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Best Way To Dry A Water Bladder

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Tips For Cleaning Your Hydration Bladder

How to Clean a Hydration Bladder | How I Dry My HydraPak and Osprey Bladders

Drain Your Hydration Bladder After Each Use

Emptying and drying your hydration bladder is the first step to keep it clean. Dont store your pack full of water, or even slightly damp, as this creates the ideal environment for mold and bacterial growth.

After each use, empty the bladder of water, hanging it upside-down over a sink. This saves you the hassle of regular scrubbing with soap and water. It is also vital to remember to drain if even after youve given it a deep and thorough cleaning.

Flush Out the Hose

A hydration bladder consists of a water reserve attached to a hose often valved to prevent leaks. The hose can be the most challenging element to clean due to the narrow diameter. It is also usually the first place where bacteria begin to grow. Flushing the hose removes debris and any residual microorganisms that entered the hose from your mouth.

Start by filling the bladder and then holding it above your head. Pinch the drinking valve, allowing the water to drain out until the bladder is completely empty. Doing so can prevent any water from staying in the hose in what might appear otherwise as a dry pack.

Scrub the Interior

A slick of biofilm can grow upon the porous surface of the plastic, harboring undesirable germs. Scrubbing is an effective method of preventing this build-up of bacteria within your drinking supply. Fill the inside with warm water and a mixture of mild soap. Gently scrub with a non-abrasive brush or a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Water Bottle And Reservoir Care

You might be thinking, how does something we fill with clean water ever need cleaning? But bacteria and mold are resourceful little buggers, and will inevitably find their way into your CamelBak,Platypus or other brand of hydration reservoir. Your best defense is to clean your system regularly. Its not hard to do, but the shapes are awkward and it helps if you have the right supplies and know a few tips.

How to clean a hydration bladder:

  • Gather your cleaner, plus dish soap, brushes and drying aids.
  • Mix hot water and cleaner, then fill the system.
  • Soak and drain, then scrub and rinse.
  • Allow to air dry.
  • How Do I Dry My Camelbak Bladder

    To securely hold your bladder, cover it in a clean cotton wash cloth and insert the plastic hanger from the corner through the opening at the top. For a couple of days or more, keep the rest of the pieces of the book sealed. Dont forget the towel, remove all your bladder equipment, and store away the contents as if nothing has changed.

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    Cleaning And Using Your Bladder

    Before we get into drying your bladder, I want to touch briefly on cleaning and using your bladder. Below in the photo is the insert card we included with the packaging in one of our hydration bladders.

    This shows you exactly how to clean your bladder. Do you have questions for using the bladder? Id be happy to answer them, just drop me a note here.

    Now, lets move onto the reason why you are here. This is a short list that will help you increase the life of the bladder. Scroll down below and well jump into it.

    How Do You Dry A Drinking Tube

    How to Dry Your Hydration Bladder (Few Simple Steps)

    If you fill the bladder with water, it should be as tight as possible so that the hose rests near the air to be filled. Fill the bladder again, so that it fits on the top end and is still as tight as possible. Once the air has been cleaned up, I blow it out with the mouth piece. It should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator until there is absolutely no air inside, if possible.

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    How To Dry Hydration Tube

    This guide describes what to do when someone reaches into the fill opening. Use a paper towel or dish towel to dry excess water if you can reach within reach. No big deal, just it will take longer to fully dry your hands if you cannot fit them in. The cap should be left open, and hang over the reservoirs to dry fully.

    How To Effectively Dry/clean The Inside Of Water Bladders

    After using water bladder, how to dry it thoroughly besides simply pouring out the water content so any remnant of water inside it is cleanly eliminated?

    • Are you having problems when rinsing out your water bladder with clean water and just hanging it out to dry?Sep 2, 2014 at 22:36
    • Here is a few videos on how you can clean your hydration pack. < br>< br> < Br> And a further list of other ways to clean the bladder and straw< br>

    I clean my drinking system with lots of hot water then sterilise it using baby bottle sterilising tablets. Once it is clean, I don’t dry it – I store it in the freezer. 🙂

    Additionally, I don’t use anything but water. People I know who use powdered drinks or sugar solution tell me the black mold grows really quickly inside the drinking tube and valve.

    • user2766Sep 3, 2014 at 10:51
    • That is a neat idea, but I’d guess you need to handle it carefully while frozen as the plastic may become more brittle. nekomaticSep 9, 2014 at 11:32
    • +1 For the freezer. If you don’t want to use any chemicals, use vinegar – it kills 99% of all molds.
  • Drain all the water out of the tube
  • Remove the tube from the bladder and the bite valve and hang it up
  • Bend a metal coat hanger in half
  • push the coat hanger into the bladder and hang the coat hanger up
  • You can also buy airers but the coat hanger works just as well.

