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Cream Of Tartar For Bladder Infection

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Discover The Uses For Cream Of Tartar What Is Cream Of Tartar

I Treat UTI Urinary Tract Infection Naturally Cranberry, Cream of Tartar, D-Mannos, Colloidal Silver

Do you have one of those little 2oz bottles of Cream of Tartar in your spice cabinet? You probably purchased it for a specific recipe, used a teaspoon or so, and then put it back on the self never to be used again.

The good news cream of tartar lasts just about forever if stored in a cool, dry environment, so youre covered. There are many cream of tartar uses for your home. But what is cream of tartar?

Tins, early to mid 20th century, most visibly one from Folgers Golden Gate Cream Tartar, Edmonds Historical Museum, Edmonds, Washington, USA.}} |Source=Photo by Joe Mabel |Date=2012-0

A few months ago I wrote a little cheat sheet for baking substitutions to keep in the cupboard and shared it with you. One person, M-K-H, asked this question: I think that while your baking substitutions cheat sheet is interesting, is the person that doesnt have baking powder on hand REALLY likely to have cream of tartar just lying around?

Probably not M-K-H, but if they dont they should!

Cream of tartar, is a fine white powder that forms inside wine barrels during the wine making process. It helps to control the pH of fermenting grape juice and also acts as a preservative for the wine.

It has been used by creative cooks for centuries and it is often used as a major component in baking powder. Combined with baking soda it will react when moistened to help baked goods rise.

For Urinary Tract Infection

People who face urinary tract infections frequently can use a cream of tartar to get relief from its symptoms. It also prevents these repeated infections by changing the pH level of the urine. The primary use of tartar is the ability to balance the pH in your urine, i.e., converting the condition in which the bacteria cannot live, which is the main reason for minimizing infection.

How to use:

To treat a urinary tract infection, you have to mix one and a half teaspoons of tartars cream and a cup of warm water. Add fresh lime juice and drink it once or twice a day.

It Relieves Urinary Tract Infections

The bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract cause UTI .

Apart from bacterial infections, UTI occurs due to an imbalance in the urines natural pH.

A change in the acidic levels in the urine allows growth of several bacteria.

According to several health authors, using cream of tartar helps to treat Urinary Tract Infections .

Cream of tartar helps to alter the ph level by creating an environment that will destroy the bacteria causing infection.

So to treat UTI using cream of tartar, you should 1-2 tsp of cream of tartar in a cup of warm water along with several drops of lemon juice.

This mixture of cream of tartar water must drink two times per day.

However, note that this home remedy is not supposed to replace the medical treatments prescribed by doctors.

It can further alleviate UTI if not appropriately treated, as UTI can be very dangerous.

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Consuming Ginger Tea For Urinary Tract Infection:

  • Ginger possesses anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.
  • They work against any bacterial growing strain.
  • Chewing some pieces of ginger is good. But consuming it is infused with a liquid gives better results, it also effectively destroys the UTI.
  • Crush and add two tablespoons of ginger in boiling water. Simmer for ten minutes, then strain it,
  • rink two to three cups per day.
  • Use honey to give it an improved taste.
  • It also eases the burning sensation that comes with UTI

This Mysterious White Powder In Your Pantry Is Known For Its Use In Baking But Can It Really Help You Around The House Yes See The List

How to Cure a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Naturally by Al

Cream of tartar is one of those mystery ingredients you might have in your pantry but have no idea what to do with it. Those who bake know it works magic to stabilize and add volume to meringue, macaroons, and angel food cake.

Cream of tartar is potassium bitartrate, also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate, a byproduct of winemaking. And while its a great tool for baking, it actually has many other uses. Here are 10 unusual ways to make this acidic white powder work for you, in and out of the kitchen!

  • Ant Repellent Deter ants from invading your picnic table or patio by dusting their trail with cream of tartar.
  • Stain Remover Keep a container in the laundry room to remove stains from shirt collars. To use, dampen the collar with water and sprinkle with cream of tartar. Scrub the stained area with a toothbrush and then launder.
  • Polish Stainless Steel Appliances Clean and polish your stainless steel kitchen appliances by mixing ¼ cup of cream of tartar with 1 cup of white vinegar. Apply the mixture to a sponge and scrub the refrigerator, dishwasher, and other stainless steel appliances. Afterward, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Baking Powder Substitute Run out of baking powder? Make your own by blending ½ teaspoon cream of tartar, and ¼ teaspoon each of baking soda and cornstarch.
  • Polish Silver Sprinkle cream of tartar onto wet silver serving pieces and scrub clean with a damp Magic Eraser. Magic!
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    • Deborah Tukua

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    It Reduces Blood Pressure

    Potassium is essential for our body, and many people fail to see the importance of it.

    A significant amount of changes in the level of potassium could have severe effects on the heart, nerves, and muscles .

    A diet containing a right amount of potassium may reduce blood pressure by removing excess sodium from the body, as a high level of sodium increases blood pressure .

