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Bladder Mesh Class Action Lawsuit

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Pelvic Mesh Verdicts And Settlements

Vaginal Mesh / Bladder Sling Lawsuits Update

The plaintiffs have won 27 trials, the defendants have won 7 and thousands have been resolved. The verdicts, settlements, manufacturers, products, and jurisdictions include:

  • 1/20: $0 Salinero v. Ethicon/JJ FL
  • 6/19: $500,000 Dunfee v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 5/19: $80+ million Mesigian v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 4/19: $120 million McFarland v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 1/19: $41 million Emmett v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 4/18: $68 million McGinnis v. Bard NJ
  • 3/18: $35 million Kaiser v. Ethicon/JJ IN
  • 9/17: $57.1 million Ebaugh v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 5/17: $2.16 million Betz v. Ethicon PA
  • 4/17: $20.0 million Engleman v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 2/16: $13.5 Carlino v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 2/16: $0 Sherrer v. Boston Scientific MO
  • 12/15: $12.5 million Hammons v. Ethicon/JJ PA
  • 10/15: $0 Martha Carlson v. Boston Scientific NC
  • 10/15: $0 Carol Cavness v. Ethicon/JJ TX
  • 5/15: $100 million Deborah Barda v. Boston Scientific DL
  • 3/15: $5.7 million Coleen Perry Ethicon/JJ CA
  • 5/15: Settled Sanchez v. Boston Scientific CA
  • 3/15: Settled Bellew v. Ethicon MDL
  • 2/15: Settled Wise v. Bard MDL
  • 11/14: $6.7+ million Amal Eghnayem Boston Scientific MDL FL
  • 11/14: $6.7+ million Margarita Dotres Boston Scientific MDL FL
  • 11/14: $6.7+ million Mania Nunez Boston Scientific MDL FL
  • 11/14: $6.5+ million Juana Betancourt Boston Scientific MDL FL
  • 11/14: $5.25 million Jeanie Blankenship Boston Scientific MDL
  • 11/14: $4.75 million Chris Wilson Boston Scientific MDL
  • 8/14: $0 Maria Cardenas Boston Scientific MA
  • What To Do If Your Pain And Suffering Are The Result Of A Hernia Mesh Implant

    You must seek medical attention, especially if the complications have not stopped 30 days after the implant surgery. There are several causes of hernia mesh device failure and resulting injuries. For instance, if you have severe headaches and never before experienced these kinds of headaches until after hernia repair surgery using mesh regardless of whether the headaches started immediately or years later it could be a symptom of a defective hernia mesh implant. Always make sure your doctor or other healthcare provider knows about your hernia mesh repair surgery.

    Then contact the Shouse Law Group. You do not want to wait to contact an attorney because the statute of limitations sets limits on how long you have to file a claim. If you fail to file within the time limit set on a state-by-state basis you lose your eligibility to file. In the hernia mesh litigation, statutes of limitations run anywhere from one year to six years, again depending on the state. And there may be factors in your specific case that shorten or lengthen your deadline to file suit.

    When you call, we will ask you to provide the following information:

    • The date of your hernia surgery and any revision surgeries
    • A list of your symptoms and complications
    • If you know it, the manufacturer and model of your mesh device

    What Are The Bases For Transvaginal Mesh Settlements And Lawsuits

    In the claims against mesh manufacturers, women state that the companies had a legal duty to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their pelvic mesh products, but instead provided patients with false and misleading information.

    Other allegations against manufacturers in vaginal mesh lawsuits include legal claims like:

    • Failure to create safe, effective methods to remove mesh
    • Failure to warn patients of potential complications and health problems
    • Intentional misleading of the FDA, doctors, patients and the public
    • Failure to properly test the mesh
    • Failure to research medical risks

    There are many options for women pursuing a mesh lawsuit. See a list of current transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

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    How A Transvaginal Mesh Defect Lawyer Can Help

    When you come to Crumley Roberts, you will find that our attorneys and support staff take your concerns to heart. We realize you are going through an extremely difficult time in your life and want to help you through to a brighter future.

