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Pumpkin Seed Extract For Overactive Bladder

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How Soon Ill See Results If Taking Pumpkin Seed Oil For Bph

Kordel’s Uriflo – What Happens When Your Bladder Is Overly Active?

It is important to note that men have to be patient when using pumpkin seed oil for BPH.

While effective, it may take up to 6 months to show a full benefit in men. Generally, pumpkin seed is beneficial in men with mild or moderate urine symptoms.

Men with more severe symptoms or who have a very slow stream, stones in the bladder or bleeding in the urine would benefit from more aggressive treatments.

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What Research Says About Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil For Bladder Health

While a wide variety of pumpkins are grown across the world, not all the varieties have been studied for their efficacy against urinary disorders.

However, pumpkin seed oil extracted from the variety Cucurbita pepo is found to be highly effective in the management and treatment of urinary disorders.

Its efficacy was established in a clinical trial involving more than 2000 men suffering from benign prostate hypertrophy . The study found that regular ingestion of the oil had a significant impact on urinary disorder.

More recently, Japanese researchers found another variety of pumpkin to be useful for the purpose. The oil from the seeds of C.maxima was found to reduce incontinence by 79%, with a decrease in daytime incontinence by 39% and nighttime urination down by 68%.

What Does This Mean

This study provides evidence that the combination of pumpkin seed and soy germ extract can relieve overactive bladder symptoms naturally and improve quality of life. Whether used on their own or alongside other behavioral changes, such alternative solutions allow patients to avoid high costs and harmful side effects of conventional treatments. They also give them a chance to manage their symptoms intimately, especially if they feel uneasy about seeking professional help. Other herbs that may bring relief from overactive bladder symptoms are horsetail and saw palmetto.

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How To Add Pumpkin Seeds Into Your Diet

Pumpkin seeds are wonderfully versatile and can be used in a range of dishes, both sweet and savoury. Some of our favourite ways to incorporate pumpkin seeds into your diet are:

  • adding them to a salad they add a delicious natural crunch for some extra flavour and texture
  • popping them in a smoothie you wont even notice theyre there once theyre all ground up and you can use raw seeds
  • make bread add them inside the dough or top your bread with them
  • try them in pesto they make a great replacement for pine nuts
  • add to muesli top your favourite breakfast cereal with them. Other breakfast ideas include sprinkling them on top of yoghurt or adding them to pancake batter.
  • top soup with them roasted pumpkin seeds add a splash of colour and crunch to soup
  • add to cookies for a bit of extra nuttiness
  • try pumpkin seed butter a wonderful alternative to almond butter and works great on toast

As you can see, there is some evidence that pumpkin seeds are beneficial for those with an overactive bladder. Plus, theyre really delicious and compliment a wide range of dishes, so theyll be easy to add into your diet!

Pumpkin Seed And Soy Improve Womens Quality Of Life

crops and seed: Water Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract For Overactive Bladder

Due to an increasing aging society, the number of people suffering from urination dysfunction has reached an all-time high.

In three separate studies on aging women, water-soluble pumpkin seed and soy extracts rapidly reduced the number of incontinent episodes and the number of day and nighttime urinations .1-3

The beneficial effect was shown to statistically increase with the duration of each study, indicating that a steady improvement might occur when used longer than six to eight weeks.

This proprietary water-soluble pumpkin seed and soy extract can significantly improve urinary incontinence in postmenopausal women and thereby improve mobility and quality of life in affected individuals.

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Pumpkin Seed Extract Benefits

Pumpkin seed has been used in alternative and home medicines for centuries. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, people took pumpkin seed oil to kill parasitic worms and prevent their return . To add, people used pumpkin seed extract to treat infections. But in the 21st century, were more aware than ever of pumpkin seed extracts wide-ranging health benefits.

Its not always handy to reach for a handful of pumpkin seeds. But pumpkin seed extract is easy to add to many dishes and beverages. Its nutrient dense, containing many different vitamins, minerals, healthy fibers and oils. By any measure, pumpkin seed extract is a nutritional powerhouse .

What Is Pumpkin Seed Extract

For centuries pumpkin seeds have been used to stimulate overall health and prevent excessive urination in men and women. In Europe today, pumpkin seed extract is a particularly common in natural remedy for overactive bladder and urinary incontinence . Pumpkin seeds have been used for treating urinary problems in Europe for over 500 years. Native Americans also used the seeds for urinary disorders, and health agencies in Germany have approved pumpkin seed treatments for irritable bladder and other urinary symptoms caused by enlarged prostate in men.