    Surprisingly, 100 grams of cream of tartar contains 16,500 milligrams of potassium.

    So If youve got a high blood pressure, where there is potassium deficiency, its better to take the use of cream of tartar to solve the problem.

    You can start by mixing 1tsp of cream of tartar with one glass of water daily before going to bed.

    Emptying Your Bladder Consistently:

    Holding yourself up when need to pee is also another reason UTI

    • Take short trips to your bathroom rather than holding it up for long.
    • Emptying your bladder after sexual intercourse is also a good practice.This discourages the harmful bacteria from reproducing.Toilet habits are essential. After sexual intercourse or using the toilet you should properly clean yourself for a natural cure from UTI.

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    What To Do During Uti And More Ways To Prevent One

    1. ½ teaspoon baking soda in water Makes it less painful to pee, lowers pH of urine. Warning: dont take too much, offsets flora in intestine. 2. D-Mannose Simple and effective natural sugar. 3. Eat blueberries, cranberries which help block bacteria. 4. Asparagus Benefits the immune system and is alkaline. Some claim it helps because of its sulfur containing compound or because it helps increase urinary volume. 5. Drink plenty of water Helps to flush out bacteria. 6. Try colloidal silver at first sign of infection It is a natural antibiotic. 7. Apple cider vinegar Helps flush out bacteria. Use raw and unfiltered ACV for the most benefits. 8. Oil of oregano capsules Natural antibiotic some folks say helps their UTI. 9. Cream of tartar Grandmas Home remedy -one teaspoon in glass of water. 10. Consider using one these homeopathic remedies from an article on The Healthy Home Economist blog: Cantharis 30, Berberis, Sarsaparilla, Staphysagria, Pulsatilla.

    Using Cranberry Juice For Urinary Tract Infection:

    CREAM OF TARTAR BENEFITS – 7 Amazing Benefits Of Cream Of Tartar
      • Cranberry has phytochemical called tannin. It reduces establishment of the bacteria

    coli in your vaginal region. Also, it has high Vitamin C content.

    • Drink cranberry juice in its unsweetened form to clear the bacteria out of your urinary tract.
    • As like Blueberry, cranberry has high Vitamin C content and helps flush out the bacteria while passing urine. It prevents the E. coli bacteria from residing in your bladder. D-mannose is a type of sugar element found in cranberry that helps fight UTIs. Use D-mannose supplements as a substitute of cranberry juice, but under medical supervision.
    • Expecting mothers should not take supplements or cranberry juice without medical supervision.
    • Consult a doctor if on medication, or before implementing these methods to avoid side-effects.

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    Top Uses & Benefits Of Cream Of Tartar For Health Cleaning & Cooking

    Cream of tartar is a wonderful ingredients with wide uses. If you are a person who bakes a lot, you must have heard of cream of tartar. It is generally well known for its use in making meringues and for preventing sugar from crystallizing. I use cream of tartar to prevent sugar crystallizing in jellies and for whipping up meringues.

    But cream of tartar has uses other than cooking and once you get to know them you can easily start using it in day to day life. Cream of tartar has a long shelf life so you can easily buy and store it in a cool, dry place in your pantry. But make sure it is free of moisture else it will clump.

    What Is Cream Of Tartar And What Is Cream Of Tartar Made Of

    If we want to get scientific, its potassium hydrogen tartrate, which is a byproduct of winemaking. Its a powdery form of tartaric acidso its an acidic substance similar to lemon or vinegar. Thats what makes it worth using in your baking and around the kitchen way more often than youd expect!

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    Does Cream Of Tartar Go Bad

    Because cream of tartar is made of inorganic compounds, it is not perishable. That means that no, cream of tartar does not go bad. However, if somehow contaminates have gotten into your jar of cream of tartar, then it may no longer be good.

    If you have a bottle of cream of tartar you need to check it for any punctures, rust, cracks, etc. Also, if when you open the bottle, there is signs of moisture, then you should not use the cream of tartar. You can also shake the jar before opening to make sure that the cream of tartar is not formed into a single lump. And, finally, you can always check the potency of your cream of tartar by putting ½ a teaspoon into water with a pinch of baking soda. If the mixture foams, then it is still good.


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    Fight Utis With Horseradish:

    Cream of Tartar Uses That Will Benefit You

    Horseradish is anti-microbial that helps people suffering from UTI.It is made up of a component known as allylisothiocyanate. This component is repellant to many kinds of bacteria, especially E. coli which is the main cause of UTIs.

    • Mix one tablespoon of horseradish in a glass of water or apple cider. Add honey to it to make it taste better.
    • Drink this frequently fort better results. Fresh horseradish is important

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    My Favorite Natural Remedy For Uti D

    D-Mannose is the healthier and more effective way to attack a urinary infection it is one of the best natural remedies for UTI. It is much better than the old home remedy of cranberry juice because fruit juice contains loads of sugar , even if its unsweetened!

