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Used Marine Fuel Bladder For Sale

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Fuel Bladder Tank Faqs

ATL Marine Fuel Bladders – Extend Your Vessel’s Range!

Q: How do I fill the pillow bladder?A: The bladder tank can be filled from either the top plate or the outlet fitting located on the lower corner of the bladder.

Q: Can the pillow bladder be used to supply fuel or diesel directly to the engine?A: Yes, the bladders are designed to replenish fuel and diesel to the primary tanks on a vessel.

Q: What types of liquids can be stored in a bladder tank?A: All hydrocarbon fuels: diesel, aviation gas, pump gas. Water bladders are also available.

Q: How do I secure the bladder bags when in use?A: All standard pillow bladders come with a strap-lock system to securely hold your pillow bladders in place when in use.

Q: Are custom bladder tanks available?A: Yes, we can fabricate bladders to fit virtually any boat or custom application. Please contact us, call our sales department at or Contact Us

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for orders in the Continental United States.

International orders must be paid by wire transfer amount must include bank fees and shipping charges.

Diesel & Petrol Marine Fuel Tanks And Gas Storage Bladder Australia

Fleximake bladders are ideal for both mining, marine, and industrial sites that require temporary storage tank of marine fuels, chemicals and waste liquids such as effluents, slurries or oils. With a large selection of manufacturing materials, custom bladders can be manufactured to meet a wide variety of specifications.

Fleximake has produced Fuel safe custom bladders for hundreds of successful projects across the world including bladders to suit a large variety of applications such as the storage of diesel, kerosene and potable water bladders for storage of black water and grey water.Custom made bladders can be designed to unique measurements to best suit the available space or even be designed to fit into a currently unusable space.

High quality material sourcing and industry leading manufacturing techniques deliver finished products with high tensile strength that are resistant to tears, punctures and abrasions.

Please contact us for further information or a specialised quotation.

Pillow Style Marine Fuel Bladder

Pillow Style Bladders have been an industry standard for years. They are designed to not only extend your cruising range as a secondary fuel reserve, but they are also extremely compact to store. Extended Range Marine fuel bladders have been used to help catch the big one. If you need to extend the range of your vessel during a fishing tournament or an ocean crossing, think about how our marine fuel bladders can help on your next long-range trip.

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Fuel Cell Uses And Applications

Husky® Fuel Bladder Tanks can be used in many applications across many different industries, including humanitarian disaster relief and agricultural fuel storage and large-quantity industrial fuel storage, as well as public works, mining, racing, exploration, military, and transportation applications. When properly secured and supported, fuel storage bladders can also be used in marine and aviation settings for auxiliary fuel storage.

Because they are lightweight, portable, and highly durable, they are more easily transported and set up in remote locations or unusual special requirements than their solid plastic and/or metal counterparts. Local, state, and federal regulations may require secondary containment when fuel bladders are used. Husky® fuel tanks can be built to virtually any size or shape and fitted with a variety of fittings, valves, securing straps, etc.

Fuel Storage Tanks & Fuel Bladders

Fuel Bladder for sale

Interstate Products Inc has increased its line of military style fuel Bladders up to the 210,000 gallon sizes. All are made with military grade materials and military spec fabric. Sizes include 3000, 10,000 gallon, 20,000 gallon, 50,000 gallon, and includes 75,000, 100,000 gallon, 150,000 gallon and 210,000 gallon sizes now.

Standard Parts Included: 2″ Bottom Drain, 1 x Elbow, 1 x Valve, 2 Sets 10′ Hoses, 1 x Double Mushroom Vent, with 2 x 4″ or 6″ Male Camlocks. Fabric used is from Seaman Corp a world class leader in the industrial fabric industry. Containment berm liners are also available.

Interstate Products has been providing solutions to clients since 1996 and also offers a line of Fuel Bladders and Water Bladders for non-military or civilian purposes. Call Interstate Products Inc. today for unsurpassed service and more information on fuel, water bladders and pillow tanks at 800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610 International.

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  • 6561 Palmer Park Circle Suite A Sarasota, FL 34238

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Canyon Lady Wins 68th Light Tackle Tournament


Commercial Fleet Fuel Bladders

Auxiliary fuel bladders and high capacity fueling system and collapsible fuel bladders for yachts and commercial fleets. These collapsible bladders can be used for fuel or chemical containment and transport with potable water options available. Whether you are transporting fluids or need auxiliary fuel, we have collapsible containment solutions to fit your specific application. On deck, in the hull, or in tight locations, we make marine fuel bladders and custom sized collapsible containment solutions to fit your needs.

