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Depend Adult Bladder Control Pads

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Discreet Incontinence Pads Made For Men

Bladder Control Pads at

Cup-like Shape

Depend Guards have a cup-like shape designed to fit a manâs body without the extra bulk.


The Comfort-Flex leak barriers provide comfortable protection when active for larger surges of wetness.

Strong Adhesive

Pads lock in place to the inside of briefs or boxer briefs. Each pad provides odor control.

Best For Women: Tena Intimates Overnight Absorbency Incontinence Pads

Theres a slew of protective pads designed for women with incontinence that are comfortable, made to be invisible under clothing, or at times are built into underwear. While experts stress that these pads arent a long-term solution, they can help you get back to your active lifestyle without fear of leaks. Its great that the industry is catching up and making pads that are not only easier to use, but you dont feel like youre going to stick out as if youre wearing a diaper, Dr. DuBeau said. She says for women its important to make sure that incontinence pads dont lead to irritation or yeast infections.

These TENA pads are heavy-duty and designed to protect against moderate to heavy bladder leakage. Theyre 16 inches long and have a wide back design to make sure you stay covered while laying down and are thin so they wont be bulky and noticeable. These pads have a pH-balanced system to prevent odors and super-absorbent microbeads to suck in moisture, all while being topped with a skin-soft sheet to keep you fresh. This brand offers a variety of pads with different absorbency levels, and these have the greatest absorbency power.

These briefs come in multiple colors, are breathable, and are made of a premium cotton-like fabric to be soft and comfortable to the touch. One pack comes with 10 briefs.

Best Disposable Bed Pads: Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads

Medlines Heavy Absorbency Underpads are one of the best on the market, as well as the biggestmeasuring 36 inches by 36 inches. These disposable pads have a super absorbent core that provides incontinence protection for any part of your day.

These pads are designed to be soft and comfortable with a quilted top sheet thats gentle on sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the powerful polymer and fluff quickly absorb fluid and odor, so you wont have to worry about being uncomfortable, wet, or having undesirable smells. These mats are made with polypropylene backing, which keeps the pad in place and prevents leakage.

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Incontinence Pads / Bladder Control Pads

Incontinence pads, sometimes referred to as poise pads or bladder control pads, are an option for those who want a product that can be secured to undergarments like a menstrual pad, but can hold more fluid. These absorbent pads are ideal for women experiencing light bladder leakage due to activities such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising. Bladder control pads, along with male guards, are the most discreet option when it comes to incontinence supplies.

Product Guide & Comparison

Depend Guards for Men Adult Incontinence Bladder Control ...

Choose a product to learn more about the different styles and absorbencies each has to offer

Covidien SureCare Bladder Control Pads

  • Features an absorbent layer of polymer for better leakage absorption.
  • Reduces odor and pulls moisture away from the skin.
  • Features a special insert that helps the pad keep its shape, preventing it from bunching up.
  • Made with comfortable, cloth-like material thats latex free.
  • Individually sealed with a wrapper that can also be used to dispose of the pad.

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Getting Incontinence Pads With Insurance

Did you know that Medicaid and some private insurance plans cover incontinence supplies? Its true, and it could potentially save you money on the cost of your products.

If you have Medicaid, then you may be eligible right now to get incontinence pads as a covered benefit. Learn more about getting bladder control pads covered by Medicaid. To start using your benefits, just provide your information below. Well find you the right product, deliver them discreetly to your door, and bill your insurance for the cost. It only takes a few minutes to enroll and could save you hundreds on your out-of-pocket costs.

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Protective Underwear / Pull

Protective underwear, commonly referred to as pull-ups, are incontinence products with cloth-like fabric that resembles typical underwear. Pull-ons are best suited for independent, mobile adults with moderate bladder leakage.

Protective pull-on underwear is available in unisex and male and female styles, with the gender-specific underwear available with absorbency in different areas based on the male or female anatomy. Pull-ons are designed to be discreet-looking and feel like regular underwear.

Using Male Incontinence Products

Defend Against Bladder Leaks With Depend® Fit-Flex®

Some guys don’t want to try urinary incontinence products because they feel like it’s a sign of defeat. Once they start buying pads, they think, they’ll be stuck buying them for the rest of their lives. But remember that a lot of men may only need incontinence products temporarily. For instance, if you’ve just had prostate surgery, using some of these products may help get you through while you’re healing. Other men rely on incontinence products for a short time while their doctors figure out the underlying cause of their problems.

Think of incontinence products as valuable tools to help you get by. They may not be a long-term solution, but they can vastly improve your quality of life right now.

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What The Experts Say

Incontinence is never normal at any age. Women especially should not accept this as part of their lives. We dont want people to miss the opportunity to get this addressed. There are some very good non-medication, non-surgical approaches to incontinence,Catherine DuBeau, M.D., a specialist in general internal medicine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Underpads / Bed Pads / Chux

Underpads, bed pads, and Chux are three common names for an absorbent incontinence products designed to help protect bedding and furniture from leaks. They are soft, thin, and lightweight, and yet many are strong enough to help reposition patients up to 300lbs. Disposable underpads are a great way to get additional absorbency for a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

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How Do I Choose The Right Male Guard

When deciding which male guard youre going to purchase, youll want to consider both absorbency and shape. While male guards are not suitable for heavy incontinence, they do offer absorbency ranges from very light to moderate incontinence.

