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Cat Food To Prevent Bladder Stones

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Customers Choice: Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care

Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

Formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians to target many urinary problems that felines suffer from, Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care is clinically tested to lower the recurrence rate of most common urinary issues signs by 89%. This dry food dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days and helps maintain optimal urine pH levels. To achieve this, the formula contains controlled levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as potassium citrate- which decreases urine sodium levels and increases pH value, ultimately helping dissolve and prevent stones from forming. Made with ocean fish, it is an excellent choice for kitties that prefer fishy flavors- and its an additional essential fatty acid boost, too!

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Royal Canin Feline Urinary So Dry Food Best Dry Cat Food For Urinary Health

Royal Canin makes our list again with this Feline Urinary SO Dry Food that is formulated to support the good health of the bladder and entire urinary tract in adult cats.

We found the food very effective, especially when cats get bored with or refuse to take wet food, which happens pretty often. Like other foods from Royal Canin, this food is also very effective for supporting whole body health.

The food is formulated to promote an environment that discourages the development of calcium oxalate crystals. All the minerals used in this food are carefully balanced to ensure that your cat only gets what it needs for building strong bones and a strong immune system.

This implies that in addition to reducing the risk of urinary crystals, your cat will also be able to fight other diseases and ailments.


Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Formula

– Helps reduce urinary pH

Hey, I get it, not all of us can afford to go out and buy the most premium brand of cat food every time our cat gets sick. Luckily, Purina Pro Plan Wet Food offers similar benefits to Royal Canin Urinary SO, but at a lower price point.

Cats, even ones with poor appetite, gobble this stuff up. Thats fantastic because the moisture in this cat food will go a long way towards rehydrating kitty by helping him pee with more gusto.

This food’s low magnesium content helps to break up and prevent the formation of struvite crystals that cause bladder stones. Purina doesnt go out of their way to claim a low calcium content, but there’s nothing in the ingredients that suggest it’s particularly high in calcium either. This is ideal because approximately half of bladder stone cases form from calcium deposits.

One of the few drawbacks is that they don’t use the same grade of premium protein that Royal Canin does. This isnt to say that the quality is bad. They use real chicken and avoid the use of fillers. When it comes down to it, Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Formula is an effective way to reduce urinary pH and help prevent the return of bladder stones.

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Symptoms Of Feline Urinary Tract Disease

It can be difficult to determine when something ails your cat, and it is especially hard if the cat has outdoor access and prefers to eliminate outdoors. Even so, here is a standard list of behaviors that may indicate the presence of FLUTD:

  • Urinating outside the litter box, especially in places like a tub or cool tile floor.
  • Straining when urinating, taking a long time to urinate, and urinating frequently.
  • Urinating small amounts.
  • Excessive grooming of genital area

Are There Different Types Of Bladder Stones In Cats

The Best Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health (Review) in 2021

Yes, there are a number of different types of bladder stones seen in cats, the 2 most common are calcium oxalate and struvite stones.

Calcium Oxalate Stones

Calcium oxalate stones typically develop in cats with urine that is highly acidic. It is also common to see calcium oxalate stones in cats with high urine and blood calcium levels and in cats suffering from chronic kidney disease.

These stones are most often seen in cats that are between 5 and 14 years of age.

Struvite stones

Struvite stones are most common in cats with highly alkaline urine which can be the result of a urinary tract infection but this is not always the case. These bladder stones are often seen in cats who consume high amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, chloride and fiber.

A genetic factor may also influence a cat’s risk of developing struvite stones since Siamese cats appear to be predisposed to developing struvite stones.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Cat Foods

Different cat food brands exist, but not all of them are suitable or healthy for your pet.

There are various factors to consider when choosing the right cat food to improve your pets urinary health.

Its always important to give your pet a nutritionally complete diet to prevent urinary problems.

This means that whatever pet food you give your pet should meet the guidelines recommended by the AAFCO.

If you are a raw feeder or choosing canned cat food, you should buy cat food brands that offer nutritionally complete cat diets.

Similarly, buy cat kibble that is meat-based and nutritionally complete and balanced.

If you do feed dry food, be sure that your cat is drinking enough water.

Ensure that whatever cat food you choose for your cat is low in carbohydrates.

Excess carbs can cause other health conditions like diabetes in felines.

Also, be sure to provide your pet with clean water after every meal.

Lastly, special vet-approved diets that help prevent urinary problems exist.

These are called therapeutic diets, and they usually work for treating bladder stones.

But you should get your vets approval first before administering this diet to your pet.

The Best Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health Is Rich In Moisture

Moisture is the single most important dietary factor in FLUTD defense. High-moisture food keeps water flowing through your cats system, flushing out mineral deposits and helping to prevent infection. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of high-moisture food, showing that it can help to reduce FLUTD recurrence and may prevent it altogether.

Why high-moisture food, though? If hydration is key, why not just give your cat a bowl of clean water?