    Our lawyers can handle transvaginal mesh lawsuits involving such side effects as:

    • Mesh erosion

    Risks Of Choosing A Bladder Sling


    Opting for a bladder sling is usually marketed as less invasive and safe, but all surgeries carry some risks. The risks of bladder slings are having problems urinating, having newfound urge incontinence, developing an infection at the incision site, and damaging the internal organ.

    One serious complication is the protrusion of the mesh from the inside. If you are suffering from this complication, you may need revision or replacement surgery.

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    Boston Scientific Mesh Lawsuits

    According to the company’s February 2019 financial filings, there are currently more than 53,000 lawsuits in federal and state courts against Boston Scientific due to its synthetic mesh implants. Boston Scientific has settled some of the lawsuits against it. In 2015 the company paid a $119 million settlement to resolve approximately 3,000 claims. However, there are still thousands of outstanding cases pending against the company.

    $120 Million Mesh Verdict

    $120 Million was awarded to a transvaginal mesh plaintiff on April 24, 2019. The jury found that Ethicon, the Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, negligently designed the pelvic mesh implant forcing Susan McFarland to suffer with incontinence and chronic pain that prevented her from having sex with her husband for over ten years. The TVT-O implanted in 2008 sawed through the soft tissue in Susans pelvis and was exposed in her vagina. She was eventually forced to undergo a second surgery to remove a portion of the implant. This is the second trial for the McFarland couple as the first jury deadlocked in September 2018, resulting in a retrial.

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    The Ferraro Law Firms Product Liability Attorneys Will Fight For Your Rights

    Based in Florida, our defective medical device attorneys can also take cases nationwide, and we have a strong track record of success when it comes to complex product liability claims. With billions recovered for injury victims in the past, were not afraid to take on global pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and hold them accountable for their actions. Whether you were the victim of deceptive advertising practices or have a strict liability claim over device defects, our attorneys have the determination and drive to carry your case through to trial if necessary.

    Call or contact us online to get started with a Y-mesh or pelvic mesh claim.

    History And Fda Warnings

    Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit 2013 – Bladder / Pelvic Sling Attorney

    Surgical mesh is a metallic or polymeric screen surgically implanted to reinforce and support weakened soft tissue or bone. On the market since the 1950s for use in abdominal hernias, gynecologists in the 1970s began using surgical mesh to reinforce vaginal tissue to treat pelvic organ prolapse. In the 1990s, surgeons began using surgical mesh to treat stress urinary incontinence in women.

    Transvaginal mesh was approved for sale through the 510 process simply by comparing it to the kind of mesh used to treat abdominal hernias. Most transvaginal mesh products on the market today are based on Boston Scientific Corp.s ProteGen mesh, which the FDA approved in 1996 as the first surgical mesh to treat stress urinary incontinence. Two years later, the FDA approved Johnson & Johnsons Gynecare TVT mesh through the 510 process after the company claimed the mesh was substantially equivalent to ProteGen.

    In , the FDA recalled Boston Scientifics ProteGen sling due to the large number of complications experienced by women, including erosion of the vaginal tissues. The complete irony is that a majority of the transvaginal mesh are based upon this recalled defective device.

    On October 20, 2008, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration issued an urgent public health notification to physicians and patients regarding serious complications associated with transvaginal placement of surgical mesh in repair of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence .

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    The Bladder Sling Class

    The jury found that the faulty device failed to warn patients of potential risks. Moreover, the manufacturers didnt properly test the devices or simulate the vaginal environment in their tests. It is unclear whether the bladder slings were designed to be safe, but the case highlights the need for more research on the safety of these products.

    If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you may be eligible to file a bladder sling class-action lawsuit. Even though there are numerous cases involving this procedure, it remains an unfavorable medical procedure. Many women who have suffered from the effects of a bladder sling have lost their lives due to complications and pain. While there are few specifics in a lawsuit, it is important to note that the bladder sling class action is still under investigation and will continue to grow.