There are also various shapes, ranging from very light daywear to more absorbent, but bulkier, nighttime fits. Consider your own lifestyle and how youll be using the guard when deciding which guard is right for you.

Where Can I Find Men’s Incontinence Products

Bladder Control Pad TENA? Intimates? Ultra Thin Light Long ...

Incontinence pads and disposable undergarments are usually available at drugstores and supermarkets. For other male incontinence products, a medical supply store might be your best bet.

If you’re anxious about buying incontinence products publicly, just look online. You should be able to find just about anything you want at an online superstore or online medical supply company. However, before spending a lot of money on a male incontinence product, check with a doctor to make sure it’s likely to help.

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Common Brand Terms And What They Mean

Although companies use different words to describe size and absorbency, there are some common terms you may see across brands.

Thin/Ultra Thin/Very Light: Max Absorbency

These pads are typically the smallest and are ideal for managing the very light leakage .

Moderate: Max Absorbency

Moderate is the most common size of incontinence pads. They can handle more leakage and come in a wider range of styles.

Ultimate: Max Absorbency

Ultimate pads are generally designed for people with heavier kinds of light leakage . They contain more polymer and are often longer in length.

Maximum: Max Absorbency

Maximum are made for the heaviest forms of light leakage . They are also the longest pads and contain the most polymer.


Some brands might use ultimate for their biggest size, so its important to look at the actual length and determine if that will meet your needs

Why Buy Depend Guards For Men Bladder Control Pad

  • Depend Guards for Men Bladder Control Pad is one of the best bladder control pads on the market
  • This bladder pad features a high-quality leak protection
  • Depend Guards for Men Bladder Control Pad contains odor control guards to neutralize odors before they can escape
  • Depend Guards for Men Bladder Control Pad is created with an anatomic design specifically for men
  • This bladder pad has a strong adhesive strip to hold the pad in place

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Take Control Of The Situation

Enjoy your favorite activities in confidence with incontinence solutions from BJ’s Wholesale Club. If you’re having difficulty with bladder control, you might dread spending time in public, especially if you’re not around a bathroom. With incontinence underwear from this line, you can get back to feeling like your old self. These smart designs are made to fit like normal underwear, and won’t look bulky or unnatural. Incontinence pads that slip into your underwear are another option. Focus on the game as you make your way through the back nine, cut a rug on the dance floor at that family wedding, or go on a long walk through the woods with your special someone.

Like all other pharmacy items from BJ’s Wholesale Club, incontinence products are manufactured by top brands and available at members-only low prices. Stock up today and spare yourself a last-minute run to the pharmacy, all while saving money on products that you need.

Adult Diapers / Briefs

How Heidi Manages Her Life with Bladder Leakage

Adult diapers, also called adult briefs, work well for those with mobility issues who require the help of a caregiver, as they are designed with tab closures for easy application and removal. Disposable briefs are optimal for individuals that experience heavy urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence. Adult briefs come in a variety of brands and absorbencies and are great for overnight protection and heavy bladder or bowel leakage. These incontinence briefs trap liquid quickly, providing long-lasting dryness and odor control.

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Are Mens Guards Right For Me

Mens guards work perfectly for men with light incontinence, or those recovering from surgery. They easily attach under clothing and stay in place, so you can have peace of mind. If youre looking for targeted protection, and you arent experiencing bowel incontinence, these are likely a good product for you. Because of their unique shape, they also function well for side sleepers or men who find that traditional pads arent shaped well enough to accommodate the shape of their anatomy.

If youre experiencing heavy incontinence, you may want to consider a mens pull-up or mens tab-style diaper.

Best For Heavy Leakage: Cardinal Health Reusable Bed Pads

These hospital-grade incontinence pads are a great option for people with heavy leakage who want to rest easily without worrying about ruining their bedding. These pads feature a waterproof moisture barrier to keep the bed and other surfaces dry while the absorbent padded core draws in liquid and locks it away. These pads are a great way to protect bedding and sheets for men, women, kids, or the elderly with urinary problems.

The best part is that these pads are washable and will work time and time again with multiple washes. They also feature a non-slip bottom layer to keep the pad in place throughout the night. This pad is latex-free, lead-free, and made with composite and polyester fabricwhich assures its safe to use on sensitive skin and comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

These briefs are a go-to option among experts for seniors with bladder issues as they offer both daytime and overnight protection. They offer up to eight hours of odor protection, strong leak protection, and re-fastenable tape tabs so they can be adjusted for the perfect fit. They will make sure you stay dry and comfortable thanks to the “SmartCool Breathability” that allows air to circulate.

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