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Flexible Marine Water And Boat Holding Tanks From Defender Marine Offer Boat Owners The What Are The Different Types Of Tanks

Transshipment vessels fishing vessels passenger vessels for sale ropax ships sea passenger ships dredging vessels for sale dredgers maritime business vessels for charter . Great savings free delivery / collection on many items. Find your vessel in our database of ships, work boats, ferries, tankers, landing craft, fishing boats and barges. Fuel bladders designed for jet fuel, diesel fuel, transformer oils, mineral oils, or storage of many other industrial liquids.

Our Product Range Includes:

Marine fuel tank system for buses

Bladder Tanks, Custom Pillow Tanks, Square Tanks, Onion Tanks , Panel Tanks, Fabricated Tank Liners, Petrol, Diesel and Av Gas Bladders. Recreational Bladders for Marine, Camping , Motorbike and Four Wheel Drive. Gardeing water bladder feeders, Residential bladders for Under House Water Storage, Dam Liners, Rain Harvesting Systems for remote areas as well as Custom Design Fabrication to meet your requirements.

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Welcome To Liquid Containment

Our Head Office is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and provides Flexible solutions for storage of Liquids, Air, Fuel, Water, Oils Chemicals and other liquids. We also offer custom sourcing services if your are looking for a product from overseas but do not know how to go about it manufacturing, importing or design aspects, we will hold your hand all the way. Our Products are manufactured at our Factory on the Gold Coast Hinterland and mass production can be arranged of certain items overseas with strict Quality Assurance protocols in place.International standards where applicable are always met. Products are shipped Australian Wide and Internationally on a daily basis, direct to you or drop shipped to your customer upon request.

What Are Fuel Bladder Tanks

Storage bladder tanks are collapsible, flexible tanks sometimes called pillow tanks, that can store liquids. Fuel storage bladders also known as fuel bladders, fuel storage tanks, fuel pillow tanks, fuel cells, or blivots are specifically designed to safely store and/or transport fuels, including diesel gas, petrol, jet fuels, crude oil, biofuels, and other compatible fuels and industrial chemicals.

Fuel bladders are extremely durable, resistant to climatic variances, and available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations for a variety of applications. Sizes typically range from about 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons or larger.

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Silver Sailfish Derby Celebrates 85 Years With Sold Out Fleet

Monday, Dec. 20, 2021The West Palm Beach Fishing Club will again host the World’s Oldest Sailfish Tournament on January 6th and 7th, 2022. In its 85th year, the Silver Sailfish Derby is rich in history with a lot of prestige on the line for participants. The tournament fleet is limited to 50 boats and already sold out headed into the new year. Started in 1935,…

Remembering Viking Yachts Co

Cargo Barrier Hanging water bladder tank(100 Ltrs ...

New Gretna, New Jersey, December 14, 2021Robert T. Healey Sr., the co-founder of the Viking Yacht Company who helped build the company into an industry leader and led the fight that repealed the Federal Luxury Tax on yachts in the early 1990s, passed away last week at the age of 92. My father was a true leader, and his vision…

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Our Boat Bladders Come In Standard Sizes Custom Sizes And Can Be Used As An Above Deck Or Below Deck Bladder For Extended Range Boating Yachting And Fishing

Team Al Wasl celebrates a victorious race in their Xcat powerboat. Fuel Safe designed and produced Al Wasl’s custom racing fuel bladders.

Fuel Safe designs and manufactures marine fuel tanks for many of the top hydroplane and off shore race teams in the world. Our marine fuel bladders and cells are designed to provide maximum protection and performance. All of our marine fuel storage bladders are designed from high strength, flexible coated fabrics, that are durable above or below deck.

Our boat fuel bladders come in standard sizes, custom sizes, and can be used as an above deck or below deck fuel tank for extended range boating, yachting and fishing.

Currently, Fuel Safe has a set of custom fuel bladders on board the support sailboat “Discoverer” to aid in its expedition across the Pacific Ocean, ferrying The Longest Swim crew from Tokyo to San Francisco. The Longest Swim team needed custom bladders to hold an additional 500 gallons of fuel to keep up with swimmer Ben Lecomte, who’s mission is to swim the 5,500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco in the name of science and sustainability.