    I only use filtered water in my bladder.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t used it yet .

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    How Do You Dry Out A Camelbak Bladder

    In the hole at the bottom of the bladder, place a small cloth of fabric along with the horizontal length of a plastic hanger. Let the air out slowly as you hang it up for one or two days. Be sure to unscrew the lid and cap on your bladder before storing it away since they are not functional anymore.

    Getting Rid Of Flavor

    How to Clean Your Hydration Pack | Outside

    Hydration bladders quickly absorb flavors, and if you put something else than water in it, youll probably want to get rid of the taste. In the old days, new hydration bladders also often had a plastic taste but that doesnt seem to be the case anymore. The easiest way to get rid of any taste is to fill the hydration bladder and the tube with diluted lemon juice and let it rest for a day or two.

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    Cleaning Your Bladder On The Trail

    One particularly tricky aspect of keeping your hydration bladder clean is how to clean it on the trail. For long treks especially, this is essential. So what should you take into account for cleaning a water bladder as you go? The first thing you want to consider is to make sure you have a cleaning solution thats fully biodegradable.

    Natural soaps are one option, and Bottle Bright makes biodegradable water pack cleaning tablets as well. You use these the same as any other cleaning tablets. If youre sourcing water on the trail, make sure to boil it before bringing it down to the temperature you want for cleaning.

    After that, you fill the water bladder, let it soak for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Youll want to pour the soapy water into a cathole a good distance from your water source. Again, you dont want to end up drinking soap any more than you want to be drinking mold! Other than that, its pretty easy to clean and dry a hydration bladder on the trail. You can use use-specific drying racks, clothespins and a line, or even just a Y-shaped stick to dry it out.

    How To Clean A Hydration Bladder

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    Hydration bladders are amazing for outdoor adventures like hiking and biking. Its nice to know your fluids are close by, and you dont have to deal with the bulk or weight of water bottles. However, if not properly cleaned, they can quickly become host to a nasty lot of bacterial growth. Fortunately, with the help of some common household items, you can make sure you’re quenching your thirst without also ingesting mold or mildew!

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    Drying Your Hydration Bladder

    The drying step is a little easier at home. But no less important! In addition to thorough rinsing, you want to dry your water bladder as fully as possible. Its the moistness that allows mildew and mold to grow, so making sure your bladder is totally dry before you put it away is essential. The best way to do this is to air dry your bladder in a way that maximizes airflow into the bladder.

    So you want to find a way to prop it open somewhat or hang it. If you do have a reversible bladder, turn it inside out to dry. Otherwise, you can use a cup hanger, clothes hanger, paper towel holder, or a clothespin on a line to hand dry your hydration bladder. Personally, I find a paper towel holder works best. Plus, its right there in the kitchen if youre cleaning your bladder over the sink.

    If youre going to freeze your Camelbak, make sure its not completely full and that its right side up.

    Hydration Reservoir Cleaning Tablets

    14 Important RV Dry Camping Essentials You Will Want

    Perhaps the easiest method is to use cleaning tablets made specifically for water bladders. All the major hydration reservoir brands offer cleaning tablets. Just mix them with warm water and youre ready to go. Be careful not to use hot water or boiling water as this can damage the lining of your hydration bladder.

    You can also buy full reservoir cleaning kits for Osprey, Hydrapak, Platypus, and Camelbak bladders, among others. These will provide you with brushes and scrubbers designed specifically for the hydration pack you have and can make it easier to clean the mouthpiece and drinking tube. You dont necessarily need a branded kit, however. DIY methods can work just as well.

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    Another Reason To Clean Your Hydration Bladder

    In addition to keeping you healthy and happy while camping, cleaning your hydration bladder can help you out in a few other ways as well. Regular cleaning gives you a great opportunity to examine your bladder for mold growth, tears, and other issues.

    Taking a close look at what comes out when you rinse it can help you identify a big problem before it gets worse. Or, it can give you a push to replace a bladder thats seen better days. Finally, regular cleaning and maintenance can impact your warrant!

    A lot of hydration systems come with warranties, but theyre only valid if youve been taking good care of the pack. If you do want to try and repair small problems, however, its not an unreachable goal. Small tears can be patched with silicone-based sealants, and again, lemon juice is a great way to get rid of stuck-in smells of build-up.