    $68 Million Mesh Verdict

    A New Jersey state jury rendered a verdict against C.R. Bard the total amount of $68 million in damages on Friday the 13th of April, 2018. The breakdown calculations of the award include $23 million in compensatory damages to plaintiff Mary McGinnis, $10 million to her husband, Thomas McGinnis, and $35 million in punitive damages. The New Jersey jury heard evidence that the manufacturer knew that two of its pelvic mesh products implanted in Mary were unsafe and failed to warn doctors about potential risks related to devices that caused overwhelming and debilitating pain and suffering. Bard vows to appeal the verdict.

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    Has There Been A Zantac Settlement

    There have been no Zantac settlements or jury verdicts yet. Typically, bellwether trials help plaintiffs and defendants understand how much a case may be worth.

    Potential settlement amounts are based on a claimants injuries, monetary damages and other unique factors. Lawyers speculate that individual Zantac lawsuit payouts could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because people who took Zantac could claim the drug caused cancer.

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    What Is The Fda Approval Process

    Transvaginal/Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit

    The FDAs approval process is generally rigorous. It is called the premarket approval process. It requires the manufacturer to prove a medical device is safe and effective. Proof generally involves clinical and laboratory results.

    But for hernia mesh products, the FDA uses the 510 clearance process. It is quicker and does not require results from studies. The main requirement is showing there is another equivalent device on the market. All that needs to be shown is that compared to the device the new device has:

    • The same intended use and technological characteristics, or
    • The same intended use but different technological characteristics. And they do not raise new questions regarding safety and effectiveness.

    This process is problematic because it allows surgeons to use untested devices. If a defective hernia mesh gets by the normal FDA approval process, then 510 clearance opens the door to all other similar meshes that are also defective to get quick approval.

    If proper studies have been required for each new device, then the defects may have been determined before anyone was harmed.7

    Note that many coatings in flexible composite meshes have not been tested. Manufacturers get away with this by not calling these coatings a barrier, which would require PMA. Meanwhile, coated meshes are in high demand and sell for much more than uncoated meshes.

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    Zantac Stomach & Bladder Cancer Class Action

    Popular heart burn medication Zantac has been recently involved in a class action lawsuit that alleges unhealthy levels of a carcinogen that may lead to cancer. In September, the Food and Drug Administration reported that they found N-nitrosodimethylamine in Zantac. NDMA is a probable carcinogen, according to the FDA, that can cause short term and long term damage to the body. Plaintiffs are accusing drugmakers Sanofi and Boerhringer Ingelheim of manufacturing and selling the product even after knowing the potential dangers that it caused.

    If you or a loved one have used Zantac and have been diagnosed with stomach or bladder cancer after using this product, you may have a claim. We want to speak with you. There is no cost to speak with your attorneys about your claim.

    The Avaulta Bladder Mesh Lawsuit Settlement Was Announced In Late July 2017 By A Jury

    This case involved the manufacturer C.R. Bard and the companies that manufactured the mesh. This is a class action. While the settlement amount for the Avaulta bladder mesh case is large, the amount for the other cases has been smaller. As a result, the jury verdict was not a full verdict for these two cases.

    Although bladder mesh lawsuit settlements have gotten a lot of attention in the past few months, the total sums have been much lower than the resulting verdicts in other mass tort cases. The average bladder mesh lawsuit settlement is less than $60,000, which is significantly lower than the amount of a similar award in other cases. It is also worth noting that the majority of pelvic mesh litigation cases are underfunded. A high-quality lawsuit is critical for the victims of a medical device.

    The size of bladder mesh lawsuit settlements varies greatly.

    The size of each case is relative to the size of the individual settlements. A settlement for a mesh case can range anywhere from $50,000 to $15 million. In many cases, the settlements are much larger than the overall award. But a high-end bladder mesh lawsuit settlement may be worth a few hundred thousand dollars. However, the cost of such large litigation can be prohibitive for some patients.

