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How Can I Cure A Bladder Infection Without Antibiotics

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What Is A Urinary Tract Infection

Antibiotic Awareness: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Cystitis or Bladder Infection

A urinary tract infection is an infection of the urinary system. This type of infection can involve your urethra , kidneys or bladder, .

Your urine typically doesnt contain bacteria . Urine is a byproduct of our filtration systemthe kidneys. When waste products and excess water is removed from your blood by the kidneys, urine is created. Normally, urine moves through your urinary system without any contamination. However, bacteria can get into the urinary system from outside of the body, causing problems like infection and inflammation. This is a urinary tract infection .

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What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Utis

UTIs can cause such signs as:

  • pain, burning, or a stinging sensation when peeing
  • an increased urge or more frequent need to pee
  • waking up at night a lot to go to the bathroom
  • belly pain in the area of the bladder
  • foul-smelling pee that may look cloudy or contain blood

If you have any symptoms of a UTI, youll need to go to a doctor right away. The sooner you begin treatment, the less uncomfortable youll be. Call your doctors office or clinic. If you cant reach your doctor, you can visit an urgent care center or hospital emergency room. The most important thing is to take action as soon as possible.

How Long Does A Uti Last Without Antibiotics

As mentioned, in regards to how long a UTI lasts without antibiotics, the answer will depend on whether the infection is relatively minor or not. Uncomplicated UTIs can go away in about a week. Its possible to try some home remedies to get relief during the recovery, but make sure to seek medical assistance if the signs of your UTI is going away fail to show. After all, you dont want a lower tract UTI to turn into an upper tract one.

Some of the most popular home remedies involve drinking plenty of liquids and not just water. Cranberry juice and uva ursi tea have been reported to help with UTI symptoms relief. Upping the intake of vitamin C and probiotics may also be helpful to fight off the infection. Some people swear by certain essential oils when it comes to UTI home remedies, such as oregano oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, and eucalyptus oil. However, using these oils also carries certain health risks, which is why its crucial to follow the exact instructions when using them. Also, its recommended to discuss the use of essential oils with your doctor just to be on the safe side.

However, in many cases, you shouldnt count that a UTI will go away on its own. Leaving a serious infection untreated can end up causing a kidney infection. This is a very dangerous condition that could even lead to organ failure or kidney scarring, which is why it requires immediate medical intervention.

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  • Joesays:

    Im a 27-year-old male who was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. My symptoms are urgency, frequency, urinary retention and painful inflammation of the bladder. I saw a new doctor recently who diagnosed me with bladder obstruction and gave me flomax to increase the urine stream. There hasnt been a lot written about natural cures that healed men from their urinary symptoms. Im wondering if the AIP diet or GAPS diet would improve or fully cure me of my symptoms? Im asking because men have the prostate, bladder, and testosterone getting converted to DHT to consider. Thanks in advance.

  • Oliviasays:

    I also had chronic UTIs and it got to the point where it felt like I was popping AZO tablets every hour just to get yet another antibiotic prescription from the doctor. I cant tell you how frustrating it was and Im sure a lot of you ladies can agree. A friend gave me Cystex Maintenance that I just sip on every morning and its been a great way to decrease my UTI frequencies. Ive already seen a huge change in my system in general and my overall health is like night/day.

  • Researchers Trick Our Cells Into Treating Utis Without Antibiotics

    How I Cleared Up my Urinary Tract Infection without Antibiotics ...

    New research shows that our bodies own immune systems have another way to fight off urinary tract infections without antibiotics and its super effective.

    This is a pretty big deal, seeing as UTIs are one of the most common infections treated with antibiotics in humans something thats contributing to the rise of drug-resistant superbugs.

    Right now, bacteria in the US are readily becoming resistant to our last lines of antibiotics, hospital infections are getting more and more deadly, and even gonorrhoea is on the verge of being untreatable in the near future. So finding anything that can treat bacterial infections without antibiotics is incredibly exciting for scientists.

    UTIs are usually caused by E. coli or other bacteria entering the urinary tract and attaching to the cell wall of the bladder, urethra, or kidneys .

    Researchers already know that the bladder has a bunch of defence mechanisms it uses to try and minimise infection. One of these involves the lining of the bladder shedding frequently, so any bacteria that attach get washed out.

    But that doesnt work in all cases, and if E. coli does manage to attach to the bladder wall, the resulting infection can be painful, and unpleasant especially if antibiotics arent able to clear it. There are currently 8.1 million doctors visits annually in the US just as a result of UTIs.

    Just another reason your immune system is amazing. And if we manage to get rid of UTIs because of it, I wont be complaining.

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    Why Do Pregnant Women Get Utis

    Even though UTIs arent necessarily more common during pregnancy, theyre fairly common in women in general. Unfortunately, there are multiple things working against you during pregnancy that make UTIs a normal occurrence.

