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Always Discreet Pads For Bladder Leaks

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For Decades, Most Bladder Leak Pads Were Similar

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Always Discreet Helps Make Bladder Leaks Feel Like No Big Deal

Bladder sensitivity is a widespread issue among women, but many who suffer from it are too embarrassed to discuss it with their doctor. While 1 in 3 women has a sensitive bladder or incontinence, only 1 in 9 uses incontinence products. And many use menstrual pads, which are not designed to manage bladder leaks.

As the global leader in feminine protection that has cared for changing feminine care needs for more than 30 years, the Always brand is extending its trusted name into the incontinence aisle with its launch of New Always Discreet.

The product of extensive consumer research and testing, Always Discreet is designed with womenâs needs in mindâgiving them incredible protection, odor control, comfort and discretion.

âAlways, as a brand, is about every stage of a womanâs life, and new Always Discreet will allow women to continue living their lives fully, even when managing a sensitive bladder. We have the best technology portfolio of any company, and we will once again deliver this through the launch of Always Discreet,â said Steve Bishop, Group President Global Feminine Care and Family Care. âWith new Always Discreet, women will no longer have to choose between comfort OR protection they will have both comfort AND protectionâallowing them to continue pursuing all their favorite activities with confidence.â

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Surgery For A Pelvic Organ Prolapse

If you have severe bladder prolapse, surgery may be required. During surgery, a mesh support is inserted into the vaginal wall and the bladderâs position is corrected. This can be performed under general, regional or local anesthesia. Talk with your doctor for more information on surgery options and if it is required to fix your prolapsed bladder.

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Always Discreet Long Incontinence Pads

Looking for incredibly strong bladder leak protection that is barely noticeable under clothes? Always Discreet Long Incontinence Pads offer up to 100% leak-free protection thanks to a unique absorbent core that absorbs leaks in seconds to keep your skin dry and comfortable for hours. Plus, two RapidDry layers form a boosted protection zone in the center, giving you extra protection where you need it most. Even with unexpected leaks, the LeakGuards help to keep wetness away from the sides, while the lightly-scented OdorLock technology neutralizes odors instantly and continuously. Find your right size with the Always Discreet My Fit chart and get the protection you need. Experience incredible bladder leak protection in a surprisingly discreet incontinence pad.

Take your health to the next level with guaranteed FSA eligible Feminine Care products.

  • Always Discreet Long Incontinence Pads offer up to 100% leak-free protection
  • Unique boosted protection zone in the center for protection where you need it most
  • Comfortable and discreet fit that is barely noticeable under clothes
  • OdorLock technology neutralizes odors instantly and continuously
  • LeakGuards help keep wetness away from sides


Protection For Bladder Prolapse & Incontinence

Always Discreet Heavy Long Pads for Bladder Leaks Feminine Pads 12 ct ...

While youâre going through these treatments, it can be helpful to wear protection against little urine leaks resulting from your condition so you can feel as comfortable as possible. Always Discreet liners and pads come in a variety of different sizes and absorbencies to match urinary needs. Always Discreet liners and pads quickly turn liquid and odors into gel to keep you confident and comfortable throughout your day.

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