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Used Bladder Scanner For Sale

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Portascan 3d Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

Bladder Scanners for Sale at Doctor’s Toy Store

An image you can rely on to accurately measure bladder volumes and to reduce the unnecessary catheterization and associated urinary tract infections .

Portascan 3D Bladder Scanners intuitive design is ideal for a multitude of clinical environments, from hospital floors to physician offices. Different scanning modes are designed to match different user preferences along with advanced targeting features that make finding the bladder simple. Portascan 3D provides reliable information, thus reducing the frequency of catheterization and risk of UTIs . It is also a valuable tool for providing post-void residual volume to assess possible urinary retention.

Some Laborie products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local Laborie Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.

PVR2010 / PVR2020

Accessories designed to support your ultrasound bladder scanner needs.


  • Non-irritating gels for medical ultrasound transmission.


  • Superior printing paper designed for use with your ultrasound device.

Some Laborie products may not be available in certain regions.

Please contact your local Laborie Sales Representative to learn more about the products available to you.

PRC 023150 V2.00

Bladder Scanner Costs In 2019

Bladder scanning technologies have recently developed at a rapid pace, driving the price and availability of bladder scanners downwards. A few years ago, the average cost of a bladder scanner would be upwards of $7,000 to $11,000.

Today, bladder scanners can cost as low as $3,500 depending on the brand and features that your facility requires.

What Effects the Price of a Bladder Scanner?

  • Brand
  • The biggest impact on a bladder scanners price is the brand that you are looking at purchasing. If your facility is wanting to purchase a verathon bladder scanner then you should expect to pay upwards of $7,000 minimum. On the other hand if you are to find a lesser known brand with the same features and functionality, you can save yourself $2,000-$3,000.
  • Maintenance
  • Typically, the verathon bladder scanner probe will wear down over time and become less accurate. Youll spend anywhere from $300-$1,000 per year getting your bladder scanner recalibrated through a service contract. However, if you purchase a newer bladder scanner with a digital 3D probe, youll save yourself money on those recurring costs.
  • Bladder Scanner Style
  • Lastly, the style of bladder scanner that you purchase will also have an effect on the price. Pistol style bladder scanners typically cost less than the desktop style bladder scanners. On average pistol style bladder scanners can cost significantly less than tabletop scanners.
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    The Importance Of Bladder Scanners

    Why Are Bladder Scanners So Important to Have in Hospitals?

    Bladder scanners are essential for monitoring urinary retention which helps in the prevention of urinary tract infections. Catheter-associated urinary tract infection is a common and costly problem for hospitalized patients. It costs the U.S. healthcare system over $9 billion dollars annually. Bladder scanners are used to prevent costly and invasive procedures, such as unnecessary catheterization and cystoscopy.

    Verathon Bladder Scanner Bvi 3000

    Verathon BVI 9600 portable bladder scanner with Aorta Scan ...

    A portable 3D ultrasound device, the Verathon Bladder Scanner BVI 3000 quickly, accurately, and noninvasively measures bladder volume. It is battery-operated, easy to use, and quickly provides accurate results. In less than five minutes, you can use the BladderScan to obtain a precise reading of a patients bladder volume. The BladderScan provides the information that caregivers need to diagnose, treat and manage urinary conditions.

    The BVI 3000 calculates bladder volume using patented VMODE technology. Volume measurements made with VMODE ultrasound are more accurate than those from conventional 2-dimensional ultrasound, as they are based on a more complex, 3-dimensional image of the bladder.

    VMODE ultrasound is easy to use and comfortable for the patient. When you press the scan button, within seconds, the VMODE technology measures ultrasonic reflections on multiple planes inside the body and produces a 3-dimensional image. Based on this image, the instrument calculates and displays the bladder volume, and displays multiple B-mode images.

    • Distinct scan modes for men and women
    • Easy to use, learn, and teach no sonographer required
    • Savings calculator tracks instrument usage, urinary catheterizations avoided, and UTI costs saved
    • Onboard printer for patient records or reimbursement
    • Durable, reliable design

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    Why Is Ultrasound Used To Scan The Bladder

    Ultrasound is a proven technology based on reflections of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound is used to non-invasively visualize, monitor and perform measurements in the human body.