Cats evolved as desert animals, adapted to life without water bowls. Instead of getting thirsty and drinking like dogs and people do, cats get most of their hydration from their prey. A mouse is 65-80% water. The best cat food for urinary tract health is equally juicy, effortlessly providing all the moisture your cat needs.

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What Are The Clinical Signs Of Struvite Bladder Stones

Struvite stones, like other bladder stones, cause significant inflammation and irritation of the bladder wall. Therefore, they cause signs similar to those of a urinary tract infection or other inflammatory bladder disease.

Signs of bladder stones typically include frequent urination, straining to urinate, blood in the urine, and urinating outside of the litterbox. Some cats show nonspecific signs of discomfort, such as lethargy and decreased appetite.

In some cats, bladder stones do not produce any symptoms at all. These stones may be detected as part of the workup of another condition.

Best Cat Food For Urinary Tract Crystals: 4 Leading Brands

Homeade food urinary track stones prevention

Urinary tract issues are not that uncommon in cats. Especially with cats that have been on a dry food diet for some time.

A lot of dry foods dont provide the proper balance of nutrition and vitamins a cat needs and they can develop urinary tract crystals .

A health condition that is a particularly uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous health issue if left untreated.

While its vital you get your cat seen by a vet and act on their advice, they will almost certainly recommend some dietary changes going forward.

One of the cats I adopted many years ago went through this exact process. By changing up his diet to include the best cat food for urinary tract crystals he made a full recovery and never had further issues.

Here is everything youll need to know about why some cats develop urinary tract crystals, the signs to look out for, and the best foods to help your kitty avoid this health issue.


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Cat Foods For Urinary Health

The urinary health of your cat is incredibly important. If your cat begins displaying symptoms of feline lower urinary tract disease such as straining in the cat litter box, having increased urination, showing blood in the urine, urinating in an unusual spot or excessively licking the genitalsyour cat should see a vet right away. The syndrome can have many causes, some serious. Get facts on urinary tract disease in cats. Many foods, both prescription cat food and over-the-counter cat food, can help prevent and heal lower urinary tract disease. Here are five:

Brands Making The Best Cat Food For Urinary Health

Dont know which brand to choose? You may have heard of Royal Canin, Purina, IAMS, and other big cat food giants, but what are the specific lines that target health problems like FLUTD? Our top picks include:

  • Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet
  • Hills Prescription Diet
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet and
  • Wysong Uretic.

Your vet may have given you an initial recommendation, but that doesnt mean your kitty has to stick to one brand or flavor for life. Check with his medical professional first, but usually:

  • Most vets will approve other brands, as long as a formula is designed for your cats special urinary requirements, and
  • They dont necessarily need to stick to dry food often, the best wet cat food for urinary health is just as good.

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S To Reduce The Recurrence Of Bladder Stones

Sick of seeing “stoned” cats and dogs at your veterinary practice? Dont pass the chance to stop the strain by preventing recurring bladder stones in dogs and cats.

Pet owners are often surprised to learn their cat or dog is suffering from bladder stones, also known as cystic calculi. While bladder stones may be caused by a variety of underlying conditions, such as chronic urinary tract infections, abnormal metabolism and liver disease, its also possible for otherwise healthy dogs and cats to suffer from this condition. Pets with a history of bladder stones may be more likely to experience a recurrence in the future. The good news: We can educate pet owners to lower a pets risk for a recurrence.

Ultimately, preventing a recurrence will depend on the type of stone a pet has developed and the underlying causes that led to its formation. Understanding which type of stone the pet is prone to forming can help the veterinarian make a treatment plan and more effectively direct any changes to a pets diet or lifestyle.

DIAGNOSIS. Some stones may dissolve with simple diet adjustments, while others may require surgical removal.

Forza10 Urinary Active Cat Food

Kattovit Feline Diet Urinary Tuna (Struvite stones) 175 g Urinary care

Forza10 Urinary Active provides a specially formulated diet designed to help support a healthy urinary system.

The ingredients in this food stop struvite crystals forming. Its ideal for cats with FLUTD or those at risk of developing crystals.

There is a complex combination of botanicals that help the kidneys to work better, keep the environment of the urinary tract healthy, and Im assured it tastes great too.

While not a brand I was familiar with, and Im sure not many cat owners will have tried it. Forza10 is worth consideration if your vet has recommended a change in diet due to bladder issues and crystals forming.

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What Are Bladder Stones And Urinary Crystals In Cats

Urine is produced in the kidneys, stored in the bladder and runs out of the body through the urethra tube. Urine carries away water, dissolved protein waste and excess minerals.

Crystals can form when there are more waste materials than can be dissolved in the urine. Often, if the cat has a perfectly healthy urinary tract, then these crystals can be passed out before they become big enough to cause a problem.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bladder Stones

The most expedient method is surgical removal of the stones. This method is required for calcium oxalate stones. Struvite stones can sometimes be dissolved using a specific prescription diet, though this often takes 1-2 months.