    Common causes of UTIs in pregnant women are:

    • Hormonal changes
    • The growing uterus can partially block the flow of urine from the kidneys to the bladder
    • The immune system is suppressed during pregnancy , which results in pregnant women being at an increased risk of all types of infection

    There are also several risk factors of UTIs even among other pregnant women. Dr. Terry notes that the following types of expectant mothers are all at an increased risk for UTI:

    • Women with known diabetes or gestational diabetes
    • Women under the age of 20
    • Women who carry the sickle cell disease trait
    • Women who start their prenatal care later than the first trimester
    • First-time mothers

    On the positive side, women pregnant with multiples are not necessarily at an increased risk for UTI, says Dr. Terry, but they are at risk for more severe kidney infections earlier in pregnancy because of their comparatively larger uterus size.

    How Do I Know If My Uti Is Now A Kidney Infection

    A kidney infection is, in essence, a UTI that has spread into the kidneys. While this type of infection is rare, its also very dangerous and if youre experiencing any of the following signs of a kidney infection, you should see a doctor immediately: Upper back or side pain. Fever, shaking or chills.

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    Consider Switching Birth Control

    Some older research suggests that certain contraceptives may contribute to the cause of UTIs in some women.

    If you use diaphragms, spermicides, or nonlubricated condoms and get frequent UTIs, it may be worth talking to your doctor to find other methods of birth control.

    Its not uncommon for UTIs to go away on their own with at-home care and without the use of antibiotics.

    Some research estimates that 25 to 42 percent of UTIs can go away on their own. This is usually only common in women with no other health issues.

    However, there are some serious risks that can come from leaving a UTI untreated, including pyelonephritis and .

    UTIs are painful, but with treatment, you can alleviate an infection and prevent recurrent infections. Talk with your doctor if you have symptoms of a UTI. With proper treatment, you should begin to feel better in a few days.

    Take your antibiotics as instructed even after your symptoms improve to prevent complications or a secondary infection.

    If the UTI doesnt resolve after antibiotic treatment or you end up with multiple episodes of a UTI, your doctor will likely do further testing.

    This could be in the form of:

    • urodynamic testing

    You may be referred to a urologist, depending on the severity of your UTI or if you have chronic infections.

    Certain strains of bacteria can cause UTIs. They can range from mild to severe. The degree of severity depends on multiple factors, including:

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    Uti Treatment Without Antibiotics: Current Chronic And Prevention Options

    PREVENTING AND TREATING UTI’S | Without antibiotics

    Here are some protocols that I have created and used on myself and my clients for removing symptoms within an hour, and the infection within 5 days for really chronic cases. Natural protocols do take longer to work than quick-fix antibiotics, however they will not damage the good bacteria in your gut in the same way that antibiotics do, meaning you are less likely to develop another UTI, or other associated conditions, in the future.

    Two key things you need to consider before starting a natural protocol for UTI treatment without antibiotics:

    1. You really need to have the products on hand and ready to go once you feel symptoms or receive a diagnosis. Many of the products arent available at a pharmacy or health food store and need to be ordered online from somewhere like iHerb. By the time they arrive in a few days, youll be well and truly over it and probably have reached for the antibiotics in desperation.

    2. It is hard work in that you need to be taking products frequently. Natural supplements are not as strong as antibiotics so consistency is key. This is about breaking the cycle of antibiotic use and its negative effects.

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    Box 1 Evidence For Nonantibiotic Agents In Preventing Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection In Premenopausal Women


    Recent sexual intercourse within the past week and use of spermicide contraceptives have been shown to increase the risk of developing urinary tract infection in case-controlled and observational studies. Evidence for voiding habit, douching and wiping back to front have not been well studied and require further assessment.


    Hydration and urinary concentration have been poorly studied as a way to reduce UTI recurrence. Evidence from survey-based studies has suggested that fluid restriction increases the risk of UTI, but further study of fluid intake and modification of urinary pH and osmolality is required. Evidence for the role of ascorbic acid in UTI prevention is lacking.


    Chinese herbal medicine

    Studies of Chinese herbal medicine are small with a high risk of bias. Further studies are required before this approach can be recommended for the prevention of recurrent UTI.

    Cranberry products

    Cranberry products might be effective in reducing recurrent UTI in women with a history of recurrent UTI. A Cochrane review has reported no statistically significant benefit for cranberry products, but the level of heterogeneity among studies is high, and well-conducted, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have reported positive results,, supported by a meta-analysis. Further well-powered randomized trials with strict inclusion criteria and consistent dosing are required.




    Methenamine hippurate



    Treat And Prevent Utis Without Drugs

    Urinary tract infections , which are infections anywhere along the urinary tract, including the bladder and kidneys, are the second most common type of infection in the United States. Read on for five ways to prevent and treat a UTI without antibiotics.

    UTIs can be caused by poor hygiene, impaired immune function, the overuse of antibiotics, the use of spermicides, and sexual intercourse. The most common cause, accounting for about 90 percent of all cases, is the transfer of Escherichia coli bacteria from the intestinal tract to the urinary tract.

