    How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Urinary Tract Problems

    It can be difficult to know if your dog is in pain, and your dog may not show any signs of pain at all. However, some signs may help you determine if your dog is having trouble with their urinary tract:

    • Bloody and/or cloudy urine
    • Spinal cord abnormalities

    Urinary tract infections are more common in older female dogs and dogs with diabetes. Dogs with bladder stones are more prone to getting frequent UTIs. In addition, lower urinary tract disease and UTIs are common in senior dogs, age seven and older, of all breeds and genders.

    Dogs Antibiotics For Bladder Infection In Dog

    Some pet owners dont like to give their dogs antibiotics because they worry about possible side effects. According to healthierdog, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may clear up the infection, but antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria that may have caused the bladder infection in your dog. While antibiotics may well treat the symptoms and bring those symptoms under control. They fail to address the root causes of the problemIf your dog is receiving antibiotics or steroids for any other reason, you should be aware that these medications can create a susceptibility to bladder infections.

    How can I treat my dogs urinary tract infections utis at home?

    Advocates of homeopathic remedies and homemade treatments recommend giving your dog citrus juices, such as orange or cranberry juice. Which increases the urines acid level to help ward off bacteria. According to, adding apple cider vinegar to your dogs drinking water is a good idea. Because it helps correct your dogs pH balance.

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