Additional projects include, custom fuel bladders for powerboating team Al Wasl a Xcat powerboat racing team overseen by the Union International Motonautique organization.The team is pictured above after winning a race in May of 2018.

The Longest Swim crew with one of their above deck, custom, range extending fuel bladders.

There Are Two Typical Types Of Marine Fuel Bladders: Pillow Type And Cube Types Its Standard Sizing Range From 100l To 3000l

We also can make other shapes and customized sizes upon specific request. Below you will find typical sizing and filled dimensions for our marine fuel bladders. Collapsible marine fuel bladder tanks fold flat for easy storage and transport and are easy to fill and drain.

Pillow Type Marine Fuel Bladders Cube Type Marine Fuel Bladders

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Below Are A Few Benefits Of Choosing A Bladder Over Conventional Plastic Tanks:

  • There is no Sun penetration completely black inner surface.
  • Zero algae growth.
  • Almost no change in water temperature The fuel or water sits against the top surface whether the unit is a quarter or three quarters empty.
  • No evaporation.
  • UV stabilized reinforced PVC with a patented corner design designed, patented and in South Africa since 2007.
  • Easily transported a 200 000 L unit weighs 220 kgs and can be transported in the back of a car.
  • It will last anything between 10-15 years .
  • The bladder can be branded .
  • Suitable fittings can be supplied for the correct connections to tanker trucks .
  • Price per liter on size is not comparable to any other storage units it is by far the cheapest method.
  • Can be used for most fluids water, fertilizer, diesel, transformer oil, cane juice, wine etc.PH charts for compatibility available on request.
  • Can be custom made to sizes required.

Commercial Storage Tanks & Collapsible Fuel Bladders

FOR SALE – GM V 8, Removed from Bayliner Boat, Dressed as Mercruiser Motor

Interstate Products Inc has increased its line of military style fuel storage bladders up to the 210,000 gallon sizes. All are made with military grade materials and military spec fuel fabric. Sizes include 3000, 10,000 gallon, 20,000 gallon, 50,000 gallon, and includes 75,000, 100,000 gallon, 150,000 gallon and 210,000 gallon sizes now.

Standard Fuel Storage Bladder Parts Included: 2″ Bottom Drain, 1 x Elbow, 1 x Valve, 2 Sets 10′ Hoses, 1 x Double Mushroom Vent, with 2 x 4″ Male Camlocks. Fabric used is from Seaman Corp a world class leader in the industrial fabric industry. Containment berm liners are available for containment purposes.

Interstate Products has been providing solutions to clients since 1996 and also offers a line of collapsible Fuel Storage Bladders and Water Bladders for non-military or civilian purposes. You may buy Online below 25,000 and under or larger sizes up to 210,000 gallons please call Interstate Products Inc, today for questions, quotes and phone orders. Get unsurpassed service and more information on water and fuel storage bladders with pillow tank style at 1-800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610 International.

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  • 6561 Palmer Park Circle Suite A Sarasota, FL 34238

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As A Pioneer In The Field Of Hazard Liquid Storage And Dispensing U

Incorporated in 1987, three years before Underwriters Laboratories adopted criteria for aboveground secondarily contained fuel tanks, U-Fuel developed many concepts that are now industry standards. With 20+ United States and international fuel system patents including the patent for testing nuclear resistant fuel tanks, U-Fuel licenses companies in America and around the world to use its fuel technology. Many countries have adopted U-Fuel standards as part of their regulations to protect the environment and insure public safety.

U-Fuel products are primarily used for equipping automobile fuel stations, airport fuel facilities, and marine fuel ports fueling commercial fleets and transporting hazardous liquids. With U-Fuel’s impeccable reputation for quality and safety, their fuel products are widely accepted and used by the United States government and thousands of companies throughout the world.

Most major petroleum companies and most major shipping companies have chosen to use U-Fuel portable fuel stations.