    For those of you who have experienced a UTI, there isnt much you wouldnt do to avoid another one. While I personally have never had a UTI, my patients have told me how symptoms like pain, burning, nausea, and even bloody urine can be debilitating, and for those who get chronic UTIs, the fear of infection can be enough to prevent engagement in any activities that could trigger one. For people who get them frequently, sometimes a specific cause cannot even be pinpointed. This can be frustrating and scary.

    Fortunately, there are a few methods of natural UTI treatment and prevention that have worked extremely well for my patients, to the point where they no longer worry about getting a UTI.

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    Increase Vitamin C Intake

    Some evidence shows that increasing your intake of vitamin C could protect against urinary tract infections.

    Vitamin C is thought to work by increasing the acidity of the urine, thereby killing off the bacteria that cause infection .

    An older 2007 study of UTIs in pregnant women looked at the effects of taking 100 mg of vitamin C every day .

    The study found that vitamin C had a protective effect, cutting the risk of UTIs by more than half in those taking vitamin C, compared with the control group .

    Fruits and vegetables are especially high in vitamin C and are a good way to increase your intake.

    Red peppers, oranges, grapefruit, and kiwifruit all contain the full recommended amount of vitamin C in just one serving .

    Despite these studies, there is still more research needed to prove the effectiveness of vitamin C for reducing UTIs. .


    Increasing vitamin C intake may decrease the risk of UTIs by making the urine more acidic, thus killing off infection-causing bacteria.

    Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice is one of the most well-known natural remedies for urinary tract infections.

    Cranberries work by preventing bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract, thus preventing infection .

    In a 2016 study, women with recent histories of UTIs drank an 8-ounce serving of cranberry juice every day for 24 weeks. Those who drank cranberry juice had fewer UTI episodes than the control group .

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    Treatment For Cystitis That Keeps Coming Back

    Pin on Health and Wellness Resources

    If you keep getting cystitis, a GP may prescribe:

    • a single-dose antibiotic to take within 2 hours of having sex, if you’ve noticed sex triggers cystitis
    • a low-dose antibiotic to take for up to 6 months
    • a vaginal oestrogen cream, if you have gone through the menopause

    In some women, antibiotics do not work or urine tests do not pick up an infection even though you have cystitis symptoms.

    This may mean you have a long-term bladder infection that is not picked up by current urine tests. Ask the GP for a referral to a specialist for further tests and treatment.

    Long-term infections are linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer in people aged 60 and over.

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    When To See A Doctor For Your Uti

    If your symptoms persist beyond a few days with no sign of improvement, or if your infection keeps recurring, its best to see a doctor. While many home remedies may ease symptoms if they persist your doctor will be able to determine the cause and prescribe a course of antibiotics that should help take care of your UTI right away and prevent it from leading to a worsening condition or infection.

    Have you tried any of the above natural remedies for UTIs, or other home treatments to treat your urinary tract infection? Tell us about them in the comments below!

    Most Women With Uti Will Be Treated With Antibiotics

    About half of all women will have a urinary tract infection at some point in their lifetime, and most will be treated with antibiotics to eliminate the infection.

    While these medications have long been the standard treatment for a UTI, concerns about unnecessary antibiotic use and the growing problem of antibiotic resistance have raised questions about whether the drugs are always needed. Without antibiotic treatment, will a UTI go away on its own?

    First, it helps to understand what a UTI is. UTI is classified into two broad categories, uncomplicated, also known as cystitis, and complicated, such as pyelonephritis, catheter-associated, UTI during pregnancy and UTI in setting of kidney stone.

    When bacteria invade the urethra and track upwards to the bladder, it causes infection and inflammation in a normally sterile environment. In most cases, UTIs are caused by E. coli bacteria normally found in the bowels that venture out to an area in our body where it is not used to being.

    A mild UTI causes symptoms, including painful urination, constantly feeling the need to urinate and cramping pain in the lower abdomen. In the elderly population, a mild UTI can even cause confusion. Symptoms from a complicated UTI include fever, lower back pain, blood in urine, and even pus in urine.

    Can you treat a UTI without antibiotics?

    While some UTIs may go away without antibiotic treatment, Dr. Pitis cautions against foregoing antibiotics.

    Understanding UTI symptoms

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    Uti Treatment Without Antibiotics: Interview With Dr Ashley Girard

    Like any treatment option, antibiotics have limitations. Some people may therefore wish to consider UTI treatment without antibiotics or more natural remedies. In this interview series, Dr. Ashley Girard, Naturopathic Doctor from Ontario in Canada, takes us through her naturopathic approach to the UTI treatment.

    Dr. Girard draws on her medical knowledge and personal experience to support people with UTIs and other bladder conditions. A keen advocate for naturopathy and using the healing power of nature, she approaches her patients with an individualized, holistic focus as she aims to tackle the root cause of their health problems.

    Having gone through the ups and downs of a chronic bladder condition herself, Dr. Girard enjoys giving people hope that it is possible to get better and live UTI free. In addition to her naturopathic practice, Dr. Girard shares news of research and useful tips on her blog, Holistic Bladder Care. You can also follow her updates on her .

    Take a look at the summaries of our interview with Dr. Girard below, or check out the full videos on YouTube.

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