Other methods of resolving stones are less commonly employed. Lithotripsy is a procedure that uses either shockwaves or a laser to break down stones after which they may be removed by an endoscope or allowed to pass on their own. My own kitty was treated with shockwave lithotripsy while I was in veterinary school to break up his single bladder stone, allowing him to pass the smaller pieces. This method can be successful, but the equipment is usually only found at universities or specialty hospitals and is not used by most general practitioners.

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Overall Best: Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken

  • Type: Wet/Canned
  • Made In: United States

Water is everything when youre feeding a cat prone to urinary tract disease and this food is sopping wet. Its a consommé-style food thats 80% moisture. Soft, succulent chicken is set in chicken broth with sunflower seed oil.

Because its made from chicken meat without a lot of bone or connective tissue, the food is relatively low in ash and shouldnt increase your cats risk of developing urinary tract crystals. Its species-appropriate, meat-centric ingredient list keeps its pH within a carnivore-appropriate range.

With all the qualities we look for in a urinary diet, a generally carnivore-worthy ingredient list, and a history of deliciousness, this food is a good option whether your cat is prone to urinary tract issues or not.

Feed Your Companion A Therapeutic Diet

What is the Cause of Bladder Stones in Dogs (and how to prevent them) – Dog Health Vet Advice

Commercial therapeutic diets are the best option for reducing the development of most types of stones, says Heinze, who is board-certified in veterinary nutrition.

Home-cooked diets are usually a second choice for dogs that cant eat a commercial diet, rather than the first choice for stone prevention, because they cant undergo the kinds of testing that commercial therapeutic diets do to ensure that the urine produced has the greatest chance of reducing stone risk, she says.

Therapeutic diets work by providing less of the substances that form the stones, Su says. Some of these diets are designed for prevention of stones, and some for dissolution of stones , so make sure the pet is monitored by a veterinarian while on these diets.

The type of diet your vet prescribes will depend on the stone. For example, for dogs with urate and cysteine bladder stones, your vet will recommend specific lower protein therapeutic diets that promote alkaline pH and reduce intake of stone precursors, says Larsen, who is board-certified in veterinary nutrition.

To prevent calcium oxalate stones, the prescribed diet will likely have moderate levels of protein, calcium, and phosphorous. And it may have increased sodium chloride or higher fiber, explains Dr. Joe Bartges, professor of medicine and nutrition at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia in Athens.

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What Are The Signs Of Urinary Tract Problems In Cats

Some signs of urinary problems are harder to spot than others. They will vary between animals but can include:

  • Your cat is experiencing pain while trying to urinate
  • She is urinating away from her kitty litter often somewhere cool, e.g. in a corner, on cold paving, or in the sink
  • She is trying to urinate more often than usual, and is straining to do so
  • Reddish urine, or clear signs of blood in her urine.

Your kitty may also be drinking a lot more water if she has a kidney issue, and because your cat is going through so much unpleasantness, you will likely also notice she is acting cranky. If you suspect your pet has FLUTD or another kind of urinary complication, please take her to the vet as soon as you can. The best urinary cat food will often be part of a larger treatment that can involve antibiotics or similar.

How Nutrition Can Help:

Nutrition can help in 3 ways

Different types of stone require a different type of diet below are the SPECIFIC diets for each type of stone

  • Has lower protein reducing the concentration of oxalate in the urine.
  • Makes the urine more alkaline, discouraging crystals from forming.
  • Added potassium citrate keeps the calcium oxalate in solution rather than forming into solid crystals

SPECIFIC FKD & FKW KidneySupport: A choice of wet and dry foods to help prevent the recurrence of Calcium Oxalate and the less common Urate and Cystine stones.

Urate stones and Cystine stones:

  • Has a low purine concentration
  • Has lower protein
  • Creates more alkaline urine discouraging crystals from forming.
SPECIFIC FKD & FKW Kidney Support: A choice of wet and dry foods to help prevent the recurrence of Calcium Oxalate and the less common Urate and Cystine stones.

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What Ingredients You Should Avoid

Cats nutritional requirements differ from ours.

So sometimes, ingredients that are safe for humans are unsafe for cats.

For instance, the biologically appropriate diet for felines is meat.

Cats dont need high amounts of carbohydrates since they can get the energy they need from protein.

So, avoid foods that contain high amounts of carbs.

Also, avoid cat foods that contain many synthetic minerals and chemical preservatives.

And when you choose a supposedly meat-based cat food for your pet, ensure that it does not contain animal by-products.

Animal by-products are substandard ingredients, and they cannot provide the essential nutrients your pet needs.

Lastly, never use onions or garlic whenever you make homemade cooked food for your pet! These two ingredients are toxic to cats.

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