    For bladder volume measurements, the bladder is differentiated from surrounding tissues by ultrasonic reflections. Its volume is then calculated based on bladder wall detection and a clinically tested algorithm.

    Ultrasound bladder scanners are commonly used in acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care environments, urology and gynecology. It is a non-invasive alternative to bladder palpation and intermittent catheterization used to assess bladder volume, urinary retention and post-void residual volume .

    Ultrasound bladder scanners are an important tool to reduce the Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection and reduce the frequency of unnecessary catheterization.

    Laborie is passionate about bringing freedom and dignity to patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders through innovation in diagnostic and treatment options. We work with leading clinician-researchers and local universities to incorporate the most recent advancements and technical knowledge into our products while reflecting practical realities of the typical pelvic floor clinic.

    Where Is Bladder Scanners Used

    Using a bladder scanner as a diagnostic tool has several additional advantages. As part of acute care, bladder scanners can help diagnose, evaluate and treat postoperative urinary retention and prevent catheter-related urinary tract infections. In addition, studies have shown that bladder scanners are more effective than manual palpation in assessing postoperative bladder distention in PACU . The bladder scanner can be used to identify enlarged bladders, identify the causes of urinary frequency and bladder irritability and is a useful tool to use in bladder training . A bladder scanner may also be useful in assisting with accurate assessment of a patients hydration status.

    Other uses for bladder scans include the identification of blocked Foley catheter, assessment of bladder status and function after the removal of an indwelling urinary catheter, and as a biofeedback tool in bladder training .

    An alternative to urinary bladder palpation, urinary bladder scan can be used to evaluate patients for postvoid residual volume, which should not be greater than 100 ml. The analysis is usually performed 10 minutes after the patients last voided and consists of two components: an ultrasound monitor and a handheld scanner.

    A typical ultrasound unit provides a 3D bladder image on the screen. This portable ultrasound monitor can be carried by hand or placed on a rolling stand.

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    Avantsonic Z5 Technical Specifications

    • Probe: 3D mechanical sector ultrasound probe
    • Standard ultrasonic operation frequency: 2.5 MHz
    • Volume measurement range: 0 999 ml
    • Volume measurement accuracy: ± 10%
    • Volume display resolution: 1 ml
    • Scan time: 5 seconds
    • Operation method: on screen touch keyboard
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging technique
    • Data storage
    • Thermal printer built-in
    • USB port for data transfer to PC
    • Bluetooth module for wireless connection to PC
    • Monitor dimension: 8 TFT-LCD
    • Power during charging: 30-65 VA
    • Power supply: lithium-ion battery or from mains via AC adapter during battery charging
    • Lithium-ion battery model: SNLB-325
    • Power adapter: AC100 240V ± 24V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2A 120VA 13.5VDC 5A
    • Main unit: DC13.5V±0.5V
    • Battery recharging time: circa 2 hours
    • Battery life on full charge: circa 4 hours
    • Environmental conditions: Temperature 5° C to 40° C RH 30% to 75 % Pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa
    • Storage and transportation conditions: Temperature -40° C to + 55° C RH 10% to 80% Pressure 50 kPa to 106 kPa
    • Heat Index: PI lower than 0.1
    • Mechanical Index: lower than 0.1
    • Dimensions: 210 x 260 x 50 mm
    • Weight: circa 1500 g including probe
    • Life span: 6 years
    • Certifications: CE 0482, FDA cleared, RoHS

    iMedical Equipment and ServiceNew, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment

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    Using Avantsonic Z5 Bladder Scanner

    How to Use – Attendant Bladder Scanner Training from Direct Supply

    AvantSonic Z5 is easy to use and fast.

    AvantSonic Z5 Bladder Scanner is a real-time ultrasound device that accurately measures bladder volume and PVR. The scanner uses 3D ultrasound probe to scan the bladder. Ultrasonic energy penetrates patients lower abdomen, generating multiple ultrasound images and uses them to calculate bladder volume. Tissue Harmonic Imaging technique utilised by the Z5 scanner produces clear and sharp images.