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    What Are Some Settlements And Compensation Already Received By Victims

    There have already been settlements and verdicts throughout the United States for hernia mesh complications. These cases may help you understand what to expect from pending lawsuits today.

    One notable settlement specific to hernia mesh includes C.R. Bard. In 2014, it settled 6,000 lawsuits, committing to pay out $319 million. And in 2011, C.R. Bard paid $184 million to settle about 2,600 Kugel Mesh cases.5

    The transvaginal mesh contains many of the same dangerous materials as hernia mesh. More than 107,000 lawsuits were filed against the makers of transvaginal mesh, and that litigation consolidated in West Virginia settled for approximately $8 billion.

    Adverse Events And Complications

    Bars Mesh Lawsuit

    The Food and Drug Administration defines a serious adverse event, or SAE, as a medical event that is a result of a medical product that results in the patient being hospitalized, birth defects, permanent injuries, or even death. The transvaginal mesh devices have required revision surgery and have resulted in permanent injury, and even death, to many victims, resulting in a number of transvaginal mesh lawsuits

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    As More Patients Continue To Suffer From Painful Side Effects After Using A Bladder Mesh They Must Contact An Attorney As Soon As Possible

    The deadline to file a lawsuit in the U.S. is very short, and women with pelvic pain should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A successful bladder mesh lawsuit could lead to millions of dollars in punitive damages and a large settlement award. The bottom line is that you should contact an attorney if you have experienced severe injuries or complications from a transvaginal or pelvic mesh.

    Another settlement was reached in April with the maker of the OBTape bladder mesh. The company agreed to pay $16 million to the patient and the plaintiffs. The settlement amount is still unclear, but it works out to be around $40k per claimant. The other two companies that have settled the claims are Ethicon and Mentor. The jury awarded the woman an undisclosed settlement of $2 million. Moreover, she is a plaintiff in a similar case against the other two companies.

    The settlement amounts in the bladder mesh lawsuit have reached $188 million.

    The settlement agreement includes a multistate agreement worth $117 million, with Boston Scientific settling claims in 47 states and Washington, D.C., and the District of Columbia. The court decision was not yet final. However, the settlement amounts will be paid to the victims of the lawsuits. Moreover, this settlement is an important step for the companies involved in the litigation.

    After a series of successful lawsuits, the companies have settled a large number of cases.

    Although The Company Is Paying For The Surgeries It Should Not Pay For The Loss Of Consortium

    The woman may be able to file a lawsuit against the company that implanted her with a mesh bladder sling, but the company has yet to pay the damages. The women in the case received an award of $41 million. The award included $1 million for pain and suffering due to the implant. These two lawsuits were filed against the same company.

    Another mesh bladder sling lawsuit focuses on the risk of infection. This product is deemed to be a frightful and dangerous device. The risk of infection is also high. The FDA has warned that the product should not be used in pregnant women. While the device is safe to use, the FDA has not been able to prove its safety. As a result, the company should pay medical expenses that are incurred due to the defect.

    In Washington State, doctors are worried about the mesh bladder sling lawsuits, but the attorneys general office has said it does not aim to stop the slings.

    The slings were allegedly defectively-designed. The manufacturer failed to test the product before launching it. The FDA also did not properly warn patients and healthcare providers about the risks. The slings are not intended to cause pain, but many women have reported physical pain and the need for corrective surgery.

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    Complications Caused By Transvaginal Mesh

    Many women who have undergone surgeries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Stress Urinary Incontinence who have had vaginal mesh implants have suffered severe complications and injuries. Thousands of women have suffered from mesh erosion, which can cause tremendous difficulties.

    In some cases, their injuries included:

    • Recurrence of POP or SUI
    • Lasting Infections
    • Scar Tissue Formation
    • Organ Perforation

    All of these complications can be uncomfortable and many of these complications can be life-threatening. In all cases of such complications, women should seek medical treatment and professional advice as soon as possible.

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