    How To Clean A Hydration Bladder: 4 Easy Ways Using Household Items

    By Alex Gulsby on October 11, 2017

    My boyfriend, an avid runner, backpacker, and mountain biker, has owned the same hydration bladder for 8 years. He never once washed it. When I found out, I was horrified.

    I rinse it out, he reasoned, sometimes.

    Though impressed by his fortified immune system, it was time to drop everything and clean out his hydration bladder . This wasnt just going to be a spring cleaning we were going to use every chemical in the book, any and everything that could potentially eat through 8 years of bacteria, without eating through the rubber or plastic.

    We turned to the popular Facebook group, Hikers, for suggestions.

    36 comments later, we cultivated a solid list of 8 different methods from 8 different individuals . We tried them all and narrowed the list down to the 4 best hydration bladder cleaning methods, rated on convenience, effectiveness and flavor of the water. Here are our results.

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    Take Good Care Of Your Backpack

    The backpack is the heart-piece of your equipment and deserves extra attention and care. Whether you regularly brush it down, wipe it with a cloth or throw it in the washing machine, depends on how muddy and dirty you go and on the make of your pack .

    Heres general advice on how to give the pack some love and attention before a serious outing and especially after pulling it out of storage, say after the winter months:

  • Open all pouches and pockets, make sure the zippers are zipping just fine.
  • Check for brittle plastic pieces and order replacements if needed.
  • Check the seams for potential ruptures.
  • Clean the pack inside and outside with a cloth, mild soap and warm water.
  • Check if the backpack still fits your back properly.
  • Then air it in a dry place until heading outdoors.
  • One last thing: dont wait till the last minute to go over this checklist! Give yourself a few days to react and possibly get an upgrade from our line of tactical backpacks in all sizes.

    As were talking about tactical hydration packs, the care and use of the backpack is important, but any dirt is mostly a cosmetic problem. Not so with the actual water bladder: any dirt or pollution may cause a bad taste and worst case a health-issue. So heres an in-depth look at the hydration bladder hygiene.

    Is It Ok To Freeze Camelbak Bladder

    How to dry your hydration pack

    The hydration pack keeps the contents of the water bladder cold for quite a while, especially when you put ice in it. You can also freeze the bladder when it is half full, take it out the following day, top it off with water and the ice chunk will melt even more slowly than ice cubes throughout the day.

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    How Do You Dry A Camelbak Hose

    This can be done if you use one of the three types: filling it with water and flipping it to make sure the hose is placed to the left and jiggle until there is only air remaining. Afterwards, I gently remove the air from the mouth piece by sucking it out. Its best to repeat the process until the inside of the container is completely dry if youre going to store it for a long time.

    How To Dry & Store Your Hydration Bladder

    Half the battle of keeping a clean water bladder is keeping a dry bladder. Never leave stagnant water in a bag after use and make sure that its bone dry before putting it in storage. There are several ways to do this, but no perfect way. Its a matter of preference.

    As mentioned by Ebersole above, throwing it in the freezer can be an effective way to prevent mold or mildew.

    If you dont want to store it in the freezer, dry it thoroughly with paper towels. Shape a wire hanger and fit it inside so that it can air dry. Purchase a case of canned air and spray it through the tube.

    When its time to store your hydration bladder, look for a dry and cool place where it can sit unsealed. Depending on your frequency of use, this may be the freezer. For those who use it less often, you can keep it hanging on the wire hanger in the closet for easy access, or left open in the gear closet.

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    A Special Set Of Brushes

    On the Internet, you can find a special cleaning hydration bladder kit that would help you clean not only the vessel itself but also its other parts. If your bladder doesnt wash away mold and mildew residues using only brushes and warm water, then combine the use of brushes and baking soda/lemon to help chew away the adhering particles, and the brush would already help to remove them completely.

    We believe that the best way to clean a hydration bladder is to use a special solution. But dont be discouraged if you cannot find it in stores, because it is easy to replace it with the means that almost everyone has at home . Choose the best one based on your capabilities and the degree of dirtiness of the bladder. Here are a few more tips for cleaning out the hydration bladder you may need:

    • Remember to remove all remaining water after each use
    • Dont close to ventilate vessel after each use
    • Also clean other mechanisms besides the main water tank
    • If you can use different drinks, wash the reservoir before refilling, or have another one for other liquids
    • Place the dry water tank in the freezer to kill other bacteria and prevent mold from growing.

    If you plan on cleaning regularly, then you can use lighter cleaning methods, including special bills. If you rarely cleaned the tank and unpleasant odors and mold have already appeared there, it is better to use ready-made special products that would probably cope with this task.

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