New Testing Requirements For All Persons Entering The Bahamas

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation has taken note of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases around the world and is implementing new testing requirements for all persons entering The Bahamas as a precautionary effort to continue to keep the destination safe. Effective Monday, December 27, 2021, the following protocols will take effect: a) All those travelling to The…

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Super Side Deck Tanks Crossing Oceans


  • NEVER NEVER LAND a Hatteras 58 crossed the Pacific from Australia to Panama against the prevailing Trade Winds. They chose to use 2 x 900 litre Turtle-Pac boat bladder tanks to extend their range instead of 90 jerry cans. NEVER NEVER LAND arrived safely in Panama. The crew proved their seamanship as well as their wise choice for long range tanks.

  • TYGER907 German yacht using 4 x 800 litre Super Side Deck Boat Fuel Tanks en route from the Red Sea to Seychelles on the Indian Ocean.

    The tanks were used extensively to cruise the Indian Ocean Islands before returning to the Mediterranean

L Small Portable Marine Boat Fuel Bladders Description

Cargo Barrier Hanging water bladder tank(100 Ltrs ...

Space 500L Portable marine boat fuel bladders allow you to run for long periods of time to reach your destination, avoiding the risk of a mid-stream energy shortage. These fuel bladders have a superiority that is fully collapsible and fully customizable. When used, it can be deployed quickly. When not in use, the compact design allows it to be rolled up for easy storage. In addition, the standard fuel bladder is equipped with a 2 ball valve and 2 venting riser for filling. So whether you are fishing in the deep sea, exploring the sea, or yachting, Space fuel bladder is the perfect solution.

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Military Fuel Bladder Pillow Tanks

Military Style fuel tanks and bladders from 210,000 gallon capacities or less are available in a wide range of sizes including 3,000, 10,000, 50,000 and up to the larger 210,000 gallon fuel bladders. Fuel bladders and pillow tanks are used for fuel storage in many military applications including diesel fuel, jet fuel, crude oil and more.

Interstate Products Flexible Fuel Storage Bladders from the smaller 500 gallon and up to 210,000 gallon Bladder tanks are available in military style and specifications. Fuel storage bladders are also known as blivets or pillow bladder tanks. IPI provides military fuel bladders & tanks that are used for military OPS refueling and many other fuel bladder storage applications. Customers have deployed these fuel storage bladders and tanks all over the globe in a variety of applications. CALL NOW to speak with one of our bladder and tank storage specialists to find the right solution for you! Multiple 50 and 210,000 bladders can be delivered with strapping systems to allow easier offloading. “” Commercial Bladders “” are also available and come without military parts packages. Schedule a 15-minute call today to discuss your options!

Have any questions about your application? Call 1-800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610 now to speak to an Interstate Military Fuel Storage Bladder Tank Expert! After Hours 24/7 Direct Call 1-800-238-4259 or 941-780-4003.

Mil Spec Fuel Bladder Fabric Specifications

Military Fuel Bladder & Tank Features:

How To Buy Online:

On the left hand side you will see categories listing and show casing a number of products that we manufacture. Many of these are available to be purchased online for immediate delivery but most products are made to order due to the custom designs required. If you do not see the product you are after and need a bladder made to fit a certain space you have available please use our contact form and provide enough information to help us quote you. Alternatively you can call us on 0405 138 664 or on Skype: wriggles71

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Doowin Marine Fuel Bladders Are Small Size From 100l To 3000l Each Marine Fuel Bladder Includes Below Items:

  • the marine fuel bladders are constructed from top grade TPU coating fabric for oil and chemicals. All seams are weld by HF welding technology, without using any glue or hot-air. It ensure the higher strength.

  • Filling Fittings: we use the aluminum, stainless steel or PP flange and 1-1/2 cam-lock with one safety cap. When filling fuel, the user can take offer the safety cap, connect the male com-lock end with the female com-lock end of filling hose. Or, put the filling hose into the com-lock directly.

  • Outlet Fittings: we use the aluminum, stainless steel or PP outlet port flange. Then, connect with one 90 degree elbow and one 1 stainless steel ball valves, end with one PP hose nozzle.

  • Fuel Hose: we will provide one 2m length fuel hose with nozzle for each bladder. The longer hoses are available upon request.

  • Ground Sheets: the standard ground sheet is white color. it is optional parts. I will be supplied upon request.

  • Tie-Down System: there are fours mooring points on the marine fuel bladders. The users can use the rope or belts connect it with the boat to fix.

  • Optional Accessories: we also supply the hand bags, sun-shield and other accessories upon your request.

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