The seeds are pressed and the oils in the seeds are extracted to be used for medicinal and culinary purposes. There are basically two types of pumpkin seed extract: oil soluble extract and water soluble extract. Studies have been performed to test out both types, but the water soluble pumpkin seed extract clearly outperforms the oil soluble extract for urinary problems.

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Can We Use Pumpkin Seeds For An Overactive Bladder

Pumpkin seed is a widespread natural therapy for OAB. According to a recently trusted study, pumpkin seed oil is a capable material to treat or stop symptoms of OAB and other kinds of urinary disorders. Researchers are probing into pumpkin seed oil, seeds, extract, and more from pumpkin to treat OAB.

Healthy Phytonutrients In The Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Bladder Pain? My Experience

These special molecules made by plants phytonutrients or phytochemicals or phytoestrogens have shown to help the body control cholesterol levels, heart rate and blood pressure as well as help facilitate healthy hormone balancing. The characteristic dark green colour of Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil is a result of the phytonutrients present in the oil. Did you know that Scientists have only recently discovered many thousand of kinds of these nutrients and more are being found every year? Scientists have grouped these substances based on their protective functions and the physical characteristics of the molecules: These include:

Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Isoflavones, Isothiocyanates, Thiols & Tocotrienols

for more detailed information about these amazing chemical compounds found only in plants and a detailed description of the main groups listed above. These represent just a few of the exciting and emerging new nutrients from plants that have hit the Natural Products Industry. There are still many yet to be identified and isolated for study. Their importance should not be underestimated since they elicit protective benefits that are more powerful than vitamins and minerals.

to read a 2011 pilot study of the effects of these healthy nutrients in women.

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What Is An Overactive Bladder

It is a condition that combines symptoms such as urinating frequently, an urgency to treat urine, leakage, and urinating at night. If you have one or multiple of these symptoms it can be an overactive bladder. This condition causes a negative impact on life especially if one has an overactive bladder at night.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Extracted From Cucurbita Maxima Improves Urinary Disorder In Human Overactive Bladder

The pumpkin seed oil obtained from Cucurbita pepo has been shown to be useful for the treatment of nocturia in patients with urinal disorders in several western countries.

In this study, we evaluated the effect of the pumpkin seed oil from Cucurbita maxima on urinary dysfunction in human overactive bladder . Forty-five subjects were enrolled in this study. An extract of pumpkin seed oil from C. maxima was orally administrated for 12 weeks. After 6 and 12 weeks, urinary function was evaluated using Overactive Bladder Symptom Score . Pumpkin seed oil from C. maxima significantly reduced the degree of OABSS in the subjects. The results from our study suggest that pumpkin seed oil extracts from C. maxima as well as from C. pepo are effective for urinary disorders such as OAB in humans.

Nishimura M, Ohkawara T, Sato H, Takeda H, Nishihira J. Are you the author? Department of Medical Management and Informatics, Hokkaido Information University, Ebetsu 069-441, Japan Section of Research and Development, Hokkaido Food Industry Promotion Organization, Sapporo, Japan Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, Hokkaido University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sapporo, Japan Section of Research and Development, Hokushin Foods, Co. Ltd, Ebetsu, Japan Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, Hokkaido University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sapporo, Japan.

Reference: J Tradit Complement Med. 2014 Jan 4:72-4. doi: 10.4103/2225-4110.124355

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Causes Of Overactive Bladder

Several things cause this condition. At times, no specific reason also leads to this condition. However, below are the major causes.

1. Weak Pelvic Muscles

Pregnancy and delivery cause weak and stretched pelvic muscles leading to this condition. With such muscles, the bladder sags out and leads to leakages.

2. Nerve Damage

Occasionally signals are dispatched to the bladder and brain to clear at the incorrect time. Diseases and trauma cause this condition. Such conditions include pelvic or back surgery, herniated disc, radiation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, and stroke.

3. Medicines, Alcohol, And Caffeine

All these materials weaken the nerves thereby affecting the brains signal. This may cause an overflow of the bladder. Caffeine and diuretics may even cause the bladder to fill quickly and leak possibly. Caffeine and carbonated drinks shouldnt be given often to children as they are one of the causes of overactive bladder in children.