    D-Mannose is even better than cranberry juice because it only contains the ingredient that you need from the juice and it is very safe because it is a natural occurring sugar from plants such as apples, cranberries and blueberries . It works because the bacteria loves it and will detach and hitch a ride outside when you pee. You can even take it if you are concerned about your blood sugar because it is not metabolized the same as sugar. The only drawback is that it may not work if your infection is caused by bacteria other than E. Coli and that is only in a small percentage of cases .

    Natural Remedies For Uti

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.

    This week I have developed a fear, of toilets! Dont laugh, but this fear has taken over my life for the past week! If you ever got a urinary tract infection, you can relate and know how painful these can be and you may be searching for natural remedies for UTI. Whats one way to tell if you have one? When you always feel like you have to go, but nothing much really comes out! It seems we women have a design flaw, short urethras close to the rectum which makes us more apt to get urinary tract infections. So by experiencing a urinary tract infection, that puts you in the boat with millions of other women! This may not make you feel better just knowing you definitely are not alone, but maybe some of the following natural remedies for UTI below will help you deal with it!

    There are many natural options, but my vote for the best remedy is D-Mannose. I wish I had known about this sooner and maybe I could have avoided a UTI. Now, Im making sure I take my probiotics, drink plenty of water and take D-Mannose every day. There are also many lifestyle changes Ive made to help treat my UTI and prevent another one from coming.

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    Home Remedies For Uti Apple Cider Vinegar

    This vinegar is very rich in potassium, enzymes & other useful minerals. Apple cider vinegar can help you in preventing the bacteria, which cause urinary tract infections from growing or multiplying. People with UTI infections can apply apple cider vinegar like a natural antibiotic in order to cure the infection. Here are detailed directions to utilize the apple cider vinegar for healing UTI:

    • You add to a glass of the cool water with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
    • In addition, you can add to this water with the lemon juice & sweeten with honey.
    • Then you mix them well.
    • You drink this solution 2 times per day for some days.

    Culinary Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

    353 Health Benefits Of Tartar Cream With Orange Juice
    • Cream of tartar is a powdered form of tartaric acid, an essential ingredient in baking powders, and its added chiefly to bakery products.
    • Its commonly added in white eggs to achieve its full volume potential and stabilizes its stiffness.
    • In baking or bakery products, cream of tartar acts as a leavening agent, which produces the softest and fluffiest baked cookies/cakes without yeast.
    • Cream of tartar can also be incorporated into frostings, icings, or syrups to prevent the formation of sugar crystals.
    • Adding the cream of tartar to powdered or granulated materials prevents lumps.
    • It also acts as a thickening agent in liquids dishes like soups and sauces.
    • Adding a 1/2 teaspoon of potassium bitartrate into the water while cooking veggies will help them keep their bright colors!
    • Commercially, its added in candies, soft drinks, gelatin-based desserts, and still photography products.

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    Home Remedies For Uti Pineapple

    Pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain, which contains anti-inflammatory agents that may decrease UTI symptoms. Here are easy ways to use pineapple for treating UTI:

    • Having pineapple on a regular basis may help prevent UTIs.
    • Another option is to extract juice from half a pineapple and then drink it.
    • You should use fresh pineapple as the canned version can contain preservatives.

    There are a lot of other healthy home remedies for UTI presented in this article, so continue reading!

    Increase The Acidic Levels Of Your Urine:

    Bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment. Thus, one of the most effective ways to remove bacteria from your system is to consume acid based food or medicine.

    • Citrus fruits are a prime example of acid-based edible foods. They will help create an acidic environment not allowing the bacteria to survive.
    • Citrus fruits possess high quantities of Vitamin C. Medicine containing Vitamin C can also be taken. It must be only consulting with your doctor. Consume Vitamin C tablets only after consultation with a doctor.

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    Cream Of Tartar Substitutes From Frugallivingaboutcom

    If you dont have any cream of tartar in your pantry, you can use one of these substitutes in its place:

    • For beating egg whites use an equal amount of white vinegar or half teaspoon of lemon juice, or omit the cream of tartar entirely and use a copper bowl instead the copper alone should stabilize the egg whites
    • As a leavening agent replace the baking soda and the cream of tartar in the recipe with baking powder. One teaspoon of baking powder replaces 1/3 tsp of baking soda and 2/3 tsp cream of tartar
    • For frosting leave the cream of tartar out. No substitution is necessary

    If you, like me, have that small bottle of Cream of Tartar in your spice cabinet, its time to check it for freshness. Under most conditions found in a spice cabinet, cream of tartar will last for many years.

    The Spanish cream of tartar maker Tartaros Gonzalo Castelló has been storing a decades-old sample of cream of tartar and teted it for freshness in a laboratory every year since the 90s. The sample is stored in a dry cool place and has been reportedly keeping its properties intact ever since.

    So, even if the product has been gone past its best by date dont toss it just yet. Inspect the bottle. The contents should look dry and powdery. If you see any clumps, the cream of tartar may have taken on some water or other liquid.

    Look at the color. The product should be clean and pure white, without yellow or dark spots.

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