    Patient gender is selectable: Male, Female, Female post-hysterectomy and Child.

    The operator locates the bladder by placing gelled probe vertically on a gelled lower abdomen, circa 3 cm above the pubic bone.

    During scanning process, the ultrasound energy is projected through the lower abdomen and generates multiple 2D plane ultrasound images in a few seconds. Sophisticated image processing technique and sophisticated algorithm work together to measure bladder volume accurately and display the measurements numerically on the screen.

    AvantSonic Z5 features 2 modes: Expert Mode and Easy Mode

    Both the Expert Mode and the Easy Mode have a pre-scan stage and the scanning stage. The bladder is located during the pre-scan stage and the urine volume is measured during the scan and the measurement is displayed automatically.

    AvantSonic Z5 features built-in thermal printer that prints out measurements taken, when/if required.

    Patient data and measurements can be downloaded to USB disk and transferred to a PC for data storage.

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    Bbs Revolution Bladder Scanner With Wireless Scanning Probe

    BBS Revolution a Scanner with Trolley or a Portable Desk Top Scanner – now with unlimited distance training delivered remotely

    dBMEDx’s BBS Revolution has been designed, developed and made in the USA by dBMEDx. BBS Revolution utilises innovative breakthrough technology to facilitate fully automatic bladder scanning to measure bladder volume and PVR in adults and children accurately and quickly.

    BBS Revolution is the easiest to use bladder scanner on the market! BBS Revolution improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces costs! BBS Revolution is the quality benchmark for the next generation of diagnostic ultrasound bladder scanners.

    BBS Revolution is available UK nationwide directly from us and from the NHS Supply Chain, the NHS Shared Business Services and the NHS National Services Scotland .

    Bladder Scanners At Medical Device Depot

    Ultrasound bladder scanners are a valuable tool for doctors and urologists. A bladder scan machine allows doctors to view a 3D image of the patient’s bladder without resorting to more invasive procedures. With this information, they can diagnose the patient’s condition and start giving him or her the appropriate treatment. Bladder scanners are frequently used to diagnose urinary tract infections, vesicoureteral reflux, sepsis and other bladder issues.

    Our wide selection of portable bladder scanners includes products from top brands like MDPro, Infinium, ViewBladder, Edan and Interson. Handheld bladder scanners allow physicians to check a patient’s bladder without inserting a catheter and increasing the risk of infection. Each scanner comes with a digital view screen that offers a complete model of the patient’s bladder and other important information.

    The features can vary across different brands, but some models offer touch screens, multiple scan modes, rechargeable batteries and different settings for men, women and children. These scanners are built to serve thousands of patients without breaking down, wearing out or offering inaccurate information.

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    Bbs Revolution Bladder Scanner

    BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner with Trolley kit comprises of console with trolley and tray, wireless scanning probe and user manual. Initial supply of gel in sachets. Real patient demo DVD and how to use instructional DVD. Unlimited distance training delivered remotely. Certificates of Proficiency in operating BBS Revolution issued. Unlimited long-term phone support as required. CE 1639 and 5 years or 3 years warranty options on the entire scanner . Prices on request. Volume pricing available on request.

    Portable BBS Revolution Desk Top Bladder Scanner kit comprises of console on tabletop stand, wireless scanning probe, user manual and a carry case. Initial supply of gel in sachets. Real patient demo DVD and how to use instructional DVD. Unlimited distance training delivered remotely. Certificates of Proficiency in operating BBS Revolution issued. Unlimited long-term phone support as required. CE 1639 and 5 years or 3 years warranty options on the entire scanner . Prices on request. Volume pricing available on request.

    Point to note: The full set with the trolley can be converted easily to a portable desk top scanner, if or when required.

    Point to note: Registered Charitable Organisations can purchase bladder scanners VAT free. Please contact us for further information.

    BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner in made in the USA by dBMEDx, Inc

    BBS Revolution – Benchmark Bladder Scanner – Join the Revolution!

    Bbs Revolution The Next Generation Bladder Scanner

    Used DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND BVI 3000 Bladder Scanner ...

    BBS Revolution is designed, developed and manufactured by dBMEDx in the USA. Founded in 2010 with a clear goal of revolutionising diagnostic ultrasound applications by making innovative user friendly and kind to patients diagnostic ultrasound devices, the dBMEDx team consists of experts in medical devices, diagnostic ultrasound and medicine.

    dBMEDx BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner benefits from patented ultrasound technology that is capable of collecting multiple b-mode image slices leading to a true 3 D data set that is at the very heart of the automated calculation of bladder volume. It is a next generation ultrasound technology that is distinct and unrelated to other bladder scanner brands, designs and intellectual properties.

    BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe – specifications

    Ultrasound Output

    • Bladder Volume Range: 0 999 ml
    • Bladder Volume Accuracy on a Tissue Equivalent Bladder Phantom: ±

    Power: Internal battery, up to 8 hours of continuous use

    Display: 800 x 480 Colour Backlit Display

    Wireless Radio: Class 1 Bluetooth

    Environmental Conditions for Use

    • Ambient temperature range: 10° to 40° C RH: 20% to 95% non-condensing Atmospheric pressure range: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa

    Environmental Conditions for Storage

    • Ambient temperature range: – 20° to 60° C RH: 20% to 95% non-condensing Atmospheric pressure range: 500 hPA to 1060 hPa

    Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe.

    BBS Revolution – Better Bladder Scanner – Join the Revolution!

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    Beurer Fm 200 Achillomed

    Beurer FM 200 Achillomed reduces problems associated with Achilles with circulation boosting massage. It has been especially designed to treat and relieve painful Achilles tendonitis at home. Utilising sophisticated rotating massage, easy and comfortable to use, the Beurer FM 200 Achillomed Tendon Massager stimulates local blood flow and provides soothing pain relief safely, effectively and conveniently in your own home.

    Used Vscan Handheld Ultrasound For Sale

    Point of Care & Emergency Portable Ultrasound

    Vscan Extend is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system that empowers healthcare professionals to make focused assessments and accelerate treatment decisions at the point of care. It fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use like a smartphone, helping you take decisive action, refer patients quickly, optimize the course of treatment and reduce the overall cost of care.

    Point of Care & Emergency Portable Ultrasound

    Vscan Extend is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system that empowers healthcare professionals to make focused assessments and accelerate treatment decisions at the point of care. It fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use like a smartphone, helping you take decisive action, refer patients quickly, optimize the course of treatment and reduce the overall cost of care.


    • Export images and pdf patient data files
    • Lightweight, handheld unit
    • Up to 90 minutes usage on fully charged unit
    • Voice recording for patient information
    • Easy to use thumb control for zoom and gain
    • Voice recording with loudspeaker replay


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    How Much Do Bladder Scanners Cost In 2019

    • How much do bladder scanners cost in 2019?


    Purchasing a bladder scanner is a significant investment, especially for centers that are just getting started. If youre considering purchasing a bladder scanner, you should take into account all of the costs associated with owning a bladder scanner. You may want to ask yourself a few questions before you get started: Do you want a tabletop bladder scanner or a handheld pistol style bladder scanner? How accurate does your scanner need to be? Whats your budget? Do you want a digital or a mechanical bladder scanner? These are all great questions to ask yourself while searching for your next bladder scanner.

    Ge Vscan Ultrasound Equipment Applications

    Medline BioCon 500 Bladder Scanner Overview
    • Cardiac
    • Thoracic/pleural motion and fluid detection
    • Selected peripheral vascular applications
    • Display unit: 135 x 73 x 28 mm
    • Probe: 120 x 33 x 26 mm
    • Weight : 390 g
    • Display: 3.5 in, 240 x 320 pixels resolution


    • BxW mode for showing real time anatomical images
    • Color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging
    • Shows blood flow within a 30 degree angle
    • Broad bandwidth phased array probe
    • 1 hour total scan time with full charge

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