4. Infection

Infections such as a urinary tract infection can infuriate the bladder nerves and lead to a bladder squeeze without alert. Excess weight and estrogen deficiency after menopause may also cause this condition. The latter is one of the main causes of overactive bladder in women.

The Who Knew Of Pumpkin Seeds:

Bladder Sure with Go Less Health Supplement  Maximum Strength Pumpkin ...
  • Full of antioxidants that may protect against disease and reduce inflammation
  • May help prevent certain types of cancers
  • Low in cholesterol and sodium
  • Shown to reduce symptoms of overactive bladder and benign prostate hypertrophy
  • Rich in magnesium, which has many health benefits including: blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart health, and bone health
  • May reduce blood sugar levels and risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Good source of zinc, magnesium, and tryptophan – all which promote a good night sleep
  • High zinc content which may increase male fertility and sperm quality
  • Good source of fiber

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Underlying Cause Of Urinary Miseries

In women, stress incontinence is usually caused by a weakening of the bladder sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. Shrinkage of tissues where the bladder and urethra meet also contributes to the problem. Hormonal changes occurring after menopause are thought to be an underlying cause of these anatomical changes in the bladder sphincter that lead to urinary incontinence.

In postmenopausal women, decreased androgen levels weaken the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles, while an estrogen deficit induces atrophy of the urethra.

Mainstream medicine offers only mediocre therapies to address urinary incontinence. Drugs commonly used for this condition are expensive and side-effect-prone. Only a small proportion of the affected population seeks treatment because most people consider their urinary symptoms a consequence of normal aging.

Fortunately, a safe, natural, and low-cost approach has been developed that has demonstrated remarkable benefits in human clinical trials.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil May Help With Urinary Issues

Natural Support for an Overactive Bladder

DOES IT WORK?Pumpkins and mens health

WHILE PUMPKINS dont receive much attention in Ireland, they can be found all over the place in the US at this time of the year. Having been carved up as Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, they will soon appear as pumpkin pies for the traditional Thanksgiving dessert at the end of November.

If you have ever carved up a pumpkin, you will know they are loaded with seeds. Sometimes these are roasted to give a crunchy snack, but they have also been used medicinally.

Pumpkin seed oil can be extracted from the seeds and contains a number of fatty acids, vitamins and other ingredients. It is receiving much attention as a potential treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia . This condition becomes more common as men enter their 50s and get older. It arises when the prostate gland becomes swollen and can lead to difficulties urinating, especially at night, and can be very painful.

Urinary infections and other kidney problems may develop also, but it is not believed to lead to prostate cancer. Pharmaceutical treatments are available, but have side effects.

Herbal remedies such as saw palmetto and pygeum are sometimes recommended for BPH, and products combining pumpkin seed oil with these herbs are becoming more popular.

A large German study gave a pumpkin seed extract to more than 2,000 men with BPH. After three months, the mens urinary symptoms had improved significantly, as had their scores on a quality of life questionnaire.

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How Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Work

The pumpkin seed oil acts as an anabolic, meaning it can effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This medicinal herb also acts by combining with the androgen receptor present on the pelvic muscle cells, resulting in a strengthening effect. By improving the structural integrity of your pelvic muscles, this oil helps to restore proper functioning of your bladder.

Why Good Fats Are Essential

Wondering how supplementing with a fat-filled capsule will help promote your health?

For this we need to take a closer look at the fats in pumpkin seed oil. A large percentage of the fats in pumpkin seed oil belong to a group called polyunsaturated fats, the kind of fats youll find in fatty fish, seeds, nuts, plant-based oils and seed oils.

Known as good fats, polyunsaturated fats are essential to the body for absorbing vitamins and providing critical nutrients for your body to function properly.

Two main types of polyunsaturated fats are the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. These essential fats play a vital role in brain function, cell rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory activity and more.

But why are these fats especially important?

The body is able to produce all the fatty acids it needs, except for: linoleic acid , and alpha-linolenic acid .

Since your body cannot produce these essential fatty acids, you have to find ways of incorporating them in your diet.

One feature that makes pumpkin seed oil stand out is that it is made up of over 50% linoleic acid , and some amount of monounsaturated fats which help promote HDL, or good cholesterol levels.

When substituted for saturated fats, research has shown that both poly and monounsaturated